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Bitcoin-themed Manga Series Debuts in Japan

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

The cryptocurrency-manga bond is growing stronger. While manga-flavored token monacoin (MONA) was arguably the first major crypto-manga crossover, a new series of bitcoin (BTC)-themed comics is now the talk of the town in Japan.

The front cover of the first edition. Source: Hakusensha

The new title is named Genesis Code, and is being serialized in manga magazine Young Animal, published by the Tokyo-based manga powerhouse Hakusensha.

The front cover of the first edition, published on April 28, features the series’ hero holding a token emblazoned with the bitcoin logo, and the publisher has released a promotional video.

Per a dedicated page on the publisher’s website, Genesis Code is set in 2009, just after the birth of bitcoin. However, rather than focusing on real-life events, it tells the story of Phantom Wolf, a maverick hacker – haunted by the death of his father – who takes part in a tense contest to find a hostage.

The contest has a high-stakes reward: a BTC 1 million prize pot awaits the victor.

Phantom Wolf is forced to use his hacking ability and powers of reasoning to crack a mystery case tied to the “genesis” of bitcoin – but if he fails, the publisher explains, there will be “deadly” consequences.

Also involved in the story are a charismatic female internet live streamer, a mysterious smartphone app and two co-workers who agree to help Phantom Wolf on his hacking- and BTC-related adventures.

As previously reported, manga and anime creators have been looking for blockchain- and crypto-powered collaboration avenues for several years.

Will Young Satoshi make an appearance, we wonder?

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