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Alec Baldwin Hired by eToro, but Baldwins are Not New to Crypto

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 2 min read

Alec Baldwin was enlisted by eToro as the wind in the back of its U.S. copytrading unveiling. However, Baldwin brothers, each a celebrity in his own right, are not strangers in the Cryptosphere.

Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, eToro

Cryptocurrency and stock trading platform eToro has one of the world’s most popular American actors and Emmy Award winners (among his other accomplishments), Alec Baldwin, as a celebrity spokesperson for the launch of its U.S. copytrading. This new feature allows users to automatically copy what by copying the top-performing securities traders do, in order to win the same percentage of their investment. They may lose that same percentage too though.

In a recently published ad, Baldwin is in his full actor/entertainer mode, letting you know that “you’re a goojybooboo,” and demonstrating how to use the CopyTrader feature. eToro published the ad with the message: “We believe that trading crypto shouldn’t be harder than retweeting this tweet.”

This is not the first time we see a Baldwin in connection with crypto. All the way back in 2017, Stephen Baldwin discussed cryptocurrencies and why he sees them as a good opportunity. In an interview, sporting a shirt with the Dash logo, this actor, producer and crypto fan said that “Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash digital cash, companies like Ethereum, and a really good company I just connected with called BlockApps – these are the companies that are really trying to educated the consumer the difference between what’s happening in blockchain as a technology and then crypto as an opportunity to invest.” He predicted that the top 10 cryptocurrencies would go up in the five years since then, and though it’s risky, he said, he still recommended investing in it.

The following year, it was revealed that one of the largest initial coin offerings of 2018 (raised USD 575 million) TaTaTu would co-finance and co-produce a Lamborghini biopic with a working title “Lamborghini: The Legend” along with the Ambi Media Group. The first high-profile movie to be backed by blockchain, written and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Bobby Moresco, is set to come out in 2020, and it’s starring Antonio Banderas as the car designer Ferruccio Lamborghini and Alec Baldwin as his rival Enzo Ferrari.

“Part of the movie staff has, in fact, accepted TTU tokens to reinforce their support in not only TaTaTu, but the crypto economy as a whole,” the company claimed back then.

However, since then, the token lost more than half of its value, and according to the website of Tatatu, is now worth USD 0.25. In either case, it seems that it’s not traded on any exchange after the company reportedly replaced half of its original team earlier this year and changed its focus. Also, there are no recent updates about the Lamborghini movie.