6 Big Upcoming Solana Airdrops in 2024 – How to Claim

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Solana is one of the best blockchain ecosystems for airdrops. New Solana projects often reward early adopters. Notable examples include Bonk, Jupiter, and Orca.

Looking for the next big Solana airdrop in 2024? Read on, we’ve sourced five Solana airdrops that could land you free cryptocurrencies.

List of 6 Potential Upcoming Solana Airdrops in 2024

Here’s an overview of the best Solana airdrops to claim in 2024:

  1. Slothana – Hottest Solana Airdrop to Claim in 2024 with 100x potential
  2. Smog – Hottest Solana Airdrop to Claim in 2024 With 100x Potential
  3. Kamino – New Decentralized Finance Platform Serving Solana Projects
  4. Phoenix – Up-and-Coming Trading Platform With On-Chain Order Books
  5. Parcl – Trade the Global Real Estate Markets via Synthetics Futures
  6. Elusiv – Innovative Privacy Network for Transacting Anonymously

Next 6 Potential Solana Airdrops Reviewed

Our Solana airdrop guide will now take a much closer look at the projects listed above.

Note: Many Solana airdrops are based on speculation. Solana projects – especially Solana meme coins – want users to engage with their products or services. This is the most likely way to earn free tokens. Just remember that airdrops are never guaranteed unless confirmed by the respective project.

1. Slothana – Transfer SOL and Get Tokens Airdropped to Your Wallet

Slothana is not only the best Solana airdrop to claim but it could be the next cryptocurrency to explode. It has raised a staggering $10 million in just under two weeks through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its novel $SLOTH token.

This development coincides with a surge in Solana meme coins, mirroring the trends set by leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, amidst anticipation surrounding the impending Bitcoin halving scheduled for April 19th.

Slothana presale homepage

In one fortnight, investors have injected $10 million into an ICO for $SLOTH, aiming to capture a slice of the early growth potential they saw in established Solana meme tokens like Slerf, DogWifHat, and Bonk.

Slothana’s sloth is a lethargic creature with perpetually hazy red eyes. His reluctance towards exertion becomes evident; its gaze fixed on the clock, yearning to ascend from 420 to $420 million without much effort.

Rumour has it that Slothana is from the same team that launched Smog ($SMOG). If true, investors can be confident about $SLOTH’s ability to pump post-listing.

2. Smog – Buy and Stake $SMOG to Qualify for the Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time

Smog is not only the best Solana airdrop to claim but it could be the next cryptocurrency to explode. is a new meme coin project with huge upside potential. There’s a lot of hype surrounding Solana meme coins right now, especially considering the success of Bonk and Myro.

Therefore, Smog offers the chance to target gains of 100x or more. Smog opted for a fair launch on February 9th, 2024. It has a market capitalization of just over $100 million, so there’s significant room for further growth.

Smog Solana airdrop

So what about the airdrop? Well, you can get some free $SMOG tokens by completing some basic tasks. This includes liking social media posts, following the Smog X page, and joining its Telegram group. New airdrop tasks are added daily, allowing you to increase your points. The more points you earn, the more free $SMOG tokens you’ll receive.


2. Kamino – New Decentralized Finance Platform Serving Solana Projects 

Next is Kamino, a decentralized finance platform that serves the Solana ecosystem. Kamino enables investors to lend their idle cryptocurrency tokens. In return, investors earn competitive APYs. Anyone can borrow cryptocurrencies on Kamino. However, they must first deposit some cryptocurrencies as collateral.

To offer some insight into rates, investors can earn 10.63% when lending SOL. Those borrowing SOL will pay 13.42%. Other services include liquidity provision and leveraged trading markets. Now, Kamino hasn’t launched a native cryptocurrency yet. However, there is a very good chance it will, like most decentralized finance platforms do.

Kamino potential Solana airdrop?

In the meantime, Kamino allows users to earn points for engaging with its ecosystem. Points are earned for lending or borrowing cryptocurrencies. Make sure you always use the same wallet so that your points are tracked. This is because points could be converted to airdropped tokens once a proprietary cryptocurrency is launched.


3. Phoenix – Up-and-Coming Trading Platform With On-Chain Order Books   

We found that Phoenix could also be one of the best upcoming Solana airdrops. Like many new SOL projects, Phoenix hasn’t launched its native cryptocurrency yet. However, it is looking for early adopters to use its products and services. Therefore, this is the best way to secure some airdropped tokens in preparation for its mainnet launch.

So what is Phoenix? In a nutshell, Phoenix is a new trading platform built on the Solana network. It claims to offer the fastest on-chain order book in the decentralized finance space. orders are executed in just 0.5 seconds, while swap fees cost just $0.0002. What’s more, Phoenix charges a protocol commission of just 0.01% per slide.

Phoenix potential SOL airdrop

As a decentralized platform, there is no requirement to register with Phoenix. Simply connect a wallet and begin trading. In doing so, you’ll be classed as an early adopter. In addition, we also like Phoenix for its advanced trading tools. It offers real-time charts with technical indicators, not to mention support for limit orders.


4. Parcl – Trade the Global Real Estate Markets via Synthetics Futures

Next on this list of Solana airdrops is Parcl. This is an innovative project that enables users to speculate on global real estate markets. It utilizes synthetic futures, a form of financial derivative. This means users can predict whether a marketplace is likely to rise or fall without owning any property.

Parcl obtains real-time property data from reputable real estate indexes. This ensures its synthetic futures align with actual prices. Some of the real estate markets supported so far include London, New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. Markets for Jakarta and Hong Kong will be launched next. Regarding the rumored airdrop, Parcl has just launched its Parcl Points program.

Will Parcl be the next Solana airdrop?

This enables early adopters to earn points when engaging with the platform. The easiest and most risk-averse option is to provide liquidity. This means you’ll earn a share of trading fees without worrying about volatility. Although not confirmed, it’s expected that points will be converted into airdropped tokens, once Parcl launches a native cryptocurrency.


5. Elusiv – Innovative Privacy Network for Transacting Anonymously

Elusiv is also worth exploring on this list of upcoming Solana airdrops. First and foremost, Elusiv is a new Solana project that specializes in privacy. It has developed an innovative network that upgrades transactions from ‘pseudonymous’ to ‘anonymous’. This means wallet details linked to senders and receivers are kept hidden.

Even so, Elusiv claims that transactions remain compliant with relevant laws, especially those linked to anti-money laundering. its ecosystem centers around zk-SNARKS, a decentralized and privacy-focused protocol for blockchain transfers. In terms of the rumored airdrop, Elusiv is currently in the early adoption stage.

Elusiv Solana network

This means that using its platform could result in an eventual airdrop. First, consider making a private transaction. Connect a wallet to Elusiv, choose a cryptocurrency, and send the tokens to another wallet you control. Supported coins include Solana, Bonk, Orca, and Raydium. You can also use the swap feature to increase your adoption rates.


What are Solana Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops are a way for new blockchain projects to distribute free tokens. Projects on the Solana network do this to attract early adopters.

  • For instance, consider a new project that aims to become one of the best decentralized exchanges.
  • It might ask users to engage with its platform by swapping tokens or providing liquidity.
  • In doing so, the exchange can reward users by sending tokens to their wallets.

Therefore, it’s a win-win outcome for users and new Solana projects.

Some projects, such as Smog, simply ask users to complete basic tasks. This includes sharing, following, and liking social media posts. This means users can earn free $SMOG tokens without needing to own any cryptocurrencies.

It’s important to note that many Solana airdrops are rumors. This means the respective project hasn’t confirmed the airdrop campaign. Instead, projects typically ‘hint’ at the potential of airdropping tokens. It usually does this by launching a rewards system, where early adopters earn points.

Once the airdrop is officially announced, the project knows that eligible participants have legitimately engaged with its ecosystem. Conversely, if an airdrop is announced too early, people will only engage to earn the free tokens. Nonetheless, if you qualify for a Solana airdrop, the tokens are usually transferred directly to your wallet. In some cases, you might need to claim them manually.

The Biggest Airdrops on Solana to Date

Check out some of the most successful Solana airdrops to hit the markets.

  • Bonk: Launched in late 2022, Bonk is a meme coin built on the Solana network. Bonk distributed 50% of its total supply via an airdrop. Those receiving free Bonk tokens were considered early adopters in the broader Solana ecosystem. This includes Solana developers, participants, and DeFi users. Bonk was also airdropped to Solana artists and collectors.
  • Jupiter: A newly launched decentralized exchange for Solana tokens, Jupiter also initiated an airdrop. It distributed 4 billion JUP tokens to early adopters, translating to 40% of the total supply. Today, JUP trades at $0.51. This values the Jupiter airdrop at over $2 billion, based on current prices.
  • Orca: Another decentralized exchange on the Solana network, Orca conducted its airdrop campaign in 2021. Like most Solana airdrops, Orca chose users who had previously engaged with its ecosystem. This was based on trading volume and liquidity provision. Today, Orca is valued at $159 million, translating to growth of 78% since it was launched.
  • Pyth Network: This Solana project provides real-time data to decentralized applications. Not only on the Solana network but 40 other blockchain standards. Pyth Network has allocated 600 million PYTH tokens for its airdrop campaign. This will be split across various phases, with the first launched in November 2023. Eligibility is based on previously using a Pyth Network dApp or holding PYTH tokens before the cut-off point.
  • Jito Network: A top-rated decentralized finance platform supporting staking and liquidity provision. Jito Network wants to decentralize the decision-making process through its governance token, JTO. It’s offering free JTO tokens to eligible wallet addresses. This is based on previously engaging with its ecosystem. You can use the in-built checker to see if you’re eligible.

How to Use a Solana Airdrop Checker

Knowing whether or not you’ve qualified for a Solana airdrop can be confusing. This is where airdrop checkers can help. Put simply, you can connect your wallet to the project’s website to see if you’re eligible for the airdrop. In other cases, you might need to enter your wallet address, rather than connect a wallet.

Let’s use the Jito Network airdrop as an example.

First, you’ll need to visit the Jito Network. You’ve got two options to check if you’re eligible for its airdrop. The first option is to connect your wallet. Click the ‘Connect to Check Eligibility’ button. Select your wallet from the list of options, such as Phantom, OKX, or Trust Wallet. Confirm the connection within your wallet.

Jito Network how to claim?

Jito Network will let you know instantly whether or not you’re eligible.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable connecting your wallet, you can enter your wallet address. This should be the wallet address used when you engage with the Jito Network. If you’re eligible for the airdrop, you can then claim your free JTO tokens.

Airdrop Claim Time Limit

  • Some Solana airdrops require you to manually claim your tokens.
  • This usually means connecting your wallet and authorizing the transfer.
  • However, just make sure you claim your tokens within the stated time limit.
  • If you don’t, you might lose your right to the tokens.

Farming Airdrops on Solana: Step-by-Step Guide

‘Airdrop Farming’ is a popular strategy that helps maximize Solana airdrop rewards. This usually involves using multiple Solana wallets for the same airdrop campaign. In doing so, the objective is to receive multiple airdrop contributions. Whether or not this is possible depends on the airdrop.

For example, suppose you’re claiming an airdrop that’s based on completing tasks. This might include following the project on social media or joining its Discord channel. Either way, you’d be able to complete the same tasks multiple times. To do so, you’d need to connect a different Solana wallet each time.

Farming airdrops

In theory, as you complete each task, you’ll earn more points. More points usually translate to more airdropped tokens – but not always. For example, some airdrop campaigns leverage a lottery system. This means that points get you additional entries to the lottery. While you can increase your chances of winning, you’re not guaranteed to earn more tokens.

In addition, some Solana airdrops are based on total engagement levels. For example, Orca allowed users to earn points when swapping cryptocurrencies. There was a direct correlation between the volume traded and the points awarded. So, farming wouldn’t have been worth it, as putting all trades through the same wallet made more sense.

Nonetheless, airdrop farming can still be a good strategy when you know what you’re doing. Participating in airdrops can serve as an indirect way of buying new crypto before it lists, allowing you to get in at the very earliest stage. Here are some tips to consider before proceeding.

Active Community Engagement

One of the easiest ways to maximize Solana airdrop rewards is through community engagement. This is a risk-free way to earn free crypto tokens, as you won’t need to make a financial commitment. A great starting point is to follow new Solana projects on social media. X is usually the go-to platform.

What’s more, consider joining its Telegram and/or Discord channels. In doing so, you’ll be the first to know when the airdrop campaign is launched. In many cases, the airdrop might only be announced privately within the Telegram/Discord channel. This gives you a first-mover advantage.

Look for Task-Based Airdrops

Another risk-free way of earning tokens is to look for task-based airdrops. Once again, this doesn’t require a financial outlay. Smog is a great example here.

After registering on Zealy, you can earn airdrop points by joining its socials and sharing/liking posts. Each task comes with several reward points. The more points you accumulate, the more $SMOG tokens you can earn.

Use Solana Wallets and Interact with Protocols

Some of the most successful Solana airdrops – including Bonk, Jupiter, and  Orca, were based on early adoption. Being classed as an early adopter requires interaction with the respective protocol. Moreover, you usually need to interact before the airdrop is officially announced. In many cases, this is also before the project has launched its native cryptocurrency.

This means you’re taking a risk by engaging with the ecosystem. After all, you might use the project’s products and services without any upside. That said, if an airdrop is eventually announced, the rewards could be substantial.

  • For example, suppose you previously engaged with the Solana ecosystem. Subsequently, you received free BONK tokens in December 2022.
  • When Bonk was listed on exchanges, it was initially priced at $0.0000001487. While you could have sold your BONK tokens, it would have been better to hold them.
  • By March 2024, BONK was trading at an all-time high of $0.00004704 –  more than 31,500% higher than its launch price.
  • This means you could have sold your airdropped tokens for a significant amount.

Some of the upcoming airdrops discussed today, including Kamino, Phoenix, and Parcl, also required active participation. While there’s no guarantee an airdrop will be executed, this is your best chance of becoming classed as an early adopter.

Avoid Scams and Wallet-Drains

Unfortunately, not all Solana airdrops are legitimate. Some ‘airdrop’ campaigns are actually scams.

One of the most common scams is linked to wallet connections. The scammers will ask users to connect their wallet to its website, which confirms registration for the airdrop. However, the connection allows the scammers to drain the wallet’s contents, meaning you would lose everything contained inside.

Therefore, be careful when connecting a wallet to an airdrop website. The best practice is to use a separate wallet specifically for airdrops. You can read our guide on the best crypto wallets for airdrops here.

We also came across airdrops asking users to send cryptocurrencies to claim the tokens. Under no circumstances should you send any funds to an airdrop campaign.


In summary, Solana airdrops can be lucrative when you know where to look. You’ll need to get in early and engage with the respective ecosystem. This will stamp your wallet address as eligible when the airdrop eventually takes place.

One of the best airdrops right now is being run by Slothana. All you have to do is send SOL tokens through the wallet of your choice or to EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA from a decentralized wallet to be eligible for free $SLOTH tokens.

Solana Airdrops FAQs

Does Solana have airdrops?

Yes, some of the most successful Solana airdrops to date include Bonk, Jupiter, and Orca. The best airdrop to claim today is Slothana, a new meme coin built on the Solana network.

What is the best wallet for Solana airdrops?

Trust Wallet is a great option when targeting Solana airdrops. It’s free to use, safe, and available as a mobile app or browser extension.

How do I claim Solana airdrops?

Airdrop eligibility varies depending on the project. While some require you to complete basic tasks (like sharing social media posts) others require you to engage with the protocol (like staking or lending).

What is Solana airdrop farming?

Farming is an airdrop strategy, allowing users to claim the same airdrop multiple times. This usually means using multiple Solana wallets.

Where can I find a Solana airdrop list?

You can find Solana airdrop lists by keeping tabs on reputable crypto sources such as cryptonews.com as well as other outlets such as social media (Telegram, Discord, X), online discussion forums (Reddit, Discord), and using search engines to find the hottest SOL airdrops of 2024.


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