Cryptobartender Serves Drinks for Crypto, Doing its Part in Pandemic

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A device called Cryptobartender is doing its part to help social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, by selling drinks for crypto.

Cryptobartender. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/CryptoTexty

Cryptobartender is a device that allows users to buy water, wine, whiskey, or any other type of liquid and pay with EOS or EOS-based tokens – therefore removing personal contact from the purchasing equation, according to a blog post by “blockchain industry enthusiast” Flodner. The easiest way to send payment is via QR-code and via one of the available EOS wallets.

This is useful both in terms of social distancing, which is likely to be a part of our daily communication for a while even post-pandemic, but also on a wider scale to essential personnel and to small businesses who have been heavily impacted by the pandemic-related restrictions and shutdowns. It may also help improve the supply chain and transaction process among the participants.

Designed by Vyacheslav Korotach, the first version of this device was installed in a crypto bar in Kiev, Ukraine, to serve homemade wine, and at the time it had its own EOS-based KNYGA token that had a stable exchange rate to the national currency, which was distributed as loyalty rewards.

Aiming to participate in the EOSIO Virtual Hackathon: Coding for Change, Cryptobartender was written taking into account all EOSIO updates, and it was deployed on Jungle testnet. Any other business that may use Cryptobartender can utilize the available model to set up one or more tokens, prices, percentage of distribution between producer, owner, and distributor, etc. The number of participants and their share in income can be changed according to the needs of a particular business.

Cryptobartender v. 0.0.2 will be live and available for testing for a month, until the end of June. Meanwhile, Hackathon winners are set to be announced in a few days.