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Simon Chandler

Simon Chandler

Simon is a professional blockchain, cryptocurrency and tech journalist, regular contributor to Cryptonews.com, who is writing in depth analysis about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
He's written for Wired, the Daily Dot, and TechCrunch, and aside from cryptocurrency and the blockchain he's interested in AI, VR, social media, and how technology changes society. He's based in London.

Articles by Simon Chandler

BTC Mining Migration, Challenges & Forecasts for the Post-crackdown Industry
Ethereum, Solana, Polygon & Co Form A New Hot Market Of Blockchains
Bitcoin Shows Resilience Amid Global Political Pushback
Technically Capable Bitcoin Has Other Mass Adoption Challenges To Solve
6YO Cardano Still Compensates Lack Of Adoption With Plans & Hopes
This Is How DAOs Are Taking A Greater Role in the DeFi and NFT Sectors
How Taproot Might Affect Bitcoin’s Competitiveness
The ‘Number Go Up’ Mentality Drives Crypto World As It Matures
DeFi Has Had a Strong 2021, Driven By New Trends & Paradigms
Ethereum Miners Can Transition to These Coins and Boost Their Values
Crypto Industry's Lobbying Power Grows As Former Officials Change Sides
'Fiat-Like' Proof-of-Stake Chains Favor Centralization & Rich Players
Ethereum Needs to Try Harder To Keep Its Dominance in a Multichain Future
What EIP 1559 Brings to the Ethereum Table
Imagine Bitcoin as a Reserve Asset. What Then?
ETH Can Flip Bitcoin, But It Can't 'Have Its Cake & Eat It Too' - Arthur Hayes
FATF Makes Small Crypto Platforms Easy Prey For Big Players
Bitcoin’s Correlation with Altcoins is Declining Again. What Does it Mean?
Ethereum Won't Hide From Quantum Computers Behind PoS Shield
Bitcoin Fees Hit ATH, Transactions Slow Down after China Explosion
Why NFTs Aren’t Just for Art and Collectibles
Crypto and Traditional Finance To Merge Via M&As
Ethereum Fees Decline as Analysts Point to Bots as Cause
Bitcoin Is More ‘Public’ Money than Central Bank-Issued Fiat Currencies
With Banks Turning to Bitcoin, Is It Finally Time to Long the Bankers?
Lawyers Fighting Craig Wright Also File Lawsuit Against Ledger and Shopify
IMF Says Higher Rates Might Reduce Appetite for Risk. And Bitcoin?
Bitcoin Faces Hedge Test Amid Rising Inflation Concerns
Proof-of-Disagreement: Bitcoin's Work vs. Ethereum's Planned Staking
‘Educational Show of Force’ Fails as New EIP Quells Ethereum Miner Discontent
Institutions & Retail Compete For Bitcoin - Whose Hands Are Stronger?
Money Laundering Might Taint NFTs Too, Prepare For Tighter Controls
NFTs Are Selling for Millions, But How Do You Tell a Diamond From a Dud?
Ethereum Moves Ahead With Plans for Earlier Transition to Proof-of-Stake
Misinfo Over Gemini Bitcoin Inflow Reminds To DYOR
Ethereum Developers On Why They Don’t See Cardano & Binance Chain As Rivals
Miner Backlash Over Fee Upgrade Provokes A Countermove by Ethereum Devs
Second-Hand NFT Market for NBA Top Shot Packs Appears on eBay
A Debt-Fuelled Economic Crisis & Bitcoin: What to Expect?
DeFi On Bitcoin To Grow In The Shadow Of Ethereum
DOGE’s Rally Has Revived Dogecoin Development, But For How Long?
Crypto Exchanges Scale, But Outages Likely To Remain A Fact Of Life
The Bitcoin Lightning Network Grows Even If You’ve Forgotten About It
Too Costly Ethereum is Pushing DeFi Users Away, Fuelling BNB Rally
Cardano's Hoskinson Keeps Bashing Ethereum As ADA Outperforms ETH
USD 1.9B  Liquidated As Overexuberant Crypto Traders Get Overleveraged
Decentralized Exchanges Set To Accelerate in 2021
Justin Sun Incites SEC With Tron Shilling After Suffering USD 8m GameStop Loss
Analysts Deconstruct Bitcoin vs. Ethereum Debate As Alts Outperform
Crazy Bitcoin and Ethereum Fees Dampen Rally, Help Competitors
DeFi vs. Bitcoin Debate Starts a New Round
Cardano and Binance Founders Take Aim At Ethereum as ADA & BNB Rally
Are GameStop-Style Surges In Crypto Any Different From Old Pumps & Dumps?
IPOs, M&As, and New Token Sales To Bring Fresh Capital For Crypto in 2021
Non-Fungible 2021: Prepare Your NFTs For DeFi, Staking, and Sharing
Regulators Ponder Strategy As Bitcoin & Co Are Too Large to Ignore
Crypto and Tax in 2021: Be Ready to Pay More
Bitcoin Mining in 2021: Growth, Consolidation, Renewables, and Regulation
2021 Trends in CBDCs: More Pilots, Maybe Some Launches, But Not For Retail
In Its Quest For Financial Inclusion Crypto Plays A Role In International Aid
Yield Farming-boosted DeFi Set For New Fields With Old Challenges in 2021
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Chainlink Price Predictions for 2021
Crypto Exchanges to Spend 2021 Focusing on DeFi, UX, and New Services
Crypto in 2021: Bitcoin To Ride The Same Wave Of Macroeconomic Problems
Crypto Tech In 2021: Focus on Scalability, Privacy and Usability
Crypto Security in 2021: More Threats Against DeFi and Individual Users
Crypto in 2021: Institutions Prefer Bitcoin, Retail Open to Altcoins
Crypto Regulation in 2021: The Piecemeal Approach & New Winds
Watch Decentralized Insurance As Another Emerging DeFi Trend
Crypto Adoption in 2021: Bitcoin Rules, Ethereum Grows & Faces Rivals
The US Election: Pullback Possible, But Neither Trump Nor Biden Won’t Stop Bitcoin
Corporate Treasuries Caught Between an Inflation Rock and Bitcoin
Imagine Regulators Shutting Tether Down - What Happens to Bitcoin?
DeFi Governance Tokens Face Three Challenges
What And How ‘Slow’ Bitcoin Wins In The Storm Of Crypto Innovations
‘If DeFi Collapsed, Bitcoin Would Still Be Bitcoin’
In Devs We Trust: Bitcoin Bugs Die in Secret, Leaving Altcoins At Risk
Why DeFi Isn’t Always As Decentralized As You Might Think
DeFi’s ‘Total Value Locked In’ Metric Is A Crooked Mirror
Bitcoin And Ethereum Scale Slower Than Cryptoverse Grows
The DeFi Sector Is Breaking The Law - It’s Time to Act
The Most Confusing Crypto Terms and What Can Be Done to Clarify Them
Asia Dominates Crypto, But Here’s Why That Could Soon Change
Why a State Attack on Bitcoin Is Neither Likely, nor Likely to Succeed
Why the Bitcoin vs. Ethereum ‘Rivalry’ Benefits Both Tokens
Personal Data Leaks In Crypto Are Inevitable, Here’s What Can Be Done
Here’s Why Decentralized Exchanges Are Growing So Fast Right Now
Here’s How US-China Tensions Might Benefit Bitcoin
Ethereum Won't Give Its USD 4bn DeFi Throne to EOS, Tron Anytime Soon
DeFi Punches Above Its Weight As it Targets Bitcoin’s Thunder
Crypto Insider Traders Run Free, Hurting Unregulated Market
Expect More M&As As New Type of Buyers to Compete With 'Crypto Octopuses'
DeFi Faces Multiple Challenges On Its Way To Dominate Crypto
Stablecoins Might Be Better Than Bitcoin For Payments, But Maybe Not For Long
How CBDCs Might Change Our Daily Payments
Bitcoin Is Blockchain’s ‘Killer App,’ But Blockchain Is Catching Up
Why Banks Hold the Key to Wider BTC Adoption and Hyperbitcoinization
Bitcoin Halving and Competitors Boost Pressure on Bitmain & Canaan
Bitcoiners Ask: ‘WTF Happened In 1971?’ The Answer Might Shape The 2020s
How Blockchain Will Help Send People Into Space
Bitcoin Mass Adoption Would Benefit and Harm Current Economy
Second-Tier Exchanges Are A Vital Part of Crypto Ecosystem
7 Main Post-Halving Bitcoin Narratives
Tokenization Getting Personal With New Opportunities and Old Dangers
Rain, Government, and BTC Bulls to Help Chinese Miners After Bitcoin Halving
COVID-19 Crisis Weighs On Crypto M&A, Startups To Sweat Harder
Facebook’s Libra Has Changed. But It Still Might Be a Win for Bitcoin
Hopes and Strategies In Play As Miners Prepare For Bitcoin Halving
How Ethereum Could Help The Global Economy Recover From A Recession
Zero Interest Rates Not The Only Driver For Stablecoin Demand
As US Seized Gold in 1933, Is There a Threat to Bitcoin in the 2020s?
Can CBDC Help Recover From Coronavirus Recession And Lead To Bitcoin?
Stablecoins Will Have to Adapt to Survive Coronavirus Recession
VR and Crypto - a Match Made In Reality
How Will Bitcoin Halving Affect Its Security?
Attempts to Increase Bitcoin's Supply Would End Up With Another "Bitcoin"
‘Crypto-Friendly Bank’ Blocked Your Money? Good Luck Recovering It
AMLD5 Won't Save Crypto Exchanges From Bank Rejection
How Will Bitcoin Cash's Halving Affect the 4th Largest Network?
"Tron Is Better Than Ethereum!" A Bitcoin Game
‘World’s First’ Crypto Card Game Might Convert Nocoiners
Watch Out, Bitcoin, Altcoins Are Turning More and More to Payments
'Stale' Block Reminds the Importance of Bitcoin Confirmations
Seed Phrase and Wallet Recovery Still Isn't Idiot-Proof
Who Funds Bitcoin Developers?
Bitcoin Needs New Blood. Will it Come?
Germany Increases Costs For Some Crypto Firms by USD 250,000
Will Venture Capitalists Steal Spotlight from Token Sales?
Are Attacks Between Rival Blockchains About to Rise?
Crypto 2020: Staking Market Growth and Dangers
How Well Has Bitcoin Performed as a PR Project?
Crypto-Exchange Trends for 2020 and the Next Decade
How Global Macro Trends Might Affect Crypto in 2020
Is HEX a Scam or Just Something that Looks Really, Really Like a Scam?
Crypto 2020: Technology Trends Next Year and Beyond
The Bitcoin Halving Debate: Has the Market Priced In This Major Event?
Crypto 2020: Security Trends Next Year and Beyond
Crypto 2020: Institutions to Pick Bitcoin, Retail to Stay in Altcoins
Crypto 2020: What Regulators Might Bring Next Year and in the Decade
Crypto 2020: How Adoption Will Look Next Year and Beyond
Why is Crypto Business Rushing to Turkey?
The Future of Cryptocurrency Adoption in Germany
This is How Brexit Might Affect Bitcoin
Halving and Beyond: What the Future Holds for Bitcoin Miners
Bitcoin Price Might Hit USD 1M Sooner Than a Quantum Computer Attacks
How Good Are Bitcoin Recovery Services?
Is Stablecoin Business Model Stable Or Is It Endangered?
Has the IEO Craze Already Fizzled Out?
How the New FATF Rules Will Open up Crypto to a Layer of Middlemen
Has the Bitcoin-Ethereum Rivalry Hit New Heights of Hostility?
War For Control Over Money: How Can Governments Respond to Crypto?
Now That Bitcoin 'is Digital Gold,' Which Crypto is For Payments?
What Effect Could an Indian Ban Have on the Global Crypto Industry?
What a Possible Global Recession Could Mean for Crypto
Why is Binance Really Burning its Own Stash of BNB Tokens?
Can We Trust Crypto Exchanges With Each Other's Coins?
Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google - Who Will Follow Facebook's Libra?
The Future of Your Crypto Security
Crypto Wallets at the Crossroads, What it Might Mean to You?
Ahead of the Facebook Coin Announcement: How it May End Up?
Are Paid Crypto Groups Worth Your Money?
Are Privacy Coins Being Driven to Extinction? Good Luck, Governments!
How Much Adoption Can Bitcoin Handle Right Now?
What is Decentralized Finance and What’s It Good For?
Who Are the Bitcoin Whales and What Are They Good For?
The Bright Side of Crypto Scams
How Useful Are Crypto Sentiment Indexes?
How Crypto Philanthropists are Helping Themselves and the Cryptoverse
Could Blockchain Really Enable ‘Data As a Universal Basic Income’?
Considering Third-Party Staking Services? Read About These Risks
Why SWIFT Believes It’s Catching Up with Ripple in the Race for Speed
How to Protect Your Absolute Crypto Lifeline - Seed Words
Why Pomp Thinks You Should ‘Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers'
The Lightning Network: Challenges and Solutions
Recent Rebrands Show that Crypto is Growing Up
The Paper Wallet Debate: Are They Safer or Riskier than Other Wallets?
What Google's Recent Move Means for Crypto?
What Could Kill Bitcoin and How Possible it is
Crypto in 2019: Main Trends in Token Sales
Crypto in 2019: What the New Technologies Will Bring
After Cryptopia Hack, 2,000 Wallets Still Might be at Risk (UPDATED)
Crypto in 2019: What to Expect from Institutional Investors
How Global Macro-Trends Will Affect Crypto in 2019
Crypto in 2019: Top Trends Among Exchanges
What These Four Metrics Tell About Bitcoin
Crypto in 2019: Security Tokens, 'Big Finance' and Project Launches
Crypto in 2019: Top Security Trends
Is Anyone Actually Paying Taxes in Bitcoin?
Reports of Bitcoin Payments Death Are Exaggerated
Crypto in 2019: the Most Important Regulatory Trends
The Top 6-10 ICOs of 2017: Where Are They Now?
Should the Little Guy be Scared of the Recent Big Money Influx?
The Initiative Q Saga Offers Crypto Important Lessons
EOS Hits Back Against Claims it’s 'Not a Blockchain'
Retail Giant Target Hacked by Bitcoin Scammers
Should You Be Scared of Anonymous Founders?
Crypto for Beginners: Which Trading Strategies Work Best?
Crypto Learns How to Lobby, But Whose Interests Are Being Served?
How the Growth of Robo-Advisors Could Boost Crypto
Is Tokenization Threatening to Make the World Too Complex?
Fantasy Sports Companies Are Flocking to Crypto
Reading Crypto Price Forecast? Take it With a Large Grain of Salt
Crypto May Boost Student Finance
Where Are You in the Political Spectrum of Crypto?
Top Five ICOs of 2017 - How Are They Doing Now?
What is Schnorr and Why it’s Very Important for Bitcoin
Why Video Games Will Drive Blockchain Adoption
Bitcoin ATMs Are Increasing, Fees Don’t Change
Pensions on Blockchain: Strengths and Weaknesses
Bitcoin Cash Bug Reminds About An Ever-Present Danger for Crypto
Cryptos Aren’t a ‘Safe Haven,’ But May Be a Hedge Against Risk
Are You Sure There is No Backdoor to Your Coins?
Addiction and Millennials Meet in Crypto-Trading
The Rise of Regulated Exchanges Is Boosting Crypto
Unresolved Ethereum Governance Debate
Hey, Micro Business! Blockchain Is For You, Too
Twitter Scams Cost Millions, Solutions Emerging
Surprise! Crypto Is Increasingly Used as Currency
Crypto Markets Are Almost Deaf to News From the Outside World
Vitalik Buterin Wouldn't Be Happy About the New Trend Among Exchanges
Kraken Risks Deepening the Rift Between Crypto and the Media
It’s All FUD: Reports of Crypto Vulnerabilities Are Often Exaggerated
15 Hard Questions to EOS (Part III)
15 Hard Questions To EOS (Part II)
Blockchain Is Saving Trust By Making It Irrelevant
15 Hard Questions To EOS (Part I)
Crypto’s Governance Problem
‘Nocoiner’ Dispute Ends Up Questioning Value of ‘Coiners’
What Would You Do to Recover Lost Bitcoins?
The Great Backlash Against Blockchain Hype
Will IOTA Users Stop 'Losing' Their Coins Now?
How Blockchain Can Make Forgeries A Thing of the Past
The Holy Grail of Digital Identity Is Not Entirely Sovereign
The Jimmy Song-Joe Lubin 'Bet' Probably Won’t Go Ahead
'Big Four' Rush to Audit Crypto Industry, More Transparency Ahead?
Blockchain Might Bring Billions of People into the Global Economy
These Miners Might Be Dangerous, But Avoiding Them Is Complicated
Your Brain on a Blockchain - Literally
Why Blockchain Adoption Is Slow, and Why That’s Nothing to Worry About
Say Your Prayers and Earn BTC: the Blockchain is Coming for Religion
Blockchain’s Fight Against Piracy Will Empower Independent Artists
Blockchains Are Learning How to Scale, But At What Price?
Privacy Coins Are Necessary If Crypto Is to Go Mainstream
Bitcoin Has Become a Secrecy Device for Trustless Couples
An Interview: What is the Plan for Circle's Poloniex?
The Race to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain
The Pros and Cons of Google Crypto-Ad Ban
Blockchains are Helping the Internet of Things to Move Beyond Hype
Cryptocurrency Are a Boost to the Financial System, Not a Threat
'CryptoKitties Are Digital Art': Talking Cats, Crypto with Axiom Zen
Our Date With LegalFling: the Controversial Sexual Consent App
How ICO Rating Platforms Can Help You
Stablecoins are the new black, but just how stable are they?
Crypto Industry Self-Regulating to Avoid Government Regulation
The Blockchain is Coming for Facebook
No, Yves Mersch, the ECB's System Is Not ‘Better’ Than the Blockchain
The Blockchain: Our Saviour Against A Robot Takeover?
Video Game Becomes Latest to Capitalize on Bitcoin Mania
Stay safe! Blockchain cybersecurity arms race to intensify in 2018