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Eco-friendly Crypto Presale Raises $12 Million – How to Get in Early?

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Cryptocurrencies have been earmarked as a participant in the ongoing climate change issues. However, a new project is changing the narrative, and so far, it has raised $12 million. This article will explore the Impact Project platform and how to buy its IMPT token.

Impact Project and Climate Change

Bitcoin has been recognized as a groundbreaking solution to centralized fiat control. However, the methods of creating digital currency have come under intense criticism. For one, mining Bitcoin consumes more energy than some European nations on an annual calendar.

The net negative of this is that cryptocurrencies generally contribute to an already volatile environmental condition. However, one project is currently changing the narrative: Impact Project.

Impact Project is a blockchain that focuses on climate change issues. The platform launched in October 2022 on Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake (PoS) Beacon Chain. Given its laser focus on climate issues, analysts have dubbed it the greenest crypto in the emerging market due to its partnership with the new Ethereum platform.

Impact Project basically streamlines the carbon credit acquisition process by making it more retail-focused. This way, environmentally-conscious investors can join the fight against climate change while being assured that there would be no chance of fraud and double counting.

Even more so, Impact Project allows users to swap their carbon credits for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which digitally imprint their ownership on the blockchain. Another strong platform appeal is a shopping feature that would allow companies keen on reducing their greenhouse emissions to provide products and services that reflect this directly. Tech giants like Apple and footwear brand Adidas are already signed up for this service.

Climate issues have led to the loss of lives and properties. According to a World Bank report, CO2 emissions are upward. The 2019 CO2 emission per kt stood at 34.3 million. The alarming rate at which sea levels are rising, and the dissipation of icebergs show a growing need for solutions in this space.

With so much appeal, it is no gainsaying why investors have been trooping to buy the IMPT token. So far, the digital asset has generated over $12 million in its third round of presale, and the figures keep skyrocketing. How can investors tap into this potential 50x crypto gem before it lists on exchanges? 


Keen to invest in the Impact Project platform, follow these detailed steps to get started.

Visit IMPT.io

The first step is to navigate to the Impact Project platform by visiting their official website.

Connect Wallet

Once there, tap on the ‘Connect Wallet’ icon to join your preferred crypto wallet to the platform. Metamask is the preferred crypto storage platform; however, users of other crypto wallets can tap on ‘Wallet Connect’ to open up other options. Trust Wallet, BitKeep, Zerion, and other digital wallet hosts can be accessed here.

Fund Account With ETH or USDT

Unlike previous projects that only supported ETH tokens, the Impact Project team allows early-bird investors to also snap up its tokens with the hugely popular fiat-based stablecoin, USDT. 

If there is no ETH or USDT in an investor’s Metamask wallet, they can either transfer it from a platform like Binance after purchasing it or directly buy ETH on Metamask. 

Connect To Impact Project

Once the funds are in the crypto wallet, connect both wallets and sign the transactions by clicking on the ‘Confirm’ icon. This would automatically join both platforms together.


The final step is to buy the IMPT token. On the platform, insert the amount of IMPT to purchase. The platform has a minimum investment bar of 10 IMPT. Once done, the USDT equivalent would reflect at the base of the purchase page. Then click on ‘Convert USDT,’ and the transaction will be processed automatically.

The IMPT tokens would reflect on the Metamask wallet in a few minutes.

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