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Tamadoge Hurtles Past $16 Million in Record-Breaking Presale

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As cryptocurrency assets continue to be developed, investors are looking for undervalued assets with the potential to surge in value in the long run. Tamadoge (TAMA), a new blockchain gaming token, recently exceeded yet another fundraising goal. With the digital asset currently on a roll, it may be the most valuable presale in the crypto market. 

An Introduction to Tamadoge 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the native token for the Tamadoge gaming platform. Tamadoge’s developers describe the platform as a “play-to-earn Dogecoin,” combining the erratic gains of the best meme coins with the functionality and attraction of blockchain gaming.

Tamadoge tasks players with acquiring and playing with “doges” – digital pets represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These pets will be groomed and developed before competing against other players’ pets for rewards and TAMA tokens.

Tamdoge, like the wildly popular Axie Infinity game, allows these NFT pets to be easily traded via an in-house marketplace. Players can earn doges and TAMA tokens based on their ecosystem activities, so there will be numerous opportunities to earn on the platform.

TAMA, which is still in presale, will allow players to vote on platform developments and can be traded for profit.

TAMA Presale Hits New Milestone 

TAMA, as previously stated, is available on presale. The presale, one of the best crypto presales which began a little more than two months ago, recently passed the $16 million mark in terms of funds raised. This puts TAMA ahead of ETH, the market’s second most valuable cryptocurrency, which had its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2014.

TAMA’s achievement brings the asset closer to its $19 million hard cap goal. In just two months, the asset has risen from a presale value of $0.001 to $0.0027. This impressive gain demonstrates a high level of investor interest in the coin.

Source: Twitter

The $16 million mark comes less than a week after Tamadoge’s developers announced that they had raised $14.5 million in presale funds. With another $1.5 million raised in less than two weeks, it’s clear that demand for this asset hasn’t slowed – and things can only get better from here. 

More Developments on the Way

Tamadoge’s developers can now add more functionality to the platform, thanks to the presale funds. The main game appears to be nearing completion, with the in-app marketplace and other features expected by the year’s fourth quarter. Overall, Tamadoge should be complete and market-ready by the end of the year.

Another noteworthy development is the collaboration between Tamadoge and Transak, a Web3 fiat on-ramp service. The partnership, announced earlier this month, will help enable fiat on-ramps for the Tamadoge platform. Users in over 15 countries can buy Ethereum using credit cards and local payment methods, and the funds will be instantly converted to TAMA.

Essentially, Tamadoge users can easily buy Ethereum using various payment methods, such as cards, wire transfers, and special payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. They will be able to convert ETH to TAMA immediately, thanks to Transak’s convenience.