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Armed Gang Bungles Attack on Spanish Crypto Firm

Source: Tupungato/Adobe

Police in Barcelona, Spain, have arrested five men after a gang tried to storm a crypto company “armed with taser guns and zip ties.”

Per El Caso, officers belonging to the Mossos d’Esquadra – the Catalonian police force – swooped after the alleged would-be thieves were intercepted by the company’s owner. 

The owner stepped in as the gang was attempting to bind and gag the concierge of the building where the company’s offices are located.

Police said the incident took place in the afternoon of January 14. They explained that one of the gang had posed as a client with an appointment at the company to “gain access to the offices.”

But when they were met with resistance, a struggle broke out as they tried to gain entry. Company workers then notified the company’s owner. The owner then called the police and attempted to apprehend the gang. 

The thieves then, the police continued, “fled down the service stairs that led to the roof, from where they could jump onto the roof of a neighboring apartment block.”

Four escaped in this manner, but the fifth member – who had posed as a client – “got trapped inside the [crypto firm’s] offices.” 

When he tried to leave via the front door, he was met by police officers. The officers initially thought him to be an innocent customer, but later searched him and found disposable latex gloves in his pocket. They also quizzed all the customers at the scene and found “inconsistencies” in the man’s statements. 

Armed Gang – How the Police Tracked Members Down

The officers also discovered car keys and a parking ticket, which they eventually used to identify a vehicle. They later placed this vehicle under surveillance. Later, officers managed to catch all four of the remaining “gang members” when they returned to the parking lot to retrieve this vehicle. 

All five members of the gang were arrested on charges of attempted robbery, intimidation, illegal detention, damage, and causing injury. And all five were retained in police custody awaiting trial. 

Late last year, the government announced that it intended to add a series of crypto-related clauses to the nation’s criminal code.