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Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of January

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The first month of 2019 did not bring a significant change in cryptocurrency prices, although most have been dropping steadily, but in small increments. Out of the top 10 coins by market capitalization, stablecoins excluded, only a single one – Tron (TRX) – is in green, while all the others have suffered net losses year to date.

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In the eleventh spot, just barely not making it onto the top 10 by market capitalization list, is Binance Coin (BNB), which is only the second one with a net price increase throughout the month. These two and an additional five coins are the only ones who emerged better off after January from the top 50 coins by market capitalization.

Top 10 coins by market capitalization:

Stablecoin Tether excluded. Source: Coincodex.com, UTC 07:20 AM


Top 10 Winners

Stablecoins excluded. Source: Coincodex.com, UTC 09:30 AM

The biggest winner by a huge margin is Holo (HOT), with a whopping 155% price increase during January alone. A good part of that is the fact that the team behind the project is regularly updating their community on what is going on behind the scenes, with daily blog posts about everything. Another factor could be Holo’s upcoming token changeover, where HOT tokens will be swapped out for Holo Fuel – a functional token tied to the global computing power of every host on the Holo network.

The second biggest winner is Augur (REP), whose 53% increase may be three times smaller than Holo’s, but is still a significant decoupling from a bearish market. The token owes its surge to the launch of its Veil Prediction Platform, which makes it easy to buy leveraged positions on three trading pairs, BTC/USD, REP/USD, and ZRX/USD. It also supposedly makes predictions on a wide range of scenarios, such as Academy award winners, a lot easier.

ChainLink (LINK), Tron (TRX), Pundi X (NPXS), Binance Coin (BNB), and Litecoin (LTC) are the other green winners of this month, with increases of 33.75%, 32%, 21.8%, 7.4%, and 1.42% respectively. The tenth spot in the winning list belongs to VeChain (VET), which actually lost 5.9% of its price from the start of January.

Compared to December, only TRX and BNB remained on the winners list.

Top 10 Losers

Source: Coincodex.com, UTC 07:20 AM

The losing list is led by NEM (XEM), which lost around 40% of its price, and the majority of this loss came after the news that the foundation only has enough funding for one more month of work. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) follows closely behind with a net loss of 30%, almost the same as the loss that Stellar Lumens (XLM) and IOTA (MIOTA) suffered.

The range of losses is not nearly as wide as the one of gains: even the least of the losers, ICON (ICX), has lost 22%. This means that the losses are, unfortunately, the rule and not the exception.

Compared to December, only XLM and Bitcoin Gold stayed among losers.

Winners & Losers from Top 100/200

In the top 100, Holo is overtaken only by Everus (EVR), which has gained an incredible 514% since the beginning of the month. The situation is otherwise not very different, with more or less the same players remaining on the winning list. Out of the top 200, even Everus is overtaken by Wollo (WLO), which has gained almost 600%.

The top 100 losers, meanwhile, are about as bleak as the ones from top 50. KuCoin Shares (KCS, -45%), MobileGo (MGO, -43%) and Crypto.com Chain Token (CRO, -39%) take the top three positions. However, out of the top 200, even they are overtaken by seven newcomers, out of which Dentacoin (DCN) has lost the most at -64%.