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5,057 Bitcoins Charity Fund Strikes Again

The Free Software Foundation has recently received a 91.45 BTC (roughly USD 1 million) donation from the anonymous founder of the Pineapple Fund, the Foundation tweeted to express their thanks.

The Free Software Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving for computer user freedom to study the code, distribute, create, and modify computer software, as opposed to leaving them subject to the whim of those who create the software they use.

The Pineapple Fund is a philanthropic project by an anonymous individual nicknamed “Pine” to give away 5,057 Bitcoins to charity (valued at USD 86 million in December 2017, when the fund was announced on Reddit). Pine claims to be among the 250 largest holders of Bitcoin in the world.

The fund has already donated over USD 34 million to 41 organizations, all in BTC, to organizations providing clean water to people in Sub-Saharan Africa, to a basic income experiment that will help rural Kenyans trapped in extreme poverty, to a non-profit created to build an Internet library, to support universal health care, research and treatments for aging, education for disadvantaged children worldwide, and to provide stable housing worldwide.

The fund is currently matching any donations sent to MAPS, an organization supporting research for treatments for mental illness, and to the Erowid Center, an educational organization providing free information on psychoactive plants and drugs. Donations sent to MAPS will be matched up to USD 4 million, while donations sent to the Erowid Center will be matched up to USD 250,000 until March 10.

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