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ZachXBT Uncovers Creator of Trump-Themed DJT Token, Set to Earn $150K Bounty

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 2 min read
Former President Donald Trump is in discussions to speak at the Bitcoin 2024 convention in Nashville in July, alongside politicians like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy.

The mystery surrounding the viral Trump-themed DJT token on Solana may have been solved, as blockchain investigator ZachXBT said controversial entrepreneur Martin Shkreli has claimed to be one of the project’s creators.

Pharma Bro is the co-creator of the DJT Token

In a post on X, ZachXBT stated that Shkreli directly messaged him, claiming he had over 1,000 pieces of evidence proving he co-created DJT along with someone named “Barron,” potentially referring to Barron Trump – Donald Trump’s youngest son.

The announcement from Shkreli came shortly after ZachXBT publicly applied for the $150,000 bounty from blockchain data platform Arkham to identify DJT’s true creator.

The DJT token, featuring imagery of former U.S. President Donald Trump, had gone viral and sparked speculation about its origins.

ZachXBT provided further on-chain evidence allegedly linking Shkreli to DJT. He highlighted a wallet holding a large DJT stake that sold off $832,000 tokens for the USDC stablecoin.

Notably, this same wallet also held tokens from Shkreli’s project.

Before his purported exposé, Shkreli had insisted that DJT was the official cryptocurrency of the Trump campaign. He even proposed a wager with a pseudonymous crypto expert regarding the token’s authenticity and origin.

Donald Trump’s campaign kept its silence on the DJT token, including Shkreli’s alleged involvement. Shkreli is a former pharmaceutical executive who was convicted of securities fraud in 2017.

Viral Speculation Behind the DJT and Arkham $150K Bounty

The DJT token rapidly gained viral traction and speculation on Twitter due to its Trump-themed branding and rumors of a potential connection to the former president’s family.

The intrigue intensified when blockchain data platform Arkham Intelligence offered a $150,000 bounty for anyone who could identify DJT’s creator.

On decentralized betting platforms like Polymarket, nearly $1.9 million worth of bets were placed on whether DJT had a genuine affiliation with Trump or his family members, with only 17% of bets favoring a “real” connection prior to Shkreli’s revelation.

Amid the frenzy, the DJT token’s price surged over 300%, with trading volume exceeding $472 million, driven by the unconfirmed report of Trump’s involvement.

The token’s value dropped 66% within 24 hours as the speculation cooled, however.

In an X Spaces session on June 18, just hours after Arkham’s bounty announcement, Shkreli claimed he was among around ten people directly involved in creating DJT, with 40 to 50 others aware of the project.

According to reports, Shkreli cited Barron Trump as one of the key figures, potentially fueling the initial rumors.

ZachXBT, who submitted evidence for Arkham’s bounty, suggested his submission prompted Shkreli’s decision to host the revealing X Spaces.

Overall, ZachXBT’s $150,000 bounty claim, if verified, could bring more clarity around DJT’s creators.