30 Oct 2019 · 2 min read

Dash Responds to ‘Confusion’ After Closing its Latin America Affiliate

The founder of Colombia-based Dash (DASH) affiliate Dash Latam says that Dash has decided to pull the plug on it – ending the affiliate’s activities in the Latin American and Caribbean regions, as well as Spain. However, Dash has retorted with a claim that its Latin American journey is not over yet. (Updated at 08:02 UTC: updates in bold).

Source: iStock/alvarez

In a somewhat strongly worded blog post Dash Latam founder George Donnelly wrote,

“Dash’s head office has informed us that Dash Latam operations are definitely not going to continue. That means that there will be no more promotions, events, buybacks, support and so on in the eight countries and 20 cities where Dash Latam was active, including Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Spain and Trinidad and Tobago."

Donnelly added that Dash’s HQ was “abandoning Dash Latam’s work.”

He remarked that Dash’s central office “left its Latin American teams, in a very poor condition about six weeks ago and we could not continue.”

Donnelly added, “We were forced to make drastic cuts, and had to fire 80 people,” before eventually halting operations.

He wrote,

“Dash headquarters has decided that marketing is useless for now, and that the work [Dash Latam] has done and that the relationships we have forged have no value.”

Dash has confirmed the closure in a letter, but says it will “continue its operations as normal in the Latin America region,” and was quick to remark that its “30 Latin American teams supported by its network of Dash masternodes” remain operational.

The company pointed out that its Dash Help Support Center remains open for anyone in the affected countries seeking clarification.

Dash says concerned users have been in touch, stating that they have received emails about the closure of Dash Latam. Indeed, it appears that Donnelly’s and Dash’s messages have left many in the area confused, with questions posted on Twitter and other platforms.

"Losing 'Dash Latam' is bad news because they had been working hard for Dash for more than a year, but it doesn't mean that the Dash network is abandoning Latam in any way. It is still a key market for the Dash network, and we'll keep working on getting mainstream adoption there through the projects and organizations that are still around, and others to come," Fernando Gutierrez, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Dash Core Group, told Cryptonews.com.

In a recent voting by Dash masternodes, the Dash Latam funding proposal was not approved, while the community engaged in a heated debate over effectiveness of the affiliate.

However, according to the CMO, other projects and organizations based in Latin America did succeed in getting the network approval this month.

"There were two in Venezuela, two in Brazil, one in Colombia and one in Mexico. Other projects with no specific regional focus also work on Latam," Gutierrez said.

As recently as last month, Donnelly was enthusing about the progress Dash and Dash Latam was making in the eight countries in which it was active, in an interview posted on Dash’s official website on September 21.

At pixel time (06:25 UTC), DASH trades at c. USD 73 and is down by 1% in the past 24 hours, trimming its weekly gains to less than 10%. The price is up by 8.6% in the past month and is down by almost 52% in the past 12 months.