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15 Best Play to Earn Games for 2023

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Investors can earn rewards from the blockchain in several ways - one of the most popular methods is to take advantage of the latest play to earn games. Blockchain games distinguish themselves from regular video games by providing investors with free crypto tokens, which can then be exchanged for fiat currencies offline.

We searched the market for the best play to earn games right now and found over a dozen that provide the best crypto rewards. Let's get into the reviews of each game that pays players in crypto and all the other ways they benefit investors.

The 15 Best Play to Earn Games Ranked

Let's have a quick look at each of the best play to earn games before deep diving into them.

  1. Fight Out (FGHT) - Best M2E Crypto Using NFT Avatars to Gamify Fitness 
  2. Tamadoge (TAMA) - Highly-Rated Best Play to Earn Game with a Utility Token
  3. RobotEra (TARO) - Upcoming P2E Game to Explore Metaverse Events
  4. Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) - Earn With This Stunning Hack N’ Slash Game
  5. Securedverse (SVC) - A FPS Game that Has Many Maps and Modes
  6. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Popular Play to Earn Game with New Casino and Sportsbook
  7. Silks (STT) - Popular P2E Game Mimicking Real-World Thoroughbreds
  8. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Global Metaverse Gaming Platform Offering 6 Platforms
  9. Decentraland (MANA) - Top Real Estate Metaverse Game
  10. Axie Infinity (AXS) - Globally-Known Gaming Platform with Large Userbase
  11. The Sandbox (SAND) - Metaverse Game Enabling Land Monetization
  12. Star Atlas (SOL) - Grand Strategy Game Enabling Space Exploration
  13. Splinterlands (BAT) - Leading Gaming Platform with Exclusive NFT Mint
  14. Illuvium (ILV) - High-Selling Digital Land Gaming Platform
  15. Alien Worlds (TLM) - Popular Play to Earn and Game Staking Platform

Reviewing the Top P2E Games

Now that we've identified free play to earn games, let's find out more about them.

1. Fight Out (FGHT) - Best M2E Crypto Using NFT Avatars to Gamify Fitness

Fight Out is a fitness app to help users achieve their daily workout objectives. The platform's sophisticated tools and features are intended to keep users motivated and on track toward their goals, all while gamifying their fitness journey.

The app has already raised $4.6 million USDT and is preparing to launch its initial exchange offering (IEO) on CEXs on April 5th. By the time of the official launch, the value of $FGHT tokens is expected to be around $0.033 USDT, though they are currently available for purchase at $0.02442 USDT per coin.

Users of Fight Out can create NFT avatars to track their progress, adding an element of interactivity and fun to their workout experience. They can also use REPS, the platform's in-app currency, to earn rewards for completing fitness challenges, motivating them to live healthier lives.

The app's collaboration with notable fighters such as Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos has only increased its appeal among fitness enthusiasts. Those who want to learn more about the platform can read the detailed whitepaper.

$FGHT Tokenomics & Bonuses

The $FGHT token is based on the ERC-20 protocol standard and runs on the Ethereum network. 13.5% of the total 10 billion units are available during the presale period.

Users can earn a 25% bonus and participate in platform tournaments by purchasing REPS with $FGHT tokens. To encourage early adoption of $FGHT tokens, a 10% reward is also offered for $500 deposits that vest over six months. Finally, anyone interested in staying informed can join Fight Out's Telegram group.

Presale Started14 December 2022
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT
Min InvestmentNone
Max InvestmentNone


2. Tamadoge (TAMA) - Highly-Rated Best Play to Earn Game with a Utility Token

Tamadoge Tamadoge is our next pick for the best P2E game since the high-potential meme project has just launched the first game from its arcade - Super Doge.

The platform game sees players jump around a level in Mario-style to collect coins and beat the SECKnights. Players jockey for position on a leaderboard with the leading players to earn rewards in the native TAMA tokens.

The game, one of five arcade games that are being developed, has P2E and free-to-play versions allowing players to try it without any expense.

To play the full P2E game, players need a Doge NFT, which have three tiers - common, rare, ultra-rare - and are available on OpenSea, with each game costing 1 TAMA token.

The game was only launched on January 25, 2023, and players quickly flocked to play it with more than 4,821 minutes (80 hours) played in the first 24 hours after launch.

Tamadoge has also unveiled its newest arcade game 'To The Moon,' which has already made waves in the gaming community. This is the third game in the Tamadoge arcade collection, which has garnered thousands of hours of playtime.

In the main game, styled similarly to Tamagotchi, players can earn TAMA tokens by exercising, feeding and nurturing their pets. The leaderboard ranks players according to how they raised their pets to adulthood and rewards them with TAMA tokens - once adults, the digital pets enter battles against other pets.

The AR app will see the pets leap off the screen with players able to roam and explore the real world.

As well as all that utility, TAMA has separated itself from other meme coins by having a limited supply and a deflationary mechanism.

There are just 2 billion TAMA tokens - DOGE has 132 billion as a comparison - and 5% of TAMA tokens are burned in the pet store, where players purchase assets to grow their pets.

Tamadoge had one of the best crypto presales of 2022, selling out ahead of schedule and raising $19 million in under two months, before pumping to nearly 2,000% in an incredibly successful IEO.

With diminishing supply, increased demand and growing utility, TAMA is one of the best crypto to buy right now before scarcity makes its value skyrocket.

Investors can find out more about this P2E game by subscribing to the Tamadoge Telegram channel (Admins never DM subscribers first. Watch out for imposters).  


3. RobotEra -  Upcoming P2E Game to Explore Metaverse Events

RobotEra (TARO) is a promising new play-to-earn crypto game that puts earning opportunities directly in the hands of the people. Players can explore a vast virtual land, acquiring resources and turning a profit along the way. 

The project's native ERC token, TARO, is currently in the first stage of its presale and is beginning to get picked up by media outlets around the world. 

RobotEra centers around a virtual world that is split into various plots of land known as continents. Players that own a RobotEra avatar NFT (minting Q4 2022) can acquire and build on these NFT-based plots of land, creating impressive structures as well as entire play-to-earn experiences similar in scope to The Sandbox. More details can be found in the RobotEra whitepaper.

Want to learn more about RobotEra? Check out this useful video from respected figure Jacob Crypto Bury.

On top of being able to build a wide variety of play-to-earn experiences, there is a huge number of ways for players to earn from this innovative new play-to-earn game. Players can mine for resources to build robot companions that can be sold in the in-built NFT marketplace, TARO tokens can be staked for rewards, and players can sell adverting spots. 

As one of the best NFT games on the market, the RobotEra world is powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to ensure transparency and to facilitate easy trading of in-game assets. Robot companions, player avatars, and plots of land all take the form of NFTs and boast unique attributes.

robotera robot

RobotEra utilizes an ERC-based token with a fixed supply of 1.8 billion for governance purposes, giving players the final say on decisions regarding the project. The token is currently available in the RobotEra presale for $0.020. However, during each stage, this number will increase, eventually hitting $0.032 during the third and last phase. 

Presale StageQuantity of TokensPrice of TAROStage Hardcap
1st Stage90,000,000$0.020$1,800,000
2nd Stage90,000,000$0.020$2,250,000
3rd Stage90,000,000$0.020$2,880,000

RobotEra is perhaps the best new play-to-earn game to hit the market. It boasts a strong variety of tools that can be utilized to create innovative experiences that players cannot get enough off. With the metaverse being one of the fastest-growing crypto sectors, TARO could explode, making its presale well worth checking out. Join the RobotEra Telegram to stay informed of any updates. 

Presale StartedQ4 2022
Purchase Methods USDT / ETH
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A


4. Swords of Blood - Earn With This Stunning Hack N’ Slash Game

Developers are leveraging their experience to create robust games in the thriving gaming market in the crypto space. As the technology gets more refined, 2023 is expected to be a massive year for P2E games, with teams relying on their creativity.

Swords of Blood differentiates itself in the crypto gaming market through its captivating storyline, which sets it apart from other games in its genre. Players are transported to the fallen world of Ezura, where they can assume different roles, such as warrior or battle-mage, and undertake quests with expertly crafted storylines to acquire the best available loot.

Players who are familiar with hack n' slash games that prioritize loot mechanics will find Swords of Blood, a free-to-play game that supports cross-play across mobile and PC platforms, to be quite familiar. Players can gather powerful weapons and armor, craft items, and forge exceptionally strong weapons to create overpowered characters that match their individual playstyle. The primary focus of the development team behind Swords of Blood is to create an enjoyable game, with monetization being a secondary concern.

The leadership of Swords of Blood is comprised of experienced industry professionals, with James Seaman serving as CEO, Jeremy Brown as COO, and Mariusz Szynalik as Game Development Director. Together, they have contributed to the success of some of the most prominent video game franchises and brands, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, The Sims, and Sim City.

The project has received substantial backing from major supporters such as Master Ventures, Shugo Ventures, Magnus Capital, Metavest, Fundamental Labs, and Krypital Group, among others.

Investors who participate in the SWDTKN presale can receive different benefits depending on the tier they choose. These benefits are divided into several tiers, with Tier 1 granting early access to the beta version, and the highest tier offering all the benefits of the lower tiers, as well as a full-sized Sword of Blood designed and forged by Ben Abbott. Other tiers will provide a range of rewards, such as in-game items and physical merchandise like a hoodie and a letter opener.


5. Securedverse - A FPS Game that Has Many Maps and Modes

Many of the leading altcoins in the market belong to the play-to-earn (P2E) category, a rapidly expanding sector that continues to receive extensive attention. However, there is still plenty of untapped potential in this space, providing ample opportunities for growth, particularly for teams with a background in game development.

Securedverse is one of the play-to-earn (P2E) projects, which belongs to the First Person Shooter (FPS) category and is known for its simple controls and thrilling combat. The game is being developed by Portsea Games, a company renowned for creating VR games with numerous features.

Securedverse offers players the chance to participate in competitive battles, showcasing their skills and passion to earn SVC rewards. The leaderboard system is closely tied to the earning of SVC rewards, incentivizing users to continue playing the game. Furthermore, various game modes will be available in the future that allow players to earn SVC in less competitive ways, providing alternative paths to acquire rewards.

Securedverse also offers the potential to stake the SVC token, which is expected to be enabled following the release of particular heroes, maps, and game modes. Additionally, as the game advances, the team plans to prioritize the development of VR features.

Securedverse is currently in its presale stage, offering its SVC token at its lowest possible price. During this stage, each SVC token is priced at 0.0143 USDT, with the price set to increase to 0.0186 USDT in the next stage. There are 273 million SVC tokens available for purchase during this period.

Securedverse's roadmap includes several exciting developments that make it stand out among other projects. In the first half of 2023, the team will focus on the presale and the release of a pre-alpha version of the game. Subsequently, the team will add new maps, heroes, and game modes to enhance the player experience. Later on, the staking feature, UX/UI update, and special events will be developed.

With its promising roadmap, Securedverse has the potential to become a major player in 2023, making it an investment opportunity worth exploring.


6. Meta Masters Guild - Play to Earn Game Offering Participation Rewards

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a brand new play-and-earn ecosystem focused on sustainability by offering games that are engaging and reward players for participation and victories. It's also one of the best AI crypto coins in 2023.

The platform recently concluded its presale, after raising nearly $5 million. MEMAG aims to be the largest Web3 mobile gaming guild and will offer top games with playable NFTs.

So far, MEMAG has announced the development of its first three play-and-earn games: Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT and Meta Masters World. In Meta Kart Racing, players race against each other while trying to get away from evil Meta overlords. Rewards are collected for outstanding track performance. 

Players can also collect resources and receive rewards during the player-driven upgrade cycle and the game is expected to be released in late 2023.

Raid NFT enables players to enter a fantasy fighting game by selecting a warrior, who will enter battles in hostile environments. Players can choose between player-versus-player or solo mode, which will test the player's skills in a battle arena. The warrior will become stronger with special items that upgrade him.

The third game, Meta Masters World, provides the player with full autonomy to explore a virtual world that provides endless possibilities.

Players can find out more about the project by subscribing to the Telegram channel and reading the Meta Masters Guild whitepaper.

This ecosystem offers in-game rewards known as GEMS — these can be converted into $MEMAG. Players can cash out these tokens into other cryptocurrencies or reinvest them into the ecosystem.

You'll also be able to win of buy NFTs from the MEMAG store, stake NFTs and tokens, and much more.


6. Lucky Block - Overall Best Play to Earn Game with New Casino and Sportsbook

Lucky Block is a popular cryptocurrency ecosystem that has just launched a new casino and sportsbook offering more than 2,700 games, sports betting, enticing bonuses and no fees.

The project first launched in early 2022 and native token LBLOCK almost reached a $1 billion market cap - with the token now pumping 80% since the launch of the casino.

Among the available casino games are thousands of slots options - players can engage in some of the best slot games, including Paradise Trippies, Dino Luck, Lucky Cloverland and Glory of Egypt.

Market-leading developers such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play have games on Lucky Block, while players can also try Money Train 3 - which iGaming Business declared as the best slots game of 2022.

There are also traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, with various options that will cater for everyone from casual players looking to pass time to high stakes tables playing for serious money.

As well as its casino, Lucky Block is the best crypto sports betting sports and offers thousands of pre-game and in-play markets on more than 30 sports including everything from football, basketball and boxing to badminton and even eSports.

Players can bet on major competitions and tournaments such as the Premier League and Champions League, NBA and NFL to leading games such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends - with betting odds provided by trusted firms BetRadar and Oddin.

Lucky Block is also one of the most user-friendly crypto casinos in the space - new users only need an email address and password to access the platform, with no lengthy KYC verification needed. Notably, US and UK users can access Lucky Block with a VPN. 

Players get 15% cashback on any losses during the first week of their betting period, while there will be high roller reload bonuses - with none of the bonuses needing any wagering requirements. 

Lucky Block lets players either use a cryptocurrency wallet to transfer funds or buy crypto with fiat via the on-ramp feature - available cryptos on this platform include Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and more, while traditional payment methods can also be used.

The minimum deposit to play is just $1 while there are no fees or limits on deposits or withdrawals. Crypto payouts are rapid with DOGE taking less than a minute, ETH only five minutes and BTC 20 minutes to an hour.

Crypto BonusWagering Requirement Minimum DepositPayout Time 
15% cashback for 7 days, high roller reload bonusNone$11-60 Minutes for crypto 


7. Silks (STT) - Popular P2E Game Mimicking Real-World Thoroughbreds

Players seeking a real-world gaming experience will find the Silks platform to be ideal. Silks is a Web3.0 fantasy horse racing game that tracks the registered birth of real thoroughbreds and incorporates them into the game. Silks also tracks the horses' progress to mimic their physical features.

Players can breed, buy and trade horses using the game's native token, STT. Another way for players to receive STT rewards is by entering horse races. Players can choose from a collection of 10,000 avatars, which represent their unique identity and ownership of assets within the ecosystem.

Silks enables players to buy land, which can be converted into horse farms. Players can add infrastructure to the farms to increase their values and breed horses. 

Silks is one of our picks for the top NFT games to play because it enables players to sell the fractional interest of their horse, enabling them to earn a percentage of the rewards when its real-world counterpart wins races.


8. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Global Metaverse Gaming Platform Offering 6 Platforms

Battle Infinity proved since its presale that it would be one of the best P2E games to watch this year. Its presale was scheduled to last 90 days, but high demand for the IBAT token resulted in it selling out within 25 days.

The key attraction of Battle Infinity is earning rewards on 6 platforms. Players can enter the IBAT Premier League and build up teams to compete for rewards. Another way to earn is by monetizing land. Players can spend their IBAT tokens by advertising on digital billboards and buying players to strengthen their teams.

By using VR headsets, players can explore the Metaverse with their avatars and interact with players in real-time. Each avatar is unique because players can style them with fashion accessories and hairstyles. They do so by purchasing NFTs in Battle Marketplace.

Players can access multiple games in Battle Games and battle for the highest rewards in Battle Stake. Players can choose to stake their coins in 3 ways: solo, duo and crates. Even if players don't win major battles, they stand a chance of receiving tokens by being highly active.

Battle Infinity uses the global staking pool to distribute IBAT tokens to the most active players. Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange on the platform, enables players to exchange their IBAT tokens for fiat currencies.

Battle Infinity recently reached $3 million in total value locked (TVL) in its staking pool. Get all the latest updates on this promising new play to earn game via the Battle Infinity Telegram channel.


9. Decentraland (MANA) - Top Real Estate Metaverse Game  

It's safe to say that Decentraland is one of the best P2E games just based on its popularity. But it's earned that prestige because this Ethereum-based platform provides more than just entertainment. Major corporations such as Samsung and Atari have used Decentraland to advertise their brands.

Decentraland is the first virtual world owned by its users, enabling them to create, explore and buy LAND, a plot in the Metaverse. Players can explore LANDs to experience majestic scenery such as medieval dungeon mazes and villages.

This Metaverse game enables players to buy LAND, which players can embellish by adding NFT assets to increase the value. LAND owners can rent their virtual lands to tenants to earn the native token, MANA.

Alternatively, players can also sell their lands after adding infrastructure to earn a profit. Samsung bought LAND on Decentraland and used it to open its first virtual store. Players can open a casino and earn rewards from participants in blackjack, poker or roulette games.

The other way to earn from Decentraland is by MANA's capital appreciation. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

10. Axie Infinity (AXS) - Globally-Known Gaming Platform with Large Userbase

Many gamers consider Axie Infinity as the pioneering platform of play to earn blockchain games. This NFT game enables players to collect and mint NFTs, which represent digital pets known as Axies.

Axies are creatures players use to battle, build and hunt treasure. Players can breed or buy Axies to build up a collection to use in battles and earn rewards for victories. Axies have strengths and weaknesses based on their genes.  

Players can battle Chimera to earn rare treasure — essential for upgrading the player's army. Legends are made in PvP arena battles, or players can become land owners and farm rare resources or tokens.  

Axie Infinity rewards players with AXS tokens, which can be exchanged or used to decide the future of the game. The platform proved its dominance in the NFT gaming niche by attracting 2.7 million users at its peak.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

11. The Sandbox (SAND) - Metaverse Game Enabling Land Monetization

One of the top P2E games that enable players to choose from more than 140,000 avatars is The Sandbox. Players use their avatars to play in the Sandbox and to build, own and monetize their piece of LAND.

Players can use their virtual land to construct a customized world and rent it to other users. Otherwise, LAND can be built up to increase its value and then sold for profits. Players monetize their land to earn the native token, SAND. It's also possible to earn SAND tokens in the marketplace by creating art and selling it.

The Sandbox enables SAND token holders to use them for trading, governance, mortgages and earnings. This NFT crypto game has partnered with big names such as Snoop Dogg and Adidas, both of which own LAND in the Sandbox.

Investors also stand a chance of earning rewards if $SAND's value appreciates. Considering The Sandbox's userbase is expanding since its available on PC, mobile app, Mac and iPad, its native coin may see favorable price action in the future.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

12. Star Atlas (SOL) - Grand Strategy Game Enabling Space Exploration

Solana is well regarded as a long term crypto project to invest in, and Star Atlas has taken advantage of that reputation by choosing Solana as the protocol to build its multi-player Metaverse. This popular play to earn crypto game is based in the year 2620 and around merged factions by the MUD Territory, the ONI Region and the Ustur Sector.

Humankind, aliens and androids are in an ongoing struggle for resources, territory and political domination. Players are citizens of Star Atlas and influence the outcome of the intergalactic conflict. ATLAS and POLIS are the two main tokens on the platform. ATLAS is used for buying NFTs, and POLIS provides voting rights.

Players earn rewards for their contributions to resolving conflict in Star Atlas and can captain deep-space, crewed spaceships to discover terrestrial assets. After a player has discovered these precious assets, they can be mined, refined and traded via the Universal Marketplace.

Star Atlas enables players to manually captain ships through a first-person cockpit view. Players need a Solana wallet to process transactions and track NFT ownership.


13. Splinterlands - Leading Gaming Platform with Exclusive NFT Mint

Splinterlands is one of the de facto best play to earn crypto games, enabling players to collect cards as NFTs. It uses Web3.0 technology to enable players to own their cards and in-game assets, as well as to trade, battle and earn rewards.

Describing the game is best done by combining Pokemon card games and World of Warcraft characters. Players conquer a world or solve conquests by fighting it out with monsters. Splinterlands initially provides players with a limited number of cards, and players earn more as they win rounds.

The Splinterlands gameplay centres around earning the native token, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) by winning battles, trading cards and participating in several ways in the game. Rewards are determined based on the player's opponent's level and the capture rate achieved in each combat.

Players can also trade cards to earn DEC tokens. High-ranked cards are deemed to be the most valuable and should generate the highest profits. Although DEC is the native token, Splinterlands' partnership with BRAVE has enabled investors to use BAT for in-game purchases.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

14. Illuvium (ILV) - High-Selling Digital Land Gaming Platform

Illuvium was built on the Ethereum blockchain and is available on PC and Mac. It's a sci-fi adventure NFT creature collector and autobattler game that enables players to explore 7 alien landscapes.

Players uncover the events that shattered Illuvium and can hunt and capture over 100 deadly beasts that rule the alien territory. The beasts, known as Illuvials, have hybrid synergies and unique abilities. The game enables players to train and fuse their Illuvials into powerful evolutions to upgrade their power.

Illuvium rewards players with ILV tokens for completing PVE quests and acquiring special achievements. Players can also win prizes in tournaments and events. The game also enables players to wager on battles in the Leviathan Arena.

Players can own virtual land in the IlluviDex, and they can also sell and trade captured Illuvials.

15. Alien Worlds (TLM) - Popular Play to Earn and Game Staking Platform

Alien Worlds is one of the best P2E games, attracting more than 3.6 million users since inception and more than 700,000 monthly players. It's another sci-fi game that enables players to explore space and scrub various planets for resources.

Players earn Trilium, the native token, by acquiring unique items using mining equipment, as well as fighting and accomplishing missions. Alien Worlds enables players to buy sections of land for mining of valuables or renting it to other players.

The land contains various resources, available as NFTs. Players can lease space crafts and travel to different planets to accomplish tasks and earn TLM. The game also enables players to stake Trilium so they can vote in Planetary elections. 

Players can participate in weekly elections and submit proposals about distributing the planetary treasury. Trading game cards can be used to enhance player strategies on Binance Smart Chain and Wax. 

How do P2E Games Work?

Play to earn NFT games enable players to receive in-game currencies throughout the game by accomplishing certain feats. Players receive metaverse coins for their efforts.

Here are some ways players are rewarded:

Land Selling or Renting

In games such as The Sandbox and Decentraland, players can buy land in the form of NFT real estate. NFT land has several use cases, and players can often then buy NFTs to add additional assets to upgrade make their property more valuable. If the land's value has increased, they can sell it for a profit - 'flipping' their NFT virtual land.

Another option is to buy land in a metaverse game and rent it out. Several major corporations such as Samsung and Adidas have either bought or rented digital land to promote their brands.

Unique Items

To advance in certain games, players typically need to discover unique items. These items could help them strengthen their team or defeat the enemy. But other players also want those items, enabling the founder to sell them as NFTs to earn gaming crypto coins.


Certain NFT games reward players for unlocking each stage or defeating a challenger. These platforms reward highly-active players because they contribute to the ecosystem and help strengthen its network.

Types of Play to Earn Games

Blockchain features several types of free play to earn crypto games. Let's look at the most common ones played.

Adventure P2E Games

Games such as Forest Knight enable players to access 6 different regions, each with its own unique challenges while exploring the Metaverse. To get to the next stage, players need to defeat opponents before eventually battling it out with the Skeleton Master.

Card P2E Games 

Card games require players to make strategically-wise moves to outwit their opponents. After defeating an opponent, players receive more valuable cards, which they can exchange for fiat currencies.

Real Estate P2E Games

Real Estate Games are one of the most popular play to earn games. Players buy land to add infrastructure or rent it to tenants. Digital land has become very popular recently, with major brands such as PWC, JP Morgan and Miller Lite using it to advertise their goods and services.

Why Play P2E Games?

The best P2E games are played for several reasons. Investors benefit in several ways by getting involved.


Most players need a goal to play a game. Although defeating the arch-enemy provides a certain level of satisfaction, players want to be rewarded for their efforts.

P2E games offer players in-game tokens for various contributions. Players can use those tokens to advance in the game or sell them for fiat currencies.


Investors can play free online games to earn money, but they can also do it for entertainment. Some of the games on the blockchain offer surreal graphics and a gaming experience that mimics the real world.

Upcoming New Play to Earn Games

The blockchain adds new projects daily, and many investors are curious about new play to earn games they can profit from. Below are some of the new games.

  • Fight Out
  • Tamadoge
  • Battle Infinity
  • Koakuma
  • LasMeta

Can You Play P2E Games on Mobile?

Several NFT games enable players to enjoy their platforms on mobile applications. Forest Knight is a popular P2E project that has made its game compatible with mobile screens.

Another game striving to increase user experience is Tamadoge. In 2023, it will introduce an augmented reality app, which will provide an enhanced player/pet interaction to make it more realistic. 

Where to Buy Cryptos for P2E Games

As mentioned, Fight Out is now available on Fight Out presale website, which was been verified by CoinSniper.

Another of the best platforms to buy cryptos for P2E games is eToro - a highly regulated broker that offers more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Some of the best P2E games such as Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice and Decentraland have their coins listed on eToro.

To buy a game crypto, investors need to deposit only $10 and incur a 1% commission on the trade above the market bid/ask spread. Deposits aren't charged, but withdrawals incur a $5 fee.

Investors can try out this platform by using the demo account. Beginners who want to capitalize on crypto price movements but lack technical analysis skills can use eToro's CopyTrading feature. It enables beginners to copy the trades of professionals to achieve the same results. The best part about this feature is that it's free.

Otherwise, investors can use a Smart Portfolio, enabling them to invest in a pool of cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios. A manager rebalances the portfolio periodically to achieve the best returns, and no fees apply for the management.


Investors prefer a P2E game that provides optimal rewards and entertainment. 

We recommend Fight Out as the overall best play-to-earn game to purchase right now. The platform focuses on rewarding users for completing their daily workouts while allowing them to create unique NFT avatars and gamify their fitness lifestyle. FGHT, the native token, is available to buy on presale for just $0.02442 USDT per token.


How do P2E games work?

Players in play to earn games receive token rewards for accomplishing certain feats in-game. The platform rewards players with the in-game currency for contributing to the ecosystem and progressing in the game.

What P2E games can I play to earn money?

There are many play to earn crypto games on the market and in development such as Fight Out, Tamadoge, RobotEra, Calvaria, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, Decentraland, and The Sandbox enable players to earn tokens, which can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

What is the best play to earn game?

The best play to earn game is Fight Out. It allows users to compete in its metaverse via their fitness avatars, earn rewards, and much more. The native token, FGHT, is available to buy for $0.02442 USDT during the ongoing presale stage.

Are play to earn crypto games legit?

Yes. Numerous play to earn crypto games for Android and iOS have proven to provide entertainment and rewards for players.

What is the most profitable play to earn game?

Fight Out offers the greatest potential out of any play-to-earn games currently on the market thanks to its wide variety of different earning mechanisms. Battle Infinity had a sold-out presale within 25 days of the scheduled 90 days. Then, it was listed on PancakeSwap, and early investors received 700% returns from the price pump.