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Fantasy Battle Card Play to Earn Game Calvaria Nears $3m in Presale but Finishing Soon So Move Fast to Invest

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Calvaria’s native token, RIA, has raised over $2.83 million from its presale, with only 8% of the tokens left to be purchased. The presale is finishing soon, and interested investors can still purchase it before it ends.

How Calvaria Works 

One of the most revolutionary blockchain gaming platforms, Calvaria, is looking to combine multiple Web3 concepts in a simple and engaging gameplay. The game takes players into an afterlife-themed metaverse where they can choose from myriad characters, each with unique traits and characteristics. 

In Calvaria, each character is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Players are tasked with using these NFT trading cards to build decks and essentially use them to battle against other players. They employ complex strategies and tactics to obtain rewards and various upgrades to accomplish this, and the winning player is then rewarded with eRIA, the platform’s in-app token. This reward keeps players incentivized, as they can cash out from it and earn actual money. 

The platform has several unique selling points for gamers. The game is available on all devices regardless of where the user is playing. There is no need for special tools; players can download the game on their devices and begin playing.

As for gameplay, Calvaria’s developers have kept things fresh by providing different battle settings and parameters. This way, players have a world of content to choose from as they engage in battle. 

The Calvaria team created a game in which each player serves as a pseudo-ambassador for crypto. This is accomplished through its various game modes, which appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and more passive gamers. The Calvaria game is divided into two modes: free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E).

Both allow players to use the entire Calvaria functionality, with one major difference; F2P players do not earn the in-game RIA currency. Aside from that, they can compete in seasonal tournaments, improve their in-game assets, and obtain scholarships.

However, the P2E mode includes even more features. Players can easily assemble the best deck of cards and sell them to others because each card is an NFT. With their unique and rare traits, these cards significantly boost players’ chances of winning.

The RIA Token

Like many other blockchain games, Calvaria’s developers have implemented a native token. This digital asset, named RIA, provides a great way for players to earn and participate in the game. 

For one, RIA can be exchanged for eRIA. Once this exchange is processed, users can sell the token directly and cash out. 

RIA’s intrinsic value also comes from its status as a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. This means that users can stake the token for the opportunity to earn more and participate in the game’s governance through Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

Like all new coins, the rollout of RIA started with a presale. The presale, which has been on since the fourth quarter of 2022, has been one of the most successful in the market, especially amid the bearish conditions. 

RIA has raised over $2.83 million from its presale, and the process is set to end soon. However, only 8% of all available coins remain to be sold. Once this happens, interested investors can only purchase RIA via centralized exchanges. 

Recently, the platform’s developers announced that they would be listed on the LBank exchange and BKEX, which are trustworthy and stable exchanges with a high level of liquidity.

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