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Aethir Launches Distributed Cloud Network on Ethereum Mainnet

Tanzeel Akhtar
Last updated: | 1 min read
Decentralized public infrastructure network (DePIN) Aethir has launched its cloud network on the Ethereum mainnet.

Decentralized public infrastructure network (DePIN) Aethir has launched its cloud network on the Ethereum mainnet.

DePINs are blockchain-based protocols used for creating and operating the physical hardware infrastructure of the network in a decentralized way.

Aethir’s cloud computing infrastructure platform allows data centres, and other cloud providers as well as crypto mining firms to contribute idle graphics processing unit (GPU) resources to its network.

The firm has a customer base including AI companies and gaming studios, and operates in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and North America.

“By providing a scalable framework for redistributing idle compute resources, we can empower more innovation in the rapidly evolving domains of AI, [artificial intelligence] ML, [machine learning] and cloud gaming,” said Mark Rydon, CCO at Aethir, in a press release.

“Now on mainnet, high-quality enterprises can contribute to the Aethir network and increase access to the current supply of GPUs,” adds Rydon.

Aethir Reaches $150 Million Valuation

In 2023, Aethir closed its pre-funding round raising $9 million with the company valuation hitting $150 million. Investors include Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, Hashkey, and Animoca Brands.

Aethir’s New Staking Program

Aethir said it also has a new staking program allowing users to participate in growing its distributed GPU network. Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain crypto tokens.

The network said from today Aethir will allow anyone to participate in two inaugural staking pools: ATH Gaming and ATH AI.

“When staking in ATH Gaming, stakers will also earn rewards in the native crypto tokens of Aethir’s gaming partners, while using the ATH AI pool carries additional rewards from Aethir’s AI partners,” said the network.

ATH holders can simultaneously use both pools and divide their staked ATH to earn additional rewards from both gaming and AI partners including, KIP Protocol, CARV, Crush Protocol, Deverse World, Rivalz Network and others.