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Dogecoin Starlinks, JPMetaverse, Canadian Bitcoin Ad, 10,000 NFT Kisses and 20 Crypto Jokes

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Bitcoin was on the rise this week as traders kept an eye on Ukraine and the Fed, DOGE dropped while Elon Musk spurred speculations about Starlink and SpaceX, The Graph saw a double-digit percentage gain, and even with the crypto prices rising, the NFT market showed signs of a cooldown again. Bitcoin ETFs remained popular among investors despite the January price slump, and Bitcoin mining difficulty hit yet another all-time high, with miners getting increasingly creative. In the world of NFTs, a rare ‘Alien’ CryptoPunk NFT was sold for USD 23m worth of ETH,  Gustav Klimt’s famous ‘The Kiss’ is selling as 10,000 NFTs, Bybit made a major token and NFT sponsorship deal with the Formula One team Oracle Red Bull Racing, NYSE filed a trademark application for an array of metaverse- and NFT-related products,  Disney launched a specialized metaverse team to explore ‘new storytelling frontier’, JPMorgan shared some ‘metaverse strategy’ advice for businesses, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs confiscated three NFTs which was the first time that asset type was seized in the country.

Twitter added tipping in ETH, DBS confirmed plans to launch a retail-focused crypto trading desk in 2022, Tezos integrated the Baanx app to help users manage their digital assets, and Coinbase plans to increase its workforce by around 70% this year. Speaking of the major exchange, Coinbase saw a volatile last weekend with a vulnerability reported, a service paused and re-started, and its site crashing following the Super Bowl ad. As this was happening, Drake netted USD 300,000 from his three bitcoin bets on the Super Bowl, and we looked into how interesting the crypto-related Super Bowl ads were. Meanwhile, IRA Financial Trust hack reportedly saw USD 36m in crypto stolen from users, and the Bitfinex-hack-related Ilya Lichtenstein remained in federal custody while Heather Morgan was released on bail.

Russian central bank and government failed to agree on crypto regulation yet again, but saw new limits proposed, while the Central Bank still opposes crypto regulation plans. As the FSB  increasingly rings the alarm about crypto, Canada joined Lebanon and Turkey in the ‘Bitcoin’s marketing team’, and Canadian police service asked banks and exchanges to block crypto accounts connected to the trucker protests. The critics hit back at Colombia’s retrospective crypto tax plans, a French presidential candidate pushed for a tax reform on crypto and NFTs, South Korean crypto observers are predicting a ‘tectonic change’ as Gopax struck a deal with Jeonbuk Bank, US senators failed once more to find stable ground on stablecoins, and El Salvador’s President responded with “OK boomers” to a group of US senators moving to block his BTC adoption plans.

Now, laugh!


Morning, CT! What words of wisdom have ye for us this week?

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Markets, you good? How’s that old heart holding up?

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What are you doing going to sleep, you amateur?

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Let’s check on Canada now. Canada, how’s everything?

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A few simple steps to becoming obscenely rich.

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‘Begone, temptation!’

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When you add the fees, you just might need to sell a kidney or two.

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Would you be interested if I said that fast food is involved, Paulie? Ah, now that I have your attention…

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OK, IMFoomer.

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So close to getting it right.

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Question: does the inevitable society collapse include zombies? Actual ones, not NFTs?

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‘Yes… It was all a part of the marketing plan… Only a few will understand.’

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‘What is this creature?’

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Combining nature and mining.

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So everywhere, much covert.

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A scientific analysis. This latest method is improved by the addition of crocs.

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9 years?! Pfft, crypto can do it better and faster.

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Here is a documentary that summarizes the estimated impact of inflation on BTC hodlers.

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A song for you about Sues, mamas, and crypto millionaires.


And here’s a game for your relaxing crypto weekend. Have fun!

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Ok, here’s a bonus for all the hodlers. (Others can watch too.)

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