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Florida Governor Ron Desantis: ‘you Have Every Right to Do Bitcoin’

Yuri Molchan
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: Youtube Yahoo

The current Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, of the U.S. Republican party, announced his intent to run for the U.S. presidency in 2024. 

Notably, his stance on crypto and Bitcoin gives him an advantage in the large United States crypto community.  

Presently under U.S. President Joe Biden, crypto regulations are rising in America, restricting users’ access to many products and platforms.

However, DeSantis’ supportive stance on cryptocurrencies may improve his chances of winning the crypto community over.

DeSantis Is Pushing The Crypto Agenda

According to DeSantis, crypto owners possess the right to do Bitcoin. 

He believes that the authorities view Bitcoin as a threat. As such, President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing to outlaw cryptocurrency. 

Further, DeSantis stated that last month, Florida became the first state to pass a law that will not recognize central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

Notably, on May 24, DeSantis, alongside Elon Musk, held a Twitter space moderated by a venture capitalist, David Sacks and witnessed by 520,000 live listeners.

During the discussion, DeSantis admitted that while there are risks involved with cryptocurrencies, the people venturing into them are sophisticated and can make decisions.

He stated that if President Joe Biden wins a re-election bid in 2024, the crypto regulation under his regime will end up killing crypto activities. 

Meanwhile, DeSantis will face former President Donald Trump and other aspirants in the presidential primary debate slated for August 2023.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  And Others Also maintain Pro-Crypto Stance

Similarly, another aspirant from the Democratic Party, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, referred to Bitcoin as a symbol of democracy and freedom. 

He made these remarks during his speech at the Bitcoin 2023 conference. Kennedy Jr. also made history as the first U.S. presidential candidate to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin.

He stated that crypto technologies are a vital innovation engine, and the U.S. is watering down the industry and driving innovation elsewhere. 

Also, Kennedy Jr. believed the U.S. economy could withstand more pressure with a diverse network of currencies.

According to Kennedy Jr., just like a biodiverse ecosystem is resilient, the U.S. economy can become more resilient with a broad network of currencies and not a single centrally controlled one. 

Apart from Kennedy Jr and DeSantis’, another Presidential aspirant, Vivek Ramaswamy, joined the Bitcoin bandwagon.

Following the trend set by Robert Kennedy Jr., he displayed a QR code on stage during his speech for crypto payment options to support his campaign.

As an additional incentive, donors to the campaign will get NFTs as rewards confirming his pro-crypto stance.

According to Ramaswamy, the 2024 elections should be a referendum on fiat currency. 

However, how much influence cryptocurrencies will have on the upcoming U.S. elections and voters’ sentiments is uncertain.