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11 Best Crypto Airdrops for December 2022

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Investors are continuously looking for promising cryptocurrencies to invest in as the number of new digital assets keeps growing. 

Crypto airdrops offer a way for new projects to gain exposure to the masses, and from the perspective of investors, free tokens. By the end of this guide, investors will have a clearer picture of the best crypto airdrops for 2022

Top 11 Crypto Airdrops Available Now

Below is a list of the best crypto airdrops in 2022.

  1. Dash 2 Trade - Overall Best Crypto Airdrop from Crypto Analytics Terminal offering $150k
  2. IMPT - Popular Environmentally-Friendly Project Offering $100k
  3. Calvaria - New Play to Earn Game 'Rewarding Presale Investors
  4. Tamadoge - P2E Platform With NFT Pets and Giveaways
  5. Battle Infinity - Fantasy Sports P2E Project With Staking Options
  6. Lucky Block - Competitions and Rewards Platform With NFT Collection
  7. Basic Attention Token - Private Digital Advertising Network With 25-40 BAT Airdrop
  8. DeFiChain - Decentralized Financial Services Blockchain
  9. CEX.IO - DeFi Exchange With Polkadot and Kusama Crypto Airdrop
  10. Morpher - 100 MPH Plus 50 For Each Referral
  11. Copium Protocol - Passholders Have Benefits Including Free Crypto Airdrops

The list above includes projects that might appeal to gamers, stakers, miners, social media users, and more.

Full Analysis of the Best Free Crypto Airdrops

Below, investors can find our full analysis of the best free crypto airdrops of 2022, including some exciting alternatives.

We discuss the project behind the crypto airdrop, the finer details of what is expected for the investor to become eligible, and much more.

1. Dash 2 Trade - Overall Best Crypto Airdrop from Crypto Analytics Terminal offering $150k

Dash 2 Trade is celebrating its presale after raising almost $7 million since late October and wants to give back to investors. 

This crypto analytics platform and signals provider is offering its D2T tokens on presale and is giving one person the chance to win $150,000 worth of D2T tokens.

The only thing that investors have to do to stand a chance of receiving those coins is own at least $150 of D2T tokens when the draw takes place. 

At the time of writing, almost 18,000 entries were part of the giveaway, which ends on February 19, with entries achieved by completing various tasks.

Investors can also increase their number of entries by doing certain tasks. As an example, investors can tweet about Dash 2 Trade, which is equivalent to 5 entries. 

Joining the Discord group is equivalent to 1 entry - there are 10 different ways to enter in total.

The giveaway is hosted on Gleam.io to ensure transparency, with the best crypto airdrops - as well as many businesses - using Gleam.io's transparent platform, which accurately tracks competition entries.

But Dash 2 Trade also offers investors other benefits.

Dash 2 Trade helps crypto traders achieve better results by sending trade setups and enabling traders to incorporate the platform's tools to optimize their trading strategies. Besides buy and sell signals, investors can use social on-chain insights to gauge market sentiment, which can result in significant price action.

To possibly be a part of other airdrops and giveaways, investors can use Dash 2 Trade's presale and ICO features. It manually scores crypto presales to determine their legitimacy and notifies investors about coins listed on new exchanges.

Traders can build strategies and test them out on the backtesting feature to determine the most profitable strategies. Dash 2 Trade also provides advanced technical indicators and on-chain analytics to follow whale wallet movements, according to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper.

Investors can get more information about the Dash 2 Trade giveaway by subscribing to the Telegram channel.

D2T tokens are currently on presale, available in the third stage. The first and second stages sold out quickly, so investors should get their tokens now if they want to stand a chance of receiving $150,000 worth of tokens.

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2. IMPT - Popular Environmentally-Friendly Project Offering $100k

IMPT is a green crypto project connecting investors and businesses that are adamant about making a positive contribution to the environment. 

IMPT's token is currently in the second stage of its presale, and the platform is giving away $100,000 to investors.

Investors who buy $100 worth of IMPT tokens and hold them in their wallets at the time of the draw stand a chance to win. That equates to one entry, but investors can multiply their entries by completing certain tasks. If investors join the IMPT Discord group, they receive 10 entries. Visiting IMPT's Instagram page equates to 1 entry.

There are 9 different ways investors can increase their entries, all requiring simple social media tasks. At the time of writing, the giveaway has had more than 60,000 entries and is set to end on April 18. 

Owning IMPT tokens also enables investors to contribute to environmental causes.

Investors owning the tokens can choose to burn them once they're converted into carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. Alternatively, if investors hold the carbon credits, they're minted into NFTs and can be held as investments.

More information about the giveaway and the project is available on the IMPT Telegram channel.

IMPT also rewards investors with tokens for shopping with pre-approved retail partners, which contribute to environmentally-conscious causes. The platform also enables a social feature to allow users to track their carbon footprint and receive points for reducing it, according to the IMPT whitepaper.

The best part about buying IMPT tokens now to be part of the giveaway is that they're still in their first stage of the presale. Investors can buy IMPT tokens for $0.018 before the price increases to $0.023. The presale launched on 3 October 2022 and has raised almost $9 million.

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3. Calvaria - New Play to Earn Game Rewarding Presale Investors

Calvaria is a new P2E game that has distinguished itself from similar projects in several ways. One way is that it offers 2 reward tokens: $eRIA and $RIA. 

The RIA tokens are currently racing through their presale, having sold almost $2 million of tokens, and the project is giving early investors a chance to win $100,000.

This giveaway is similar to the first two. Investors wanting a chance to win the $100,000 need to hold only $100 of RIA tokens at the time of the draw. Gleam.io is also hosting the giveaway for this project to ensure that participants receive transparency and full disclosure

The draw ends on December 20 and, at the time of writing, there have been almost 160,000 entries into the draw.

The rewards pool will distribute $70,000 to the 1st place. The 2nd place will receive $20,000, and $10,000 is allocated to the 3rd place. Stay up to date by subscribing to the Calvaria Telegram channel.

Calvaria has offered generous multiple entries to investors completing simple social media tasks. For example, tweeting the #calavariagang will earn investors 25 entries, and a daily retweet also earns 25 entries. Investors can complete 10 tasks to multiply their entries.

Besides standing a chance to win, investors owning Calvaria crypto receive rewards for winning tournaments by using combinations of card strengths. The Calvaria whitepaper states that players can use tokens to buy higher-level cards by combining ones of the same strength.

In-game resources are purchased using both coins, which contain 0% sales tax. RIA tokens enable investors to act as the platform's managers by ensuring it functions properly. Investors can also determine the platform's direction by voting. 

Investors can stake RIA tokens by locking them up to earn daily rewards. Alternatively, investors can sell their coins and in-game assets on secondary markets. But to get started with the game and partake in the giveaway, investors must buy RIA tokens. 

They're currently in the first stage of their presale and available for $0.01. The next stage automatically increases their value, so investors should act fast.

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4. Tamadoge - P2E Platform With NFT Pets and Giveaways

Tamadoge is a P2E platform, and its native token is TAMA - which powers the ecosystem. TAMA tokens are used when buying, selling, and trading Tamadoge pets, which are dog-like virtual characters created as NFTs. These NFTs are available for purchase within the Tamadoge marketplace.

Players can use their virtual pets to compete in group events to win TAMA rewards. 

It is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies of 2022 and generated over $19 million via its presale. The CEX listing of the TAMA tokens was also one of the biggest of the year, with the coin pumping to nearly 2,000% gains over its early presale price.

Tamadoge also hosts some of the best crypto giveaways

There is also a $100k crypto giveaway whereby people can complete various tasks to gain entry. Importantly, to be eligible, investors must hold $100 worth of TAMA at the time of entering the competition. As such, many crypto-hungry traders prefer the Tamadoge project as a better alternative to the best crypto faucets.

There are various ways to enter. For instance, investors can carry out one or more tasks on Twitter. This includes following the project for one entry or tweeting about Tamadoge. Tagging Elon Musk offers five entries. There are many other ways to gain entry into the competition, including simply joining Tamadoge on Telegram or Discord.

Investors can also enter by visiting the project on Instagram or YouTube. Share the competition with friends, and Tamadoge will offer five entries. The best part is, that it's possible to complete all tasks for a total of 17 entries.

We mentioned the P2E aspect of the Tamadoge ecosystem. In order to establish itself as a leading cryptocurrency project, the platform will eventually feature distinctive P2E components including augmented reality (AR) apps and P2E arcades.

At the time of writing, the presale phase is over. TAMA sold out, having raised a whopping $19 million. To buy Tamadoge, investors can open an account with OKX (a popular cryptocurrency exchange with both CEX and DEX platforms). 

Investors can also keep an eye out for upcoming crypto airdrops by joining Tamadoge on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube and other social media platforms.



5. Battle Infinity - P2E Fantasy Sports Project With Staking Options

Battle Infinity combines P2E mechanics and NFTs with the metaverse, marketplace, staking platform, and other elements. The cryptocurrency that powers this ecosystem is IBAT. 

This P2E platform gives players the chance to earn crypto via skillful gameplay while also providing a platform for social interaction. Its immersive and diverse nature has helped Battle Infinity garner a lot of attention, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022. 

There are five separate components that make up the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The IBAT Premier League is a fantasy sports P2E game. The first release is based on the Indian Premier League, the hugely popular cricket franchise.

A range of fantasy sports-inspired games are expected to follow, such as football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and more. Players are tasked with putting their own super teams together to compete against others to the top of the leaderboard

In the IBAT Premier League, each real-life athlete is represented as an NFT. In fact, all in-game items, including characters and weapons, have been tokenized. Due to the tokenization of assets on Battle Infinity, each in-game item is distinct and can be valued according to the rarity of the assets.

Battle Games is the project's own multiplayer game store, where more titles will be added over time. All Battle Infinity NFTs, such as gaming characters, rewards, and assets, can be bought, sold, and traded in the Battle Market.

There is also an in-house decentralized exchange called Battle Swap. This allows players to convert crypto rewards and also buy IBAT tokens on a direct basis. Battle Infinity's most recent airdrop-style crypto giveaway rewarded $3,000 worth of IBAT to 100 contestants. $500 worth of IBAT tokens went to one winner.

Investors can stay up to date with new crypto airdrops and stay close to the Battle Infinity community by joining it on a platform such as Twitter, Discord, and/or Telegram. To buy Battle Infinity tokens, investors can head over to PancakeSwap and LBank.

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6. Lucky Block - Competitions and Rewards Platform With NFT Collection

Lucky Block is an innovative project that revolves around NFT-based competitions. The presale of this platform's native token LBLOCK was successful and sold out ahead of time. Every competition held by Lucky Block has a different NFT assigned to it.

For instance, in one airdrop-style competition involving $1 million worth of Bitcoin, investors could buy a specific BTC1M NFT to gain entry to the draw. After all of the competition-specific NFTs are sold, the draw is held, and the tokens will be distributed to the lucky winner.

Competition NFT holders continue to receive regular LBLOCK rewards even after the draw, which will appeal to those looking to earn free crypto. Additionally, Lucky Block has minted a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs, of which 25 are considered rare.

Those who buy NFTs from this collection become members of the Platinum Rollers Club. Each NFT will act as an entry ticket to a separate draw whereby holders can partake in daily airdrop-style giveaways. The best NFTs can also be traded on the platform, and investors can accept auction bids.

With regards to the Lucky Block tokens, there are two versions. LBLOCK V1 is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is used for gameplay, rewards, and DEX trading. Meanwhile, LBLOCK V2 is built on the Ethereum network. LBLOCK V1 fuels NFT holder rewards and can be traded on leading CEX platforms.

There is a Lucky Block bridge that enables V1 holders to swap their tokens for V2. V1 has a diluted market cap of nearly $35 million. The fully diluted market cap of LBLOCK V2 is almost $2 million at the time of writing.

To participate in the lucky draws, investors can buy Lucky Block from Uniswap, Gate.io, LBank or MEXC exchanges. 


7. Basic Attention Token - Private Digital Advertising Network With 25-40 BAT Airdrop

The creator of Javascript has developed a crypto asset called Basic Attention Token for the digital advertising sector. Put simply, advertisers receive a more targeted audience for their commercials, publishers get paid for their content, and users are compensated for their attention.

At the time of writing, this is one of the best crypto airdrops for those who want free tokens that can be used in multiple ways. 188 countries, over 400 advertisers, and nearly a million participants accept or list BAT. 

The latter includes some of the top cryptocurrency brands, such as Crypto.com, BlockFi, eToro, BitPay, and more.

The users of Basic Attention Token receive 70% of the company's ad revenue. To earn free BAT tokens while browsing the web, users can download the Brave browser, click 'enable Brave Ads' and turn on the notification system.

Once a month users can claim token BAT on a first come, first served basis. This entails claiming crypto token grants of between 25 and 40 BAT. 

The fully diluted market capitalization of Basic Attention Token is over $540 million at the time of writing.

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8. DeFiChain - Decentralized Financial Services Blockchain

A blockchain platform called DeFiChain provides native decentralized finance for Bitcoin. It was created with the intention of providing financial services similar to those offered by commercial banks. Included in this are borrowing, lending, saving, and investing.

DeFiChain differs significantly from a banking network in that it is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain. The network that supports the software platform's distributed network of computers is built to speed up and ensure the transparency of transactions.

In terms of the free crypto airdrop, new DeFiChain users will receive an airdrop of DFI tokens valued at $30. Notably, this is a collaboration between DeFiChain and Cake DeFi. As is the case with some of the best crypto airdrops on this list, in order to be eligible, investors will need to register for an account.

In this case, investors will be required to create a Cake DeFi account. Following this step, investors will be required to finish the verification process and deposit $50 worth of any cryptocurrency of their choosing.

At the time of writing, DeFiChain has a fully diluted market cap of over $1 billion.

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9. CEX.IO - DeFi Exchange With Polkadot and Kusama Crypto Airdrops

CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange with more than four million registered customers. Users of the platform can purchase, sell, trade, and store different cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is giving out up to $200 in Polkadot (DOT) staking incentives. Polkadot is gaining popularity as one of the best altcoins available in the crypto market, as it enables cross-chain interoperability, a feature particularly attractive for developers. 

To claim this airdrop, investors must open an account on CEX.IO and finish the KYC procedure in order to be eligible. Then, they have to buy or deposit a minimum of 1 DOT.

One of the best crypto airdrops from CEX.IO is the $3,000 of Kusama (KSM) tokens it's awarding to 20 participants. We delved deeper and found that one participant will receive $500 in KSM, and a further two entrants will receive $300 each in tokens.

An additional two participants will receive KSM valued at $200 each. Fifteen airdrop entrants will be awarded $100 worth of tokens each.

Kusama has a diluted market cap of almost $404 million at the time of writing. Polkadot has a diluted market cap of over $7.7 billion.

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10. Morpher - 100 MPH Plus 50 For Each Referral

Morpher is a trading platform that offers a range of different markets. With no fees and limitless liquidity, Morpher's users can trade an infinite number of assets. At the time of writing, the platform is also offering a free crypto airdrop of MPH.

The Morpher trading platform is offering one of the best crypto airdrops for investors of digital currencies, stock, and commodities. To qualify, the investor must create an account at Morpher, connect a crypto wallet, and complete the KYC procedure.

After doing so, the platform will airdrop 100 MPH into the wallet of the investor. MPH is the native currency of this platform. As such, the tokens received as part of the airdrop can be used to invest in their favorite market, for instance, Bitcoin, Amazon, or even commodities like gold.

Investors who refer friends to Morpher can earn an extra 50 MPH per successful sign-up. The diluted market capitalization of Morpher at this time is over $17 million.

11. Copium Protocol - Passholders Have Benefits Including Free Crypto Airdrops

Copium Protocol is an ecosystem that incorporates decentralized cryptocurrency mining. The concept is centered around Copium Mining. This is a New Zealand-registered cryptocurrency mining business. The four pillars of the ecosystem are the Copium Investor Pass and its native crypto Copium Coin, as well as Mining, and Staking elements.

The Copium Protocol Investor Pass comes in the form of an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. 10,000 of these have been created for one of the best free crypto airdrops of the year. Moreover, every Investor Pass that is minted is entered into a prize draw to win one of two BTC giveaways.

Holders of Investor Passes will also be eligible for a one-time Copium Coin airdrop, which is available through a gas-only transaction. In this airdrop, each Investor Pass holder will be awarded 10,000 Copium Coins.

Through the official platform, pass holders will be able to stake their crypto holdings for a variety of previously specified time periods. This is offered at rates exclusive to Investor Pass Holders. According to the platform, Pass Holder-only stake rates will have a significantly greater yield than those available to the general public. 

Since Copium supports staking, this project might have the potential to become one of the best long-term cryptos to hold in a portfolio. Copium Coin is due to begin its presale phase in November 2022. At this time, early investors can swap 1 ETH for 18,519 Copium.

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Crypto Airdrops Explained

New blockchain projects and networks frequently employ cryptocurrency airdrops as a marketing strategy. In most cases, this giveaway is likely to take place before the project finalizes its new coin listing on exchanges. 

  • In a nutshell, it's a marketing tactic employed by cryptocurrency startups to give away coins or tokens to the general public. 
  • Additionally, they can be utilized as a component of an ongoing campaign to keep a project in the minds of token holders and traders.
  • Similar to other giveaways, airdrop tokens are distributed for free.
  • However, often, users need to fulfill certain requirements before receiving their benefits, such as participating in the project's social media channels.
  • Other airdrops reward current holders, giving more coins to people who support the network, for instance.

Before signing up for any, it is crucial for airdrop participants to complete thorough research to ensure they are not the target of a phishing attempt.

How do Free Crypto Airdrops Work?

Each of the best free crypto airdrops we've talked about today are slightly different in the way they work and how investors can qualify.

Let's take a closer look at how the various cryptocurrency airdrops work:

  • A giveaway that distributes cryptocurrency tokens to a set number of wallets is the easiest way to sum up an airdrop.
  • Free crypto airdrop participants are required to carry out whatever tasks the project team requests within a specific time frame.
  • Users may be required to take on simple tasks on social media platforms.
  • For instance, joining the project's official Twitter page, Discord, or Telegram group.
  • A common way to earn free crypto is to recommend a friend to a platform in order to gain tokens.
  • Some projects offer free crypto giveaways for sharing tweets, such as Tamadoge - which also offers five entry tickets for tagging Elon Musk.
  • A few crypto giveaways require the investor to buy an NFT or digital currency that is native to the project.
  • Some crypto airdrops stipulate that the investor needs to sign up to the platform and make a deposit of a certain amount.

In any case, the project's cryptocurrency will be added to the wallets of a select few winners at the conclusion of the stated time period.

How to Access The Best Free Crypto Airdrops

As one of the best new cryptocurrencies available, Tamadoge has already attracted a lot of interest from the larger crypto community. 

Below, we have detailed how to participate in the Dash 2 Trade giveaway and claim D2T tokens. 

Step 1 - Check Eligibility

This Dash 2 Trade giveaway is designed as a draw. As per the website, one lucky winner will be offered $150,000 worth of D2T tokens in a lucky draw. 

However, there is one prerequisite for early investors to participate in the entry. They must hold the equivalent of $150 of $D2T at the time of the prize draw.

Only 117 days remain of the giveaway, as of 25 October 2022.

Step 2 - Sign Up for the Giveaway 

Dash 2 Trade offers 10 different ways for investors to enter the competition. Completing these will offer an individual an increased chance to be the winner. 

Here is a list of tasks to be completed by investors to enter the draw: 

Step 3 - Complete the Tasks

On the Dash 2 Trade Gleam.io page, investors can proceed to complete each task, and as they do, their entries will be recorded. 

The first step is to register for the giveaway by providing full name, email, and wallet address. After this, Gleam.io will guide investors through every task, and it will hardly take 10-15 minutes to complete all. 


The distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin to several wallet addresses is known as an airdrop, and today, we've covered the best of 2022.

The best crypto airdrop-style giveaways we've talked about in this guide include Dash2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria, Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block.

Other new crypto airdrops include Basic Attention Token, DeFi Chain and Copium Protocol.

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What exactly is a crypto airdrop?

A crypto airdrop happens when a project gives away a certain number of digital tokens. New crypto airdrops are often to promote and spread awareness of a new project. Crypto airdrops can also be used to keep an existing project relevant and exciting. Investors might perform simple tasks like following the project on social media or sharing a tweet to qualify to earn free crypto.

Are cryptocurrency airdrops legitimate?

Some free crypto airdrops are scams, although many are legitimate. It's always best to carry out thorough research on any project offering a crypto airdrop. This can include checking the whitepaper and seeing what exchanges its tokens will be, or are, listed on. Tamadoge is listed on both a DEX and CEX and runs regular competitions for its token holders.

What are the top free cryptocurrency airdrops right now?

The top free crypto airdrops right now are Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria, Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block. Others include Basic Attention Token, DeFiChain, CEX, Morpher, and Copium Protocol.

How can I receive some airdropped cryptocurrencies?

There are various ways to get airdropped crypto assets. Some of the most common ways to qualify for crypto airdrops include completing tasks like following the project on Twitter, signing up for an account on the platform, referring a friend, or buying NFTs.