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Top 10 PolitiFi Tokens to Buy 2024

Kane Pepi
Kane Pepi | Verified by Medb Kiely-Cuddy
Last updated: | 13 min read

Political Finance (PolitiFi) tokens have produced significant gains in recent months. The total value of all PolitiFi tokens is over $1.6 billion. PolitiFi projects have no official affiliation with political figures, let alone any use cases or utility.

Even so, this niche trading space continues to outperform the wider markets. Read on to discover the 10 best PolitiFi tokens to buy in 2024. We’ve ranked the top PolitiFi projects by price performance, popularity, market capitalization, and upside potential.

The Top PolitiFi Coins Ranked

The best PolitiFi tokens are ranked on the list below:

  2. ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)
  3. Jeo Boden (BODEN)
  4. MAGA (MAGA)
  5. Doland Tremp (TREMP)
  6. Super Trump (STRUMP)
  7. Tooker Kurlson (TOOKER)
  8. MAGA VP (MVP)
  10. Kennedy Coin (BOBBY)

A Closer Look at the Best PolitiFi Tokens

We’ll now explore the best political finance coins in more detail. Just remember – PolitiFi tokens are based purely on speculation. While the top Politifi meme coins in this niche have performed well recently, there’s no guarantee this trend will continue.

1. MAGA (TRUMP) – The Largest PolitiFi Token by Market Capitalization

MAGA (TRUMP) is the largest PolitiFi token by market cap. Currently, this PolitiFi project is valued at over $561 million. MAGA is based on Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ concept. The project actively donates to noble causes, including US Veterans.

MAGA was launched in August 2023, and it’s an ERC-20 token. That said, MAGA has also bridged to other networks, including Solana, BNB Chain, and Base. MAGA’s price performance has been nothing but unprecedented. According to CoinMarketCap, the MAGA price has increased by almost 77,000% since inception.

MAGA (TRUMP) price

What’s more, MAGA is up nearly 75% in the past month. Even so, MAGA is currently trading 27% below its all-time high of $17.52. This was achieved on June 1st, 2024. MAGA can be traded on the best decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap, Raydium, PancakeSwap, and Orca. It’s also listed on MEXC – which accepts fiat payments.

2. ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) – Popular Political DAO With 12-Month Growth of 810%

ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) is the second-largest PolitiFi token on this list. This project was launched in 2021 with one objective: to purchase one of the original copies of the US Constitution. As per CNBC, ConstitutionDAO successfully raised over $47 million from investors, with the fundraising campaign taking place on JuiceBox.

However, ConstitutionDAO was unsuccessful. The winning bidder paid $41 million, with ConstitutionDAO citing it didn’t have enough capital for “proper care and maintenance.” Nonetheless, its native token, PEOPLE, is alive and kicking. In fact, it’s one of the best PolitiFi tokens for performance. ConstitutionDAO has increased by over 275% in the past month.

 ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) price

This increases to gains of over 810% on a 12-month basis. Since the tokens launched in late 2021, ConstitutionDAO is up over 2,600%. That said, investors can still buy ConstitutionDAO at a 42% discount from its all-time high. PEOPLE tokens are listed on the best crypto exchanges, including MEXC, Binance, OKX, and KuCoin.

3. Jeo Boden (BODEN) – The Largest PolitiFi Coin Based on Joe Biden

Next on this list of political finance tokens is Jeo Boden (BODEN). This isn’t a typo – the project has purposefully misspelled its name like many meme coins do. As per its $122 million market capitalization, this parody crypto token is the largest PolitiFi project based on Joe Biden. Launched in March 2024,

Jeo Boden is one of the newest meme coins around. CoinMarketCap data shows that BODEN tokens were initially launched at $0.03847. Several weeks later, BODEN hit an all-time high of $1.07. This represented unprecedented growth of over 2,600% in less than a month of trading. However, its price trajectory has since declined massively.

Jeo Boden (BODEN) price

BODEN now trades 86% below its all-time peak. Nonetheless, Jeo Boden is up over 390% since inception – so early investors are still in the green. BODEN is listed on Kraken, Raydium, and Orca. Before proceeding, consider that BODEN doesn’t have a maximum supply. This means new tokens can be issued at any time.

4. MAGA (MAGA) – Trending Meme Coin Based on Trump’s Hat With 1-Month Gains of 2,400%

MAGA (MAGA) is another trending PolitiFi token on this list. It’s based on Donald Trump’s infamous red MAGA hat. The maximum supply of MAGA is just over 420 billion – with more than 92% of the total supply currently circulating. There’s no trading tax, and MAGA operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, CoinMarketCap data shows that MAGA was launched on May 18th, 2024 – just under a month ago. It was initially priced at $0.0000106. MAGA hit an all-time high of $0.0007461 by the end of May – meaning gains of over 6,900%. There’s been a 65% market correction since peaking.


Nonetheless, the MAGA hat token is up over 2,400% since its inception. Additionally, MAGA has a modest market capitalization of $98 million. This offers plenty of upside – especially with the US Election campaign around the corner. In terms of approved listings, MAGA trades on MEXC,, HTX, and BitMart.

5. Doland Tremp (TREMP) – Top-Performing Trump Token on the Solana Network

Doland Tremp (TREMP) aims to become one of the best Solana meme coins. Similar to Jeo Boden, this PolitiFi token is purposefully misspelled. Nonetheless, this is another project that will appeal to Donald Trump supporters. Doland Tremp was launched in March 2024 at $0.1227.

Although its pricing chart has witnessed extreme volatility, TREMP remains in a strong upward momentum. Today, TREMP trades at $1 – which is over 717% above its launch price. What’s more, TREMP hit an all-time high of $1.65 last week, meaning it currently trades at a 38% discount.

Doland Tremp (TREMP) price

Doland Tremp has a market capitalization of $100 million – which makes it one of the top-5 most valuable PolitiFi tokens. The total supply of TREMP tokens is 100 million. However, CoinMarketCap shows that the maximum supply isn’t capped, which is a red flag for investors. In addition to MEXC, Doland Tremp trades on decentralized exchanges.

6. Super Trump (STRUMP) – Multi-Chain Trump Token With 5,400% Gains Since March 2024

Adding to our list of Trump-related meme coins is Super Trump (STRUMP). This is a multi-chain meme coin that operates on Ethereum and Solana. The project claims to offer a second chance to those who missed the MAGA (MAGA) pump. Considering its performance since launching in March 2024 – Super Trump has certainly delivered.

STRUMP tokens are up over 5,400% since inception. Early backers likely secured even greater gains, considering Super Trump trades 40% below its all-time high. Super Trump has interesting tokenomics. For instance, 0.8% of the developer’s wallet is transferred to Donal Trump. What’s more, there is a 0.3% tax on all buy and sell transactions.

Super Trump (STRUMP) price

70% of the total supply has been injected into liquidity pools, ensuring stable trading conditions. Super Trump will appeal to low-cap speculators – it’s currently valued at about $35 million. The majority of STRUMP’s trading volumes come from MEXC and Uniswap. Those in the Solana ecosystem can use Jupiter – although trading volumes are minute.

7. Tooker Kurlson (TOOKER) – New SPL Meme Token Based on Tucker Carlson

Next on this list is Tooker Kurlson (TOOKER). This PolitiFi project is based on political commentator and TV personality Tucker Carlson, who recently departed from Fox News. Carlson is now a free agent with a significant loyalty base, including almost 13 million followers on X.

Tooker Kurlson is looking to capitalize on Carlson’s popularity in a fun yet highly shareable way. Its native token, TOOKER, is built on the Solana blockchain. The developer has renounced the TOOKER’s smart contract, ensuring transparency and trust for speculative traders. The total TOOKER supply is just over 971 million, and there are no transaction taxes.

Tooker Kurlson (TOOKER)

In terms of performance, Tooker Kurlson was launched in late April 2024. It was originally priced at $0.04988. In under a week, Tooker Kurlson hit all-time highs of $0.1375. This represented gains of 175%. However, TOOKER’s price has since declined by 73%. Nonetheless, TOOKER has a market capitalization of just $35 million. Most trading volume occurs on Raydium.

8. MAGA VP (MVP) – PolitiFi Project Based on Trump’s Vice President With Passive Rewards

The next PolitiFi token to explore is MAGA VP (MVP). This project is based on Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate. It claims to offer full support to whoever Trump chooses. What’s more, MAGA VP is one of the best PolitiFi tokens for passive rewards.

Every MVP transaction (apart from wallet transfers) attracts a 2% tax. 1% is used to buy TRUMP tokens, which are then distributed to existing MVP holders. The other 1% is allocated to marketing and the MVP/TRUMP liquidity pools. MAGA VP operates on four blockchain ecosystems: Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and Base.

MAGA VP (MVP) price chart

Looking at the MAGA VP price chart, MVP tokens have increased by over 1,000% since launching in February 2024. Crucially, there’s been a 50% market correction in the prior weeks. Therefore, current prices offer a solid discount. What’s more, the MAGA VP market capitalization is just $15 million.

9. BABYTRUMP (BABYTRUMP) – Micro-Cap Meme Coin Based on a Baby Version of Donald Trump

BABYTRUMP (BABYTRUMP) is an Ethereum-based meme coin. It’s a meme parody based on a baby version of Donald Trump. Now, while all PolitiFi tokens are speculative, BABYTRUMP is particularly risky. For a start, this is a micro-cap meme coin – BABYTRUMP is currently valued at just $3.8 million.

In addition, trading volumes are minute. For instance, just under $36,000 worth of BABYTRUMP tokens were traded in the prior 24 hours. Nonetheless, $3.8 million. In addition, trading volumes are minute. For instance, just under $36,000 worth of BABYTRUMP tokens were traded in the prior 24 hours.

BABYTRUMP tokens price

Nonetheless, BABYTRUMP is one of the most established Political finance coins. Launched in September 2023, it got a huge head start over most tokens in this niche. As such, the BABYTRUMP price has increased by over 1,700% since inception. However, BABYTRUMP has declined by 30% in the past month, so momentum could be running out.

10. Kennedy Coin (BOBBY) – Putting the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Movement On-Chain

The final PolitiFi project to consider is Kennedy Coin (BOBBY). Launched in May 2024, this project is bringing the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. movement on-chain. All BOBBY token transactions – including buys, sells, and transfers – incur a 2% tax. The project claims that 1% goes toward Kennedy’s legal defense fund.

The other 1% is allocated to marketing, liquidity, and project development. Kennedy Coin, which operates on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, has a total supply of 47 billion. In terms of performance, BOBBY has been on a downtrend since launching.

Kennedy Coin (BOBBY) price

CoinMarketCap data shows that BOBBY tokens have declined by 48%. This includes a 12% price drop in the prior 24 hours. Kennedy Coin has a market capitalization of just $7 million – so there’s still an opportunity for a momentum reversal. BOBBY tokens trade on Uniswap and Jupiter. No centralized exchange listings have been secured.

Warning: Always Confirm the PolitiFi Project’s Contract Address

  • Not only are a significant number of PolitiFi cryptos being launched, but many have similar names.
  • For example, MAGA (TRUMP) and MAGA (MAGA) are two separate projects.
  • There are also many imitations trading on decentralized exchanges, so it’s important to verify you’re viewing the PolitiFi tokens you intended to buy.
  • The best safeguard is to double-check the contract address, which will be unique to the project.
  • This can be copied from the project’s website and pasted into CoinMarketCap for verification.

What are PolitiFi Coins?

PolitiFi coins are cryptocurrencies based on political figures. The majority of these politically themed tokens are based on Donald Trump, although there are also projects inspired by Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Tucker Carlson, and others. Either way, PolitiFi coins are meme cryptocurrencies, meaning they have no use cases or utility.

Most importantly, they have no official affiliation with any of the politicians they’re based on. As such, PolitiFi coins are purely speculative and investors should proceed at their own risk. Even so, this remains one of the hottest crypto niches in 2024 – especially with the US Presidential Election campaign getting closer.

Top PolitiFi Coins by Market Cap

To offer some insight, CoinGecko data shows that the total value of all PolitiFi coins is approximately $1.6 billion. More than $591 million worth of coins have been traded in the prior 24 hours. This is during a period where the broader market remains in a sideways trend. While there are many PolitiFi coins to choose from, there are some standout performers.

MAGA (TRUMP), for example, is the largest project by market capitalization. At its peak, MAGA was valued at over $737 million. Since launching in August 2023 – MAGA has increased by nearly 77,000%. At the other end of the political spectrum is Jeo Boden, which is based on Joe Biden.

While Jeo Boden (BODEN) hasn’t performed as well as MAGA, it’s the largest Biden-inspired coin by market capitalization. Currently, BODEN is valued at over $122 million. Since its inception, Jeo Boden (BODEN) has increased by 390%, which is significantly less than its MAGA counterpart.

Do PolitiFi Coins Have Investment Potential?

The crypto trading markets are all about narratives – and that’s exactly what PolitiFi coins are. They’ve witnessed unprecedented heights in recent months, with several projects producing growth of over 20x. Like many narratives, those who build exposure early often secure the greatest gains.

Although the PolitiFi niche took off in Q1 2024, the market is still nascent. After all, there are just five PolitiFi coins with a market capitalization above $100 million. Moreover, we are yet to witness a PolitiFi coin join the billion-dollar club. Additionally, in line with the wider crypto space, most PolitiFi meme coins have incurred huge market corrections in recent weeks.

This means first-time investors have a solid opportunity to buy some top PolitiFi coins at a discounted price. If the trend eventually resumes, the upside potential could be huge for this meme coin category. Especially considering that the majority of coins have either small, micro, or nano-cap valuations.

Do PolitiFi Coins Have Investment Potential?

Nobody knows which PolitiFi coins will blow up, if any. The best strategy is to build a diversified portfolio of coins. Only one needs to explode to generate sizable returns. However, it’s crucial to remember that this crypto niche is extremely speculative. No political figure has, or likely ever will, endorsed a PolitiFi coin.

Moreover, you’ll be investing in projects without any identifiable use cases. Even if you do witness growth – this is almost certain to be short-lived. Only a small percentage of meme cryptocurrencies remain relevant long-term – so only invest money you’re prepared to lose.

How to Buy PolitiFi Coins?

PolitiFi coins with the largest market capitalization are available on centralized exchanges. For example, you can buy MAGA (TRUMP), ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE), MAGA (MAGA), and Doland Tremp (TREMP) on MEXC. Like many centralized exchanges, MEXC accepts debit/credit cards and other fiat payments – making it easy to invest.

However, the vast majority of PolitiFi coins haven’t secured centralized listings – meaning they only trade on decentralized exchanges.

This means you’ll first need to buy an established coin like ETH or SOL, depending on which network the PolitiFi project operates on. After that, the coins must be transferred to a private wallet, which you’ll connect to a decentralized exchange.


In summary, we’ve revealed the best PolitiFi tokens by market capitalization, price performance, and popularity. Many tokens in this niche have exploded in recent months. With the US Election around the corner, the PolitiFi space could still be undervalued – especially considering the recent pullback.

However, not only are PolitiFi tokens speculative and volatile but they’re not officially affiliated with any politician. Investors should proceed with caution.


What are PolitiFi crypto tokens?

PolitiFi tokens are meme coins based on political figures, such as Donald Trump and Joe Biden. While popular right now, PolitiFi tokens are not officially associated with the politicians they’re based on.

What are the top PolitiFi coins?

The top PolitiFi coins by market capitalization are MAGA (TRUMP), ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE), Jeo Boden (BODEN), MAGA (MAGA), and Doland Tremp (TREMP).


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