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The 13 Best Crypto Staking Platforms to Use in 2023

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of Cryptonews.com.

Crypto staking platforms enable investors to generate passive income on idle tokens. 

This will suit investors that wish to benefit from both income and capital growth, through a long-term investment strategy. 

This comparison guide reviews and ranks the best crypto staking platforms for yields, supported coins, safety, and more. 

The Best Crypto Staking Platforms with the Highest Rewards

From our research the best crypto staking platforms on the market right are now listed below:

  1. YieldFlow -  Crypto staking platform with high APY offering enhanced user experience by bypassing cumbersome KYC processes, enabling quick wallet connections and investments.
  2. Lucky Block - Emerging Crypto Staking Platform Alternative
  3. OKX - World-Class Crypto Staking Platform Offering up to 300% APY
  4. eToro - Top-tier Crypto Exchange with High-interest Staking
  5. Crypto.com - Earn up to 14.5% APY in Passive Interest 
  6. DeFi Swap - New Decentralized Exchange With High-Yield Staking Tools 
  7. MyCointainer - Earn up to 133% APY by Running Nodes
  8. Binance - Stake 14 Different Coins for Competitive Yields 
  9. Coinbase - Earn up to 5.75% via a User-Friendly Staking Platform  
  10. BlockFi - Lend Out Crypto to generate Interest Payments 
  11. Nexo - Top Earning Platform for High Yields  
  12. Kraken - Staking Rewards Paid Bi-Weekly  
  13. BitStamp - Established Crypto Exchange Offering Staking 

Full and comprehensive reviews of the above crypto staking platforms can be found in the sections below. 

Reviewing the Top Cryptocurrency Staking Sites

Choosing the best crypto staking platform in 2023 will require investors to focus on core metrics surrounding:

  • APYs
  • Lock-up terms
  • Security and trust
  • Supported coins
  • Minimum account balances 

In the reviews below - which rank the 13 best crypto staking platforms for 2023, we discuss these metrics and more. 

1. YieldFlow - High Yield Investment Strategies, Supporting Diverse ERC-20 Tokens

YieldFlow, by offering an effective strategy for crypto investments, is steadily carving out a niche in the DeFi sector. The platform blends financial practices such as staking, lending, and the more intricate yield farming with the potential of blockchain, thus allowing users to earn rewards on their holdings.

Staking involves pledging tokens into a blockchain network to secure rewards and enhance network stability. Concurrently, lending allows for appealing annual percentage yield (APY) on idle cryptos.

Yield farming, while complex, is appealing due to its high-profit potential. Decentralized exchanges require liquidity pool access, enabling investors to benefit from the transaction fees amassed by the pool.

The YieldFlow whitepaper states that its distinctive edge lies in its decentralized design, employing blockchain-enabled smart contracts to ensure user asset ownership and support network security. Sidestepping the cumbersome Know Your Customer (KYC) processes enhances user experience, simplifying wallet connection and rapid investment.

Moreover, YieldFlow facilitates single-asset and Uniswap V2 LP staking in $YFlow. For $YFlow tokens, the reward rate grows in tandem with the lockup period duration.

YieldFlow is compatible with various ERC-20 tokens, including Ethereum, Aave, Polygon, and Fantom. This broad compatibility empowers users to diversify their investment avenues, boosting potential returns.

Promising a near 15% annual percentage yield (APY), YieldFlow is appealing to newcomers and experienced investors due to its yield generation potential and adaptability.


2. Lucky Block – Emerging Crypto Staking Platform Alternative

Those looking for an alternative to the best crypto staking platforms may consider Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook featuring various games and promotions that can rival (or beat) the returns offered by traditional staking services.

As an online casino, Lucky Block’s strengths naturally lie in its gaming selection. Users can play over 2,700 games, ranging from classic casino games to world-class platforms like Aviator and Crash. In addition, Lucky Block also boasts a fully-fledged sportsbook – with added support for eSports betting.

By playing these games, Lucky Block's users have the chance to generate crypto rewards – much like staking platforms. 

Lucky Block allows users to fund their accounts with ten different cryptos and offers 15% cashback on net losses for the first seven days post-signup, with no wagering requirements, as well a a $10k LBLOCK token giveaway for users who deposit and wager just once.

Many believe Lucky Block is one of the best Bitcoin casinos due to its unique promotions. Aside from the cashback offer, users can also benefit from the platform’s ‘Races’ feature. 

This feature provides up to €1,000 in rewards for users with the highest turnover – meaning all users need to do is play their favourite games as normal to be in with a chance of winning.

These ‘Races’, combined with the cashback offer, attempt to mirror the returns that users can expect from staking platforms. Moreover, many people are now gravitating away from staking platforms due to the liquidity crunch brought about by FTX’s demise. Previously ‘safe’ protocols like Hodlnaut have opted to suspend customer withdrawals, reducing confidence in the sector.

Thus, market participants looking for an alternative are wise to consider Lucky Block. The sign-up process is speedy and takes less than five minutes, with no need for KYC checks. Finally, UK and US users must utilize a VPN to access the Lucky Block platform since it is currently geo-restricted in these locations

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesN/A (15% cashback + up to €1,000 in 'Races' rewards offered)
Min & Max Staking AmountsNo minimums
Lock-In PeriodN/A
Security & Regulation FeaturesLicensed in Curacao
Additional Rewards Offered$10k LBLOCK giveaway - all new users can enter
Payout FrequencyN/A


  • A popular alternative to traditional staking platforms
  • Offers 15% cashback for the first seven days on the platform
  • The new 'Races' feature provides up to €1,000 in rewards
  • Isn’t at risk of insolvency due to crypto contagion effect
  • Features world-class games like Crash and Aviator


  • UK and US users need to use a VPN to access the platform

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3. OKX - World-Class Crypto Staking Platform Offering up to 300% APY

Another top pick for staking cryptocurrencies in 2023 is OKX. This global crypto exchange offers trading on more than 340 popular cryptocurrencies and gives investors a chance to earn interest on many of them.

OKX’s staking platform is integrated right into the exchange, making it very simple to use. Users can choose from a wide selection of coins to stake, some earning up to 70% APY. Many coins are available to stake with flexible staking periods and there are higher rates available for 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120-day lock-up periods.

In addition to DeFi crypto staking, OKX has crypto savings accounts where investors can earn interest on their tokens. These accounts offer up to 300% APY for certain tokens. Stablecoins like Tether and USD Coin each earn 10% APY, while Bitcoin and Ethereum each earn 5% APY. There are no lock-up periods for tokens in an OKX savings account.

OKX pays out interest every hour, so investors can start compounding their returns right away. OKX is also one of the best yield farming crypto platforms with APYs as high as 6.52% on given crypto crosses.

OKX makes it easy to buy crypto and then stake it. The exchange accepts credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets to purchase crypto with a minimum trade size of $10. On top of that, the fee to buy crypto on OKX is just 0.10% - among the lowest trading fees in the industry.

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 300% APY
Min & Max Staking AmountsNone
Lock-In PeriodFlexible or 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 days
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated in Malta
Additional Rewards OfferedNone
Payout FrequencyHourly









  • 20+ million users around the world
  • Offers trading on 340+ crypto tokens
  • Flexible staking or lock-in periods for higher rewards
  • Earn up to 300% APY for specific tokens
  • Interest is paid out hourly


  • Doesn’t specify fees for purchasing crypto with a credit card

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Crypto assets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk.

4. eToro - Top-tier Crypto Exchange with High-interest Staking

eToro is primarily a brokerage platform that supports crypto in addition to stocks, ETFs, forex, indices, and commodities. More than 27 million people now use eToro to trade, for its strong commitment to regulation, simple user interface, and cost-effective pricing structure. eToro is also, however, one of the best crypto staking platforms on the market. 

Here's how it works. After buying crypto on the eToro platform, the respective tokens will automatically be eligible for staking rewards. This means that there is no requirement to opt-in. As of writing, eToro supports staking on three coins - Cardano, Tron, and Ethereum. New crypto tokens are expected to be added in due course. 

The share of any staking rewards generated will depend on the status of the eToro user. Diamond and platinum members, for instance, will receive 90% of the staking rewards. Do note that automated staking kicks in after 10 and 8 days of holding Cardano and Tron, respectively. Those electing to buy crypto on eToro for the purpose of staking require a minimum purchase of $10. 

A fee of 1% is collected on both buy and sell orders. In addition to Bitcoin, eToro is home to nearly 80 of the best altcoins. This is inclusive of some of the best metaverse coins, such as Decentraland and Axie Infinity. Depositing funds into eToro is seamless, as the broker supports debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. 

Payments made in US dollars are fee-free, which makes eToro one of the best platforms for buying top trending cryptos with fiat money. Another reason why eToro is one of the best crypto staking sites on the market is that it offers copy trading tools. This means that eToro users can trade crypto passively, by automatically copying the positions of a seasoned trader. 

The eToro platform is regulated on multiple fronts, inclusive of the SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. Accounts can be opened and maintained online or via the eToro mobile app. Those wishing to try eToro out before making a deposit can open a free demo account. This comes with a $100,000 allocation of paper trading funds. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 90% of staked rewards 
Min & Max Staking Amounts$1 - No maximum 
Lock-In PeriodNo lock-in period; flexible withdrawals offered
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, CySEC
Additional Rewards OfferedN/A
Payout FrequencyMonthly 


  • Authorized and regulated by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC
  • 27+million clients
  • Automated staking on eligible coins
  • Buy crypto from just $10 at a commission of 1%
  • Copy trading services 
  • No deposit fees on USD payments


  • Only 3 coins are supported for staking 

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Crypto assets are highly volatile investment products. Your capital is at risk. 

5. Crypto.com - Earn up to 14.5% APY in Passive Interest 

Crypto.com is a leading digital asset exchange that offers the lowest trading commissions in this industry. After recently reducing its fee structure, buying and selling crypto at a commission of just 0.075% is possible. This means that for every $1,000 worth of crypto traded, a commission of just $0.75 will be collected.

Although Crypto.com doesn't support staking, it does offer crypto interest accounts which, for all intent and purposes, operate in much the same manner. The only difference is that the crypto assets will be used to fund loans. This Crypto.com staking review found that dozens of tokens are supported and investors can choose from flexible withdrawal terms or a 1/3-month lock-up period. 

The best interest rates are offered on longer-term agreements. Crypto.com staking rewards offer an APY of up to 14.5% on crypto and up to 8.5% on stablecoins. Moreover, the best APYs require the user to stake CRO tokens, which are native to Crypto.com. Those using the Crypto.com exchange will have access to more than 250 coins. Debit/credit card payments attract a fee of 2.99%.       

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 14.5% APY on interest accounts 
Min & Max Staking Amounts$1 - $1 million 
Lock-In PeriodFlexible, 1-month, and 3-month accounts
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated by CySEC
Additional Rewards OfferedWhen staking CRO tokens
Payout FrequencyWeekly 


  • Lowest crypto trading fees in the industry 
  • Earn up to 14.5% on crypto interest accounts
  • Stablecoins are supported too
  • Choose from a flexible, 1-month, or 3-month term
  • Minimum investment of just $1


  • Debit/credit cards attract a fee of 2.99%

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6. DeFi Swap - New Decentralized Exchange With High-Yield Staking Tools 

DeFi Swap is the best crypto staking platform for investors that prefer using decentralized exchanges. This means that investors will be able to earn staking rewards without using an intermediary. Instead, investors only need to link their crypto wallet to the DeFi Swap exchange, meaning no private information or KYC documents. 

DeFi Swap is an up-and-coming exchange in this space that initially, will support staking agreements on tokens operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Further down the line, DeFi Swap will support cross-chain functionality. This means that investors will be able to stake tokens on other blockchain networks - such as Ethereum and Solana. 

DeFi Swap also offers decentralized trading services. After connecting a wallet, users can swap one token for another without needing a seller at the other end of the trade. Fees are extremely competitive on DeFi Swap and the platform itself is user-friendly. DeFi Swap also supports yield farming, which is another way to generate passive income in addition to staking.  

Another interesting aspect of the DeFi Swap exchange is that the project has its own native digital asset - DeFi Coin (DEFC). This sits at the heart of all DeFi Swap exchange services and subsequently enables investors to gain exposure to its growth. DeFi Coin can be purchased on DeFi Swap, in addition to PancakeSwap. 

Staking Rewards on Cryptocurrencies75% on DeFi Coin
Min & Max Staking AmountsNone
Lock-In Period30, 90, 180, 365 days
Security & Regulation FeaturesDecentralized 
Additional Rewards OfferedYield farming supported
Payout FrequencyAt the end of the respective staking term 


  • Decentralized staking in crypto tool 
  • No account registration or personal information required
  • High APYs on BSc tokens
  • Cross-chain functionality is a work-in-progress 
  • Also supports token swaps and yield farming 


  • Does not support fiat money payments

Visit DeFi Swap Now 

7. MyCointainer - Earn up to 133% APY by Running Nodes

Crypto earning platform MyCointainer allows its users to earn up to 133% APY by running nodes for 122 different assets and collecting rewards in multiple ways: exchange, PoS, masternodes, or cold staking.

Users can track daily returns both in the mobile app (iOS or Android) or in a desktop version.

The platform has been on the market for four years having been launched by Bartosz Pozniak in 2018 - the service operates legally from Estonia with support available worldwide through its mobile app. 

MyCointainer also provides users with a wide range of ways to deposit funds into their wallet – from widespread SEPA & SWIFT payments and Visa/Mastercard to less conventional but very fast and convenient payment methods. 

As for the additional rewards, the platform offers crypto cashback, airdrops and a referral program. The MyCointainer Crypto Cashback extension sees users get 56% of their money back when shopping online, with the platform partnered with around 300 online stores and services worldwide - including in categories like clothing, education, tourism and entertainment.

MyCointainer provides users with the possibility to take part in multiple airdrops, with seven operating on the platform at the time of writing. 

The airdrops can earn from 40 USDT to 1,000,000 USDT, although they are time sensitive so investors should take care they don't miss such offers.

MyCointainer referral program is versatile and currently offers three different types of referral rewards: 

  • €15 of free staking tokens for each invite
  • 20% from MyCointainer earnings for each of your friend
  • 10% of net price for referring MyCointainer’s 'stake-all' hosting

On top of that, MyCointainer platform offers a power subscription that helps you avoid reward fees and gives access to various kinds of VIP giveaways. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 133% APY
Min & Max Staking AmountsMin - 10EUR, Max - None
Lock-In PeriodNone
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated in Estonia 
Additional Rewards OfferedCashback, airdrops, referrals
Payout FrequencyDaily


  • Daily rewards generation with detailed report
  • Fiat currencies are available
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Unlimited access to 120+ assets
  • Beginner-friendly UX


  • Not all coins are available for staking

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8. Binance - Stake 14 Different Coins for Competitive Yields

The Binance ecosystem now consists of the world's largest crypto exchange for trading volume, a top-5 digital asset by market capitalization, and a fully-fledged facility for earning passive income. As of writing, the Binance staking tool supports 14 coins. This includes everything from BNB, AAVE, and Ethereum to XRP, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. 

Yields vary depending on the coin, albeit, the highest interest rate as of writing is being paid on DYDX at 8.7%. Some staking coins come with flexible withdrawal terms, while others require a lock-up period of up to 120 days. It is possible to earn an even higher yield by opting for a Binance interest account. Axie Infinity, for example, on a 90-day term yields an APY of 76%. 

In addition to offering interest-bearing products, Binance is one of the cheapest crypto exchanges in this space. Buying and selling crypto will cost just 0.1% per slide here. Binance supports more than 1,000 markets, which includes many of the best meme coins for speculative investors. Binance also lists a range of fast-growing cryptocurrencies from the BSc network. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 8.7%
Min & Max Staking AmountsDepends on the coin
Lock-In PeriodFrom flexible to 180 days
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated digital asset service provider in several jurisdictions 
Additional Rewards OfferedYield farming and interest accounts supported
Payout FrequencyAt the end of the respective staking term 


  • 14 assets can be staked 
  • Various terms and yields on offer
  • Also supports yield farming and interest accounts 
  • Hosts some of the best crypto giveaways  


  • Some staking pools sell out quickly  

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9. Coinbase - Earn up to 5.75% via a User-Friendly Staking Platform 

Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange and broker that supports 100 coins. It is home to a user-friendly platform that will appeal to beginners. As of writing, Coinbase supports six coins for staking - namely, Algorand, Cardano, Cosmos, Ethereum, Solana, and Tezos. In terms of yields, the best APY on offer is 5.75%, when staking Algorand. 

Do note that Coinbase staking is not accessible to US clients. Moreover, staking rewards are only paid on crypto assets purchased on the Coinbase platform. This could be a sticking point considering that Coinbase charges a trading commission of 1.49%. Furthermore, buying coins directly with a debit card will cost 3.99%. 

In addition to staking, Coinbase also supports DeFi yield services. This is supported for both Dai and Tether, albeit, yields will vary depending on market conditions. Staking and DeFi yield rewards can be tracked in real-time via the Coinbase website or mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 5.75%
Min & Max Staking AmountsNot stated 
Lock-In PeriodFlexible withdrawals 
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated by relevant US licensing bodies 
Additional Rewards OfferedDeFi yield rewards on Dai and Tether 
Payout FrequencyDepends on the coin being staked 


  • Top staking platform for beginners 
  • No minimum staking amount required 
  • Heavily regulated 


  • Debit/credit cards attract a fee of 3.99%
  • Better staking yields are available elsewhere 
  • High trading commissions 

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10. BlockFi - Lend Out Crypto to generate Interest Payments 

BlockFi is a leading crypto lending platform that supports interest accounts and loans. While BlockFi does not support staking tools per se, it does enable investors to deposit coins for the purpose of generating passive income. The coins deposited by investors will subsequently be used to fund third-party loans that are secured by crypto. 

BlockFi supports interest accounts on 15 crypto assets, which includes a selection of stablecoins. Interest rates will vary depending on the coin and the amount that has been invested. For example, investors can earn an APY of 3.5% on Bitcoin, up to the first 0.1 BTC. For deposits above this amount, interest of 2% is paid. 

The best rates, however, are actually offered on stablecoins - which will appeal to investors that wish to earn passive income without witnessing volatility. BUSD and USDC, for example, yield 7.5%. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 7.5%
Min & Max Staking AmountsNot stated 
Lock-In PeriodFlexible withdrawals
Security & Regulation FeaturesLicensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority 
Additional Rewards OfferedCredit card cashback rewards 
Payout FrequencyMonthly


  • Earn up to 7.5% on stablecoins
  • Flexible withdrawals 


  • Small limits on the highest rates offered
  • APYs change at a moment's notice   

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11. Nexo - Top Earning Platform for High Yields  

Nexo is a direct competitor to BlockFi, as the platform specializes in crypto lending services. Investors can deposit tokens into Nexo to earn a high rate of interest, with the likes of Axie Infinity yielding up to 36%. Bitcoin and Ethereum are competitive too, with yields of up to 7% and 8% on offer, respectively. 

However, in order to get the best rates possible on Nexo, investors will need to meet certain terms. This typically includes meeting a minimum lock-up term of one month and receiving interest payments in NEXO tokens. Nonetheless, Nexo is popular for fast payouts, with rewards distributed on a daily basis. Nexo does not collect any fees from the APYs advertised. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 36%
Min & Max Staking AmountsNot stated 
Lock-In PeriodFlexible withdrawals, but the highest rate kicks in after one month of holding 
Security & Regulation FeaturesLicensed in various jurisdictions 
Additional Rewards OfferedHigher rates when electing to receive rewards in NEXO
Payout FrequencyDaily 


  • One of the best crypto staking rewards for high yields 
  • APYs of up to 36% 


  • Need to hold tokens for at least one month to get the best rates
  • Best rates require users to receive rewards in NEXO   

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12. Kraken - Staking Rewards Paid Bi-Weekly 

Kraken is one of the best crypto staking platforms for fast reward distributions. This popular exchange pays staking rewards twice per week, which is in addition to competitive yields. In total, 15 digital assets can be staked on the Kraken platform. Apart from Bitcoin, all staking coins on Kraken are initiated on-chain. 

Popular coins to stake include Ethereum, Tezos, Tron, Solana, and Polkadot. In terms of APYs, the best rate on offer is 20% and this is available when staking Mina. Kusama and Kava are competitive too, with maximum staking rewards of 18%. All staking agreements on Kraken are offered on flexible terms.  

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 20%
Min & Max Staking AmountsNot stated 
Lock-In PeriodFlexible withdrawals
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegistered as a money service business in the US
Additional Rewards OfferedNone
Payout FrequencyBi-weekly  


  • Staking rewards are distributed bi-weekly 
  • Earn up to 20% in staking yields 


  • Terms and conditions can vary depending on the coin
  • Not transparent on fees 

Visit Kraken Now 

13. Bitstamp - Established Crypto Exchange Offering Staking

Bitstamp is an established crypto exchange that was founded in 2013. The platform is primarily used by traders that seek low commissions and access to a diversified range of markets. Trading volumes of under $1,000, for example, have access to 0% commissions when buying and selling crypto. 

Although Bitstamp also offers staking services, only two crypto assets are supported at this moment in time. This includes Ethereum, which offers an APY of 4.12%. The other crypto asset supported is Algorand, which offers an APY of just 1.6%. The minimum staking amount on Ethereum is 0.1 ETH. There is no minimum when staking Algorand. 

Staking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesUp to 4.12%
Min & Max Staking Amounts0.1 ETH, no minimum on ALGO
Lock-In PeriodFlexible withdrawals
Security & Regulation FeaturesRegulated in Luxembourg
Additional Rewards OfferedNone
Payout FrequencyETH is monthly, ALGO is typically quarterly  


  • Established and trusted crypto exchange founded in 2011
  • No minimum staking investment on Algorand 


  • Ethereum staking requires a minimum of 0.1 ETH
  • Yields are low
  • Just two coins supported for staking

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Best Crypto Staking Platforms Compared 

The comparison table below offers a recap of the 12 best crypto staking platforms reviewed in the sections above: 

Staking PlatformsStaking Rewards on CryptocurrenciesMin & Max Staking AmountsLock-In PeriodSecurity & Regulation FeaturesAdditional Rewards OfferedPayout Frequency
Lucky Block15% cashback for first 7 days + Up to €1,000 through ‘Races’ featureNo minimumsN/ALicensed in Curacao$10k LBLOCK giveaway for all new usersN/A
OKXUp to 300% APYNoneFlexible or 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 daysRegulated in MaltaNoneHourly
eToroUp to 90% of staked rewards$1 - No maximumNo lock-in period; flexible withdrawals offeredRegulated by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, CySECN/AMonthly
Crypto.comUp to 14.5% APY on interest accounts$1 - $1 millionFlexible, 1-month, and 3-month accountsRegulated by CySECHigher rates when staking CRO tokensWeekly
DeFi Swap75% on DeFi CoinNone30, 90, 180, 365 daysDecentralizedYield farming supportedAt the end of the respective staking term
BinanceUp to 8.7%It depends on the coinFrom flexible to 180 daysRegulated digital asset service provider in several jurisdictionsYield farming and interest accounts supportedAt the end of the respective staking term
CoinbaseUp to 5.75%Not statedFlexible withdrawalsRegulated by relevant US licensing bodiesDeFi yield rewards on Dai and TetherIt depends on the coin being staked
BlockfiUp to 7.5%Not statedFlexible withdrawalsLicensed by the Bermuda Monetary AuthorityCredit card cashback rewardsMonthly
NexoUp to 36%Not statedFlexible withdrawals, but the highest rate kicks in after one month of holdingLicensed in various jurisdictionsHigher rates when electing to receive rewards in NEXODaily
KrakenUp to 20%Not statedFlexible withdrawalsRegistered as a money service business in the USNoneBi-weekly
BitStampUp to 4.12%0.1 ETH, no minimum on ALGOFlexible withdrawalsRegulated in LuxembourgNoneETH is monthly, ALGO is typically quarterly

The Basics of Staking Crypto 

Staking enables investors to earn interest on tokens that would other remain idle in a crypto wallet. It is, however, important to have a firm grasp of how crypto staking works before proceeding. 

The purpose of this section is, therefore, to explain the basics of staking cryptos. 

How Does Cryptocurrency Staking Work?

In its most basic form, staking requires the investor to deposit tokens into the respective blockchain network. This helps keep the network safe and decentralized. Miners - who verify blockchain transactions are rewarded for their efforts with the staked tokens. 

In turn, the investor that staked the tokens will be paid interest. This will be the case for as long as the investor staked the token. Yields will vary depending on the coin and underlying blockchain network. Nonetheless, staking offers a passive way to generate crypto rewards. 

Another factor to remember about staking is that oftentimes, there will be a minimum lock-up period. This refers to the number of days that the tokens will remain locked in the respective blockchain network. During this time, the investor will not be able to withdraw their tokens.  

Crypto Mining vs Staking

Both crypto mining and staking go hand in hand. However, the two terms refer to different processes. 

Regarding mining, this refers to the process of verifying blockchain transactions to ensure the network remains decentralized and secure. 

In most cases, anyone can be a miner simply by connecting specialist hardware to a device. This offers a passive way to earn free crypto, albeit, certain costs remain present - such as the consumption of electricity. 

Staking, on the other hand, refers to the process of locking crypto tokens for a minimum number of days. The tokens are used to reward miners for their efforts. Staking is a lot more cost-effective when compared to mining, albeit, yields are often less competitive. For more details on crypto mining readers can explore our article on the best crypto mining platforms in 2023. 

On-Chain & Off-Chain Staking

Investors will often have the option of staking tokens on-chain or off-chain. 

On-chain staking refers to the process of depositing tokens directly into the respective blockchain protocol. This is often considered the safest option of the two, but a lot more complex. Moreover, minimum staking requirements can be high when opting for an on-chain agreement. 

Off-chain staking enables investors to generate passive income via a third-party platform - such as eToro or Crypto.com. This typically offers a less attractive yield, but off-chain staking is more user-friendly. Furthermore, off-chain staking often requires a much lower capital outlay.   

Why Stake Crypto?

Long-term investors with an interest in crypto would be wise to consider staking. The reason being is that upon buying crypto, the tokens will sit idle in an exchange or wallet without generating any income. This is like buying an investment property and not renting it out to tenants. 

In comparison, by instead staking the purchased crypto, investors will earn income in a passive manner. Those that engage in staking will still own the respective crypto assets outright, so any capital gains that the tokens generate will still be realized. 

  • For example, let's say that an investor owns 2 ETH and decides to stake at an APY of 5%. 
  • After 12 months of staking, the investor will have generated an additional 0.1% ETH in rewards. 
  • As such, they now own 2.1 ETH. If the value of ETH has since increased in the open market, this will amplify the investor's capital gains. 

The only downside to staking is if the investor opts for an agreement that requires a minimum lock-up period. While the tokens are locked, the investor will not be able to request a withdrawal. During this timeframe, an opportunity cost might arise. 

How to Stake Cryptocurrency on eToro

The crypto staking process can vary depending on the platform chosen. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will explain the steps required when staking cryptocurrency on eToro. 

Step 1: Register an eToro Account  

The first step is to open an account with eToro. This is a requirement for all new eToro customers, as the broker is regulated by multiple tier-one bodies. 

Choose a suitable username and password, before entering some personal information when prompted. 

Finally, eToro will also ask for a copy of a government-issued ID. Once again, this is to ensure that eToro complies with its license issuers. 

Step 2: Deposit Funds

The only way to earn passive income on the eToro staking platform is to buy crypto directly with the broker. Before a purchase can be made, investors will need to make a deposit. 

The minimum deposit for US and UK clients is $10. Outside of these countries, the minimum deposit is slightly higher at $50. 

No deposit fees are charged on US dollar payments. Other currencies will be charged 0.5%. 

Supported payment methods are inclusive of bank transfers, e-wallets, and debit/credit cards.  

Step 3: Buy Crypto 

eToro supports staking yields for three crypto assets - Ethereum, Cardano, and Tron. As such, investors will now need to purchase one of the aforementioned coins to benefit from staking rewards. 

The minimum crypto purchase on eToro is just $10. The fastest way to buy the chosen coin is to use the search bar, before clicking on the 'Trade' button. 

Step 4: Start Earning Staking Rewards  

After buying a supported staking coin, there is nothing more to do. At eToro, staking rewards will automatically be generated after the initial holding period has passed. 

This amounts to eight days in the case of Tron and 10 days on Cardano. There is no minimum lock-up term, as eToro supports flexible withdrawals. 

Crypto Staking Taxes

Crypto taxes in general will vary depending on the location of the investor. With that said, in many jurisdictions, crypto staking is taxed in a similar nature to income. 

This is in stark contrast to crypto capital gains, which in most cases are only payable once the tokens have been sold. 

Taxes on staking will often be determined by the value of the rewards when they were received. 

This can make it challenging to know exactly how much tax is due, considering the volatile nature of the crypto space.  

Investors are strongly advised to consult with a tax specialist to assess their crypto staking obligations. 

Is Staking Crypto Safe?

There will always be an element of risk when staking crypto. 

First and foremost, while the investor might generate income from their staking endeavors, the process can still result in a loss if the value of the respective token declines in the open market. 

Moreover, when staking off-chain, investors need to consider the risk of the platform itself. After all, if the staking platform runs into financial issues, it might not be able to return the tokens that have been deposited by investors. 

There is also risk associated with on-chain staking. After all, if the network is hacked, this could result in the staked tokens being stolen. 


This guide has compared and contrasted the best staking crypto platforms on the market today. We have covered a blend of on-chain and off-chain options, across a variety of yields and supported coins. 

Alongside eToro for conventional staking, we also reviewed YieldFlow as an alternative platform for those interested in crypto staking. The platform offers high APY on staking ERC-20 tokens without any KYC or registration process.



What is crypto staking?

Crypto staking is a passive investment strategy. It requires investors to deposit their crypto assets into a blockchain protocol to help keep the network safe and operational. Investors will then be paid a rate of interest on the tokens for as long as they are staked. One of the best crypto for staking right now is Ethereum, which recently transitioned to proof-of-stake. As such, Ethereum is now considered the best proof-of-stake coin to buy and hold long-term. This will also make Ethereum one of the most energy-efficient cryptocurrencies on the market. 

Is crypto staking worth it?

Yes, it goes without saying that crypto staking is worth it. Otherwise, the respective tokens will remain in a crypto wallet without generating any income. Staking enables the investor to earn passive income for as long as the tokens are held. 

What is the best crypto staking platform?

YieldFlow is our pick for the best crypto staking platform. With an average APY of 15%, the platform offers a simple user interface and on boarding process.

How can I stake cryptocurrency?

The easiest way to stake crypto is to opt for a third-party platform that offers off-chain staking. The process typically requires the investor to open an account with the platform before depositing their tokens into the staking pool. Interest on the tokens will be generated thereon. 

Can you get rich from staking crypto?

Some crypto assets attract highly lucrative staking rewards - which can be as high as double or even triple-digit APYs. However, there is no guarantee that the investor will make a financial return when staking. After all, if the value of the token declines in the open market by more than is being generated in staking rewards, the investor will make a loss.