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Do Kwon Interview Sparks Twitter Drama – Before It’s Even Dropped

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Do Kwon. Source: a video screenshot, Coinage / YouTube


An upcoming interview with Do Kwon, the Co-founder of Terraform Labs and the mastermind of a number of Terra ecosystem coins, has galvanized the crypto community – drawing criticism from some parties before it has even aired.

In a preview for the full interview, which will be released later today, Kwon states:

“Terra was supposed to be a stablecoin, and it didn’t remain stable.”

He also makes remarks such as “crypto is still sort of like the Wild, Wild West,” and “I think I developed […] an alter ego.”

He says that he “cringed” when he thought about some of his past comments, and added that he “bet big” and thinks he “lost.”

Although Kwon’s own comments are scant and highly edited in the preview, the Terraform Co-founder looks despondent and unhappy throughout.

On Twitter, detractors have already emerged. And FatManTerra, an internet personality who has recently positioned himself as a fierce Kwon critic and a champion of disgruntled investors in the Terra ecosystem, pulled no punches.

FatMan accused the video’s maker, the Co-Founder of the media outlet Coinage Media Zack Guzmán, of being “someone who has been consistently shilling” Kwon “for years, almost as if he’s paid.”

FatMan further challenged Kwon to “have an interview with someone more neutral and respectable like Bloomberg or Fortune” and “address the billions” FatMan says Kwon “cashed out of the system.”

Those hoping for ensuing drama would not have been disappointed. Guzmán retorted that he “was a user of Terra just like you were.” He also claimed that FatMan was being “kinda shady,” adding that FatMan was “acting like I didn’t try to reach out to you for this.”

FatMan hit back, stating that Guzmán had never reached out “about a documentary or interview of any sort,” and had only asked if “I was in Singapore and asked to meet up.” He wrote:

“I think it’s ‘kinda of shady’ that you would lie about that…”

In the replies, some urged FatMan to watch the whole interview before slating it.

To this, FatMan replied in a more conciliatory tone, writing:

“I look forward to watching it. Regardless of you [Guzmán] being a Terra shill or not, you have the ability to bring the important facts to light, which I hope you did. Do Kwon committed mass scale fraud and I hope this is brought out.”

Elsewhere, some claimed that the interview preview had “advertorial” vibes, with others questioning why Kwon had chosen to break his silence with such a little-known (and brand-new) media outlet.

Others still, though, claimed that the likes of Bloomberg and Fortune would likely not be neutral in their stance – and could seek to portray Kwon in a more negative light.

Popular crypto trader DegenSpartan remarked that his “unsolicited advice” to Kwon “would be to come off as delusionally optimistic [that the Terra project] would succeed, although it was possible that it could fail.” He added that it would be advantageous for Kwon to claim that he “genuinely“ thought that failure “was extremely unlikely.”

Indeed, in another highly edited part of the interview, Kwon speaks about how “the algorithmic stablecoin” was “starting to become [an] industry standard.”

One Twitter-based individual who uses the handle cafetero7878 asked Kwon if he would “come to [South] Korea and answer questions from the National Assembly?”

The South Korean prosecution service is investigating Kwon and other Terra leadership figures over allegations that they may have engineered the UST crash of May this year – or that they may have had prior knowledge of events before they took place.

The same poster noted that South Korean MPs likely had a “long list of questions” to ask Kwon.

At 8:10 UTC, terra (LUNA) is trading at USD 1.96, down 3.6% in a day and 7% in a week, and up 9% in a month. 


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