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‘Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor’ To Use Baseline Protocol & Ethereum Mainnet

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CONA (Coke One North America), builder of apps on blockchain Provide and enterprise blockchain solutions developer Unibright have launched a project which uses the Baseline Protocol and the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet. It’s meant to establish a “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor” which “baselines” Coca-Cola’s bottling supply chain.

Source: Adobe/monticellllo

CONA is a platform that provides tools to the twelve largest Coca-Cola Company bottling partners in North America in order for them to collaborate as one company.

In 2019, several North America Coca-Cola bottlers adopted, and CONA implemented, a blockchain platform based on distributed ledger framework Hyperledger Fabric, running on the SAP BaaS platform, the announcement said. The goal was to make cross-organization supply chain transactions more efficient, frictionless, and transparent, which the announcement said happened upon the blokchain’s implementation.

CONA now moved to expand the use-case from the internal network to a wider audience. Therefore, it uses the Baseline Protocol, a set of tools to provide privacy for enterprise adoption of the public Ethereum blockchain. The protocol was launched several months ago by major professional services firm EY and developed in cooperation with blockchain company ConsenSys and the tech giant Microsoft.

The goal here is to establish a “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor,” that way allowing a low-barrier network onboarding process for suppliers, which should bring about more benefits to both internal and external bottlers-suppliers, the partners said.

The announcement went on to list a number of points that they claim the project will prove. These include:

  • an invoice can be tokenized within a baseline process;
  • an existing Hyperledger-based implementation can extend, change or integrate with the Baseline Protocol;
  • versioning commercial documents (e.g. purchase order, sales order, delivery, goods receipt, etc.) can eliminate coordination problems when all parties agree to the latest, authoritative versions;
  • agreeing on the latest baselined version of the “desired truth” can be used to discuss error handling or partial re-deliveries, etc.

The project is expected to show initial results in the last quarter of this year.

Also, the partnership on this project also means that CONA gains access to Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network provider. Chainlink is not only a partner of the Baseline Protocol project, but Provide and Chainlink have also announced a collaboration on August 3 that will integrate Chainlink into the Provide API (application programming interface).

At pixel time (10:41 UTC), LINK, ranked 8th by market capitalization, trades at USD 9.7 and is up by 16% in a day, while unibright (UBT), ranked 101st, jumped by 40%, to USD 0.55.
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