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Canadian Rapper Drake Nets USD 300,000 From His Bitcoin Bet on the Super Bowl

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 2 min read
Drake. Source: champagnepapi / Instagram


Massively popular Canadian rapper Drake has profited USD 300,000 from his three bets cumulatively worth USD 1.26m worth of bitcoin (BTC), on the Super Bowl match between the Los Angeles Rams (LA Rams) and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The 35-year-old rapper first posted screenshots of his wager on Instagram over the weekend. As per the images, Drake placed a Bitcoin bet worth CAD 600,000 (USD 472,476) for the LA Rams to win against the Bengals.

The rapper also bet on Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr., commonly known as OBJ. He bet CAD 500,000 (USD 393,825) on the player to record over 62.5 yards during his playing time, and another CAD 500,000 (USD 393,825) to score at least one touchdown.

He made the bets in bitcoin and via Stake, a crypto sports betting platform.

Drake was in luck as the LA Rams won by 23-20. Taking into account the 1.51 coefficient, Drake cashed out more than USD 240,000 worth of BTC from his first bet.

Furthermore, LA Rams’ star Beckham Jr. scored one touchdown, bringing the rapper another USD 453,000 worth of BTC. However, since OBJ left the game with an injury in the fourth quarter and couldn’t tally more than 62.5 yards, Drake lost around USD 400,000 worth of BTC.

In total, Drake has netted USD 300,000 worth of BTC from his bets.

The Canadian rapper also posted a tribute to OBJ on Instagram. “I wish I got my flowers when everything wasn’t rosy/ How I’m supposed to smell em when everyone’s being nosy/ Pictures of me victorious they making with Adobe make me thankful that a trophy was never what made me cosy,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

“For now I just want to feel something/ After that I wanna heal something/ And after that I wanna build something/ But today I just fulfilled something,” Drake added.

In response, Beckham Jr said, “FOREVER BROTHER!! Lol I was gon get u ur money brother. Cherish this forever.”


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