‘Brazilian Nostradamus’ Predicts Messy End for Crypto

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: Rainer Fuhrmann/Adobe

A South American psychic known as the “Brazilian Nostradamus” has forecasted a catastrophic end for the world of crypto, claiming that governments around the world will come gunning for bitcoin (BTC) and the like.

Per the Brazilian media outlet Livecoins, the predictions were made by Athos Salomé, a 35-year-old Brazilian fortune teller based in Divinópolis, Brazil.

Salomé has won global fame in the media and on Instagram after correctly forecasting the finalists of the 2022 football World Cup, and allegedly predicting the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the death of the British Queen, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Salomé stated:

“Whether [cryptoassets] continue [to operate] or not is a matter of luck [or] power. But world government[s] will do everything [they can] to appropriate them.”

He added another dark warning, speaking of of a second threat for crypto users. Salomé stated:

“I wouldn’t want to cause despair for cryptocurrency investors. But a glitch or something systematic may happen, and that will cause thousands of investors to lose a lot of money.”

The psychic further noted that a “new currency” might also emerge – and that it could be the brainchild of “something between Russia and China.” But, he mused, “bringing down the [US] dollar won’t be easy.”

Crypto Collapse Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Warns Seer

A crypto collapse might be the least of humankind’s problems in the year ahead, however. Salomé also predicted that a “zombie virus” would “emerge from Antarctica” in 2023. And, worse luck still, the Antichrist could also make an appearance in the next 12 months.

Salomé stated that the fearsome eschatological enemy of Christ – mentioned in the Letters of John in the Christian New Testament – would “not come from Europe.” And, the seer warned, the Antichrist is already “active” and “should manifest itself fully between the years 2023 and 2026.”

Last year, he also predicted a coming attack on the United States “worse than 9/11” – and said it would be masterminded by two “great leaders.” This attack, he stated, would be followed by a “world war.”

Salomé added that some of his calculations were based on “Kabbalah studies.” The Kabbalah refers to a strain of Jewish mysticism that dates back to the 12th Century.