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Best Crypto to Buy Trending Now – 10 Sept: LTC, XRP, LUNC, RVN, POLY, TAMA, HNT, SAND, GST, MIR

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Looking for the best crypto to buy right now and you could be spoilt for choice after bitcoin powered 10% higher yesterday.

It is altcoins taking up the running from the large caps today, with some relative newcomers and some old friends, showing good form.

Here are some of the best crypto to buy trending today – 10 September

Trending coins today catching the interest a- and buying power – of crypto investors include The Sandbox (SAND) Mirror Protocol (MIR), Green Satoshi Token (GST), Polymath (POLY), Helium (HNT) Terra Classic (LUNC) and Ravencoin (RVN). 

Also joining the list are crypto stalwarts Litecoin (LTC) – once known as crypto silver when it was the No.2 coin to bitcoins, and Ripple’s XRP token.

Mirror (MIR) and Helium (HNT) prices are up more than 20%

Among the biggest movers in our by no means exhaustive list are MIR and HNT, both up around 20%, with wireless network Helium priced at $5.51 and Mirror, the synthetic assets  provider built on the Terra Blockchain at $0.297.

For more on Helium, check out our recent report – the hopes for the Solana migration may be helping HNT and so might the prospect of a burn program.

Mirror, priced at $0.297, is attracting attention given the rebirth of speculative action around the coins of the terra ecosystem, with both Terra Classic (LUNC) and Terra 2.0 (LUNA) seeing huge pumps in recent days.

Mirror is 139% from the cycle low we can pin to June this year. It is trading 97% below its all-time high, but is 23% improved in the past 24 hours.

Over the past week MIR has advanced 23% against USD but 62% vs ETH:

The Sandbox metaverse games ecosystem’s SAND token is only up 2%, but has just started trending on the popular investor service StockTwits. 

Most of the positive price action began when the author began to write these words. It looks like SAND is bouncing off near-term support at $0.98 and is currently priced at $0.9949 – this could be one for swing traders to catch.

Meme coin Tamadoge is flying –  raises $14 million as it accelerates to hard cap 

Its continuing popularity is a sign of the value investors are increasingly attaching to metaverse projects and crypto gaming, which brings us to Tamadoge.

Although Tamadoge is not trending on StockTwits it is certainly catching a lot of attention and is one to keep an eye on as its value is highly likely to explode when it comes out of presale. We say that because it has already raised more than $14 million in its presale as it accelerates towards its hardcap. 

he funds will be used to build a play-to-earn game that has mass appeal by being both fun to play _ as you bring up your Tamadoge Pet – and a nice little earner too. 

Its deflationary tokenomics are also attracting the eye, with a 5% burn on sales in the Tamadoge store where you buy food, clothes and cosmetic items for you beloved pet.

Source: Tamadoge

Green Satoshi Token puts on 13% price gain 

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is another coin seeing significant upward pressure today, 13.4% higher at $0.038. 

But watchers should be aware that there are two version of the token, the Solana version, which we cite here, and the Ethereum version, currently priced at $0.22 and down 1.2% today. Both assets are earned in the web3 move-to-earn STEPN app.

Ravencoin price action shows it is a favorite to be an Ethereum Merge winner

Ravencoin continues its rally as a proof of work protocol set to benefit from an influx of hash power from miners left behind by the Merge, as Ethereum starts its migration to proof of stake. 

RVN is making steady progress today, 4.5% up on $0.0525. Ravencoin boasts an ROI of 80% in the past seven days.

RVN hashrate is already starting to trend higher:

Polymath has traded as high as $0.034 today, but profit taking has seen the crypto give up some of those gains. POLY is nevertheless still 14% ahead today, currently trading at $0.294.

POLY – and ERC20 – is an interesting crypto asset. It is a blockchain devoted to the creation of security tokens and builds in all the necessary regulatory requirements such tokens require. 

If you think the future of stocks and real estate includes tokenisation, then this is certainly a coin to watch. POLY is trading 75% below its all-time high.

Polymath has delivered a return on investment over the past seven days of 56%.

More juice to squeeze out of LUNC and LUNA? 

The bull run of LUNC continues apace – the coin is in the green 6.7% on $0.00463, so we are not too surprised to see them both trending. 

The other coin that emerged from the Terra implosion debris is Terra 2.0 and it taking a breather today after storming more than 200% higher yesterday – although, at least in the latter case, the jury is still out on whether that particular party is over or just getting going.

Terra 2.0 LUNA has returned 206% in the past 48 hours but is paring a little today, down 1.3% on $5.79, although it has reached as high as $7.01 in the session.

Litecoin has caught a bid, printing a price of 63.86, making it 4.8% the better, while XRP is priced at $0.3542 for a modest advance of 2.6%.

XRP price could rocket if there’s a settlement

The significance of the appearance of those two in the StockTwits trending stocks and crypto, is what it says about sentiment. Both coins are old favourites that have large fan bases, in particular the XRP Army. 

The SEC and Ripple agreeing to seal documents is being construed in some circles as indicative of a settlement being near. That would be bullish for the XRP price as it would end uncertainty and be better than the SEC winning the case in wish it accuses Ripple of selling an unregistered security.

Altcoin price action a sign of improving sentiment for crypto

The fact that they are starting to trend is indicative of stirrings down below, as some traders and investors divide to return to the market.

Key question ahead for crypto market participants is whether bitcoin can sustain the momentum that produced Friday’s stunning rally. 

Judging by today’s performance, which has seen the largest crypto asset by market capitalisation tread water after pulling back a little from 21,640 is touched at 05:30 UTC, buyers may want to await the opening of financial market trading on Monday. 

The bounce in equities and decline in the dollar is thought to have helped stimulate the bitcoin and broader crypto pump on Friday.