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Dogecoin Price Prediction as DOGE Falls to $0.11 – Is the Bull Market Over?

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read

DOGE has dropped by 6% in the past 24 hours, with the Dogecoin price falling to $0.1189 as the crypto market loses 3% today.

Dogecoin has now declined by 11% in the past week and by 28% in the last 30 days, although the popular meme coin – the tenth-biggest crypto in the market – holds onto a 75% in the past year.

Given that it has spent much of the past month falling, DOGE’s technicals indicate that it should rebound strongly in the coming weeks.

And with the market waiting for lifts from Ethereum ETF launches and other sources, now may be a good time to buy the Dogecoin dip.

Dogecoin Price Falls to $0.11 – Is the Bull Market Over?

DOGE has been falling more or less continuously since the start of April, when it reached a 30-month high of $0.223.

This is positive insofar as this continued decline has put DOGE in a heavily oversold position it should bounce back from soon.

Dogecoin price chart.
Source: TradingView

Its relative strength index (purple) has almost dropped to 30, a bottom that usually precedes the return of buyers, if only for a short while.

What’s also significant is that DOGE’s 30-day moving average (orange) has been far below the 200-day (blue) for several weeks now, raising the chances of a recovery.

DOGE’s trading volume has also risen today, from $340 million a day ago to $690 million today.

This signals good interest for Dogecoin at this level, another sign that buyers have just begun returning.

However, some caution is in order, in that the meme token’s resistance (red) and support (green) levels have been declining in parallel for several weeks.

Also, it doesn’t seem like whales have returned in any big way to DOGE just yet, with the latest big activity involving potential sales.

But the coin does seem to have reached a point where it has taken a few too many discounts, with traders overselling it.

It’s likely to rally significantly in the coming days or weeks, with the market gearing up for the launch of Ethereum ETFs next month.

The entry of new demand and volume into Ethereum is likely to extend into a market-wide lift over time, helping the Dogecoin price to rise.

Also helping will be the eventual arrival of rate cuts, with central banks in the US, the UK and elsewhere likely to reduce rates by the beginning of the fall.

Greater optimism should follow such developments, with the Dogecoin price potentially reaching $0.2 by Q4.

Higher Returns with Newer Meme Tokens

Some traders may not have the patience to wait a few months for DOGE to make a big resurgence, so there are several new meme coins and interesting presale tokens looking good right now.

One of these is PlayDoge (PLAY), an ERC-20 token that has raised $5 million in its very popular token offering.

PlayDoge has been attracting so much early investment because it’s offering more than just another meme token.

It will also launch its own play-to-earn game, giving gamers the chance to earn PLAY tokens by looking after and completing missions with their own virtual Shiba Inu pets.

It takes inspiration from the much-loved Tamagotchi handheld games of the late Nineties, with the game featuring nostalgic 8-bit graphics and addictive side-scrolling gameplay.

This is bullish for PLAY, which will serve as the in-game currency for PlayDoge, thereby boosting demand for it.

It will also have a limited supply of 9.4 billion tokens, with holders also able to stake it.

Staking and the supply cap could help push its price up over time, with investors able to buy it cheaply now by going to the PlayDoge official website.

PLAY currently costs $0.00512 per token, yet the coin’s successful sale indicates that it could rise much higher once it lists.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.