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Before you sell Bitcoin

Following our guide on buying Bitcoin, there are also things you should keep in mind before you sell Bitcoin. Now that you have your own coins, the process of finding a place where to sell Bitcoin does not have to be tedious either.

The difficulties of selling Bitcoin are the same as the ones for buying: practically nonexistent if you follow our Bitcoin selling tips. There is just the matter of finding the best place to sell Bitcoin.

There are a few ways to do it:

  • Selling bitcoins on an exchange (check best prices here)
  • Using peer-to-peer platforms
  • Selling bitcoins face-to-face for cash
  • Exchanging bitcoins for cash at an ATM

You can read about it more here.

Meanwhile, the fastest way to sell Bitcoin in most cases is by using an exchange. However, if you stand in front of a Bitcoin ATM that allows to exchange bitcoins for cash - this might be a fast way to sell it, too (nevertheless, this way is more expensive than using an exchange.)

If you’re in a crunch and need to cash in your Bitcoins, take a few minutes to do your research: our exchange reviews will tell you all you need to know when choosing the exchange.

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