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Major Youtuber PewDiePie Leaves Decentralized Platform and 800K Followers

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 1 min read

After a year of livestreaming exclusively on DLive, a decentralized blockchain-based streaming platform, PewDiePie went back to YouTube.

Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, PewDiePie

The presumably world’s biggest independent video content creator, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, who currently has 104 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and who generated over 25 billion views to date, has decided to sign an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube, promising that he’ll broadcast his live streams on that platform only. Therefore, he’ll no longer be collaborating with DLive in that capacity. At this point, he has 822,550 followers on DLive.

PewDiePie broke the news of his DLive contract back in April 2019, though at the time both the terms of the contract, including those financial ones, as well as its length, were not disclosed to the public. “Personally, I think it’s really cool to have a creator-based website actually putting creators first. I’m really excited about DLive, and I’m really excited to finally be live-streaming again,” he said back then.

As for the reasons behind this move, PewDiePie said that YouTube has been his home for over a decade, and that “live streaming on the platform feels like a natural fit,” adding that he’s focusing on live streaming in 2020 and beyond. Ryan Wyatt, Head of Gaming at YouTube stated that the platform continues to grow their roster of creators who use it for exclusive live streams. Other such creators include CouRage, Lachlan, LazarBeam, Muselk, Typical Gamer, and Valkyrae, with over 140 million subscribers collectively.

DLive is the first app built on Lino Network, focusing on fair compensation for content creators, and it came with a native token called Lino points (LINO) used within the platform’s ecosystem. Lino Network itself was founded in July 2017 and is powered by the Cosmos (ATOM) technology. Last December, DLive announced its move to the Tron blockchain, and it started using Tron-owned BitTorrent and its BTT tokens. Per, DLive has 5 million monthly active users and more than 80,000 active broadcasters.

We contacted DLive for a comment and will update should they reply.