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10 Best Crypto Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Eliman Dambell
Last updated: | 18 min read
Top 10 Crypto Podcasts
Top 10 Crypto Podcasts

As crypto investors, we all know the value of information from well-researched sources, and how a lack of access to this can impact our investments. Staying informed about the latest trends, investment strategies, and technological advancements is crucial — and this article will break down how you can access such resources.

Crypto podcasts are an excellent way to stay updated while on the go, expand your knowledge base, and hopefully find that gem project you’ve been looking for. In this guide, we will explore the 10 best crypto podcasts to listen to in 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious newbie, these podcasts offer valuable insights, expert interviews, and in-depth analysis to help you navigate the market.

List of the Top Crypto Podcasts in 2024

After researching 100s of podcasts, here is our list of the most popular and most impactful crypto podcasts this year.

  1. Cryptonews Podcast: Best for Latest News and Updates
  2. 99Bitcoins: Best for Beginner-Friendly Content
  3. Unchained: Best for In-Depth Interviews
  4. Bankless: Best for DeFi Insights
  5. The Pomp Podcast: Best for Market Analysis
  6. The Money Movement: Best for Understanding Stablecoins
  7. UpOnly: Best for Entertaining and Informative Discussions
  8. What Bitcoin Did: Best for Bitcoin-Focused Content
  9. The Bad Crypto Podcast: Best for Humorous Crypto Commentary
  10. Token Metrics Podcast: Best for Investment Strategies

Best Crypto Podcasts: Reviewed

Now you know the ten best crypto podcasts currently in the market, let’s take a closer look at each of them individually to see what sets them apart.

1. Cryptonews Podcast: Best Overall Crypto Podcast for Timely Updates

  • Podcast Frequency: Twice per week
  • Target Audience: Crypto enthusiasts, investors, and industry professionals
  • Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher
  • Why You Should Listen: For up-to-date news and insightful discussions on the latest in the crypto world.

The Cryptonews Podcast is your go-to source for staying updated with the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency market. Hosted by Matt Zahab, this podcast delves into current events, market trends, and technological advancements, providing listeners with a holistic view of the crypto ecosystem.

Cryptonews Podcast site

Matt Zahab is a seasoned crypto journalist and marketing guru who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each episode. His expertise ensures that listeners are always well-informed about the latest trends, regulatory developments, and market movements.

Each episode features interviews with industry leaders, analysts, and innovators, providing listeners with diverse perspectives on various crypto topics. The podcast covers a wide range of subjects, from blockchain technology and DeFi to NFT trends and market predictions. This variety ensures that both beginners and seasoned investors find value in the content.


  • Timely and relevant news updates
  • Expert interviews and diverse perspectives
  • A wide range of topics covered


  • Can be information-dense for beginners
  • Frequent updates may overwhelm casual listeners

2. 99Bitcoins: Educational Podcasts for Crypto Beginners

  • Podcast Frequency: Weekly
  • Target Audience: Crypto newcomers, educational seekers
  • Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube
  • Why You Should Listen: For simplified explanations and educational content tailored to crypto beginners.

99Bitcoins, one of the best crypto podcasts for beginners, is a fantastic resource for those just starting their crypto journey. The podcast focuses on making cryptocurrency accessible and explaining concepts clearly and concisely. The show is Hosted by Nate Martin, who excels at breaking down complex crypto concepts into easily understandable segments.

99 Bitcoins

Martin’s approachable and friendly style makes this podcast an excellent resource for those new to the world of cryptocurrency. His background in education and technology allows him to demystify the often intimidating aspects of crypto.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including basic concepts like blockchain and Bitcoin, as well as more advanced subjects like smart contracts and mining. Each episode is designed to be educational, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in cryptocurrency.


  • Beginner-friendly content
  • Clear and concise explanations
  • Educational focus


  • Too basic for advanced users
  • Slower-paced episodes

3. Unchained: Best for In-Depth Interviews With Industry Leaders

  • Podcast Frequency: Weekly
  • Target Audience: Investors and crypto enthusiasts
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Known for its in-depth interviews with industry leaders and experts.

Unchained, hosted by Laura Shin, is renowned for its comprehensive interviews with some of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency space including Mark Cuban and Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood.

Unchained Podcast

The podcast explores the latest developments, new projects, and the impact of crypto on the wider financial world. Listeners can gain valuable insights from guests who are actively involved in creating the future of blockchain technology. The discussions are thorough and engaging, making complex topics more accessible and providing a deeper understanding of the industry.

Laura Shin, who also worked for Forbes in the past, brings journalistic rigor and a deep understanding of the crypto space to each episode. Her ability to ask probing questions and facilitate meaningful discussions sets this podcast apart.


  • In-depth interviews with industry leaders
  • Thorough analysis of current trends
  • High-quality production


  • Episodes can be lengthy

4. Bankless: Best for Insights on the Future of DeFi

  • Podcast Frequency: Multiple times a week
  • Target Audience: DeFi enthusiasts and advanced users
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: A leading podcast for those interested in decentralized finance and the future of banking.

Bankless, hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, is dedicated to exploring the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The podcast provides insights into the latest DeFi protocols, investment strategies, and the broader implications of a bankless future.

Bankless podcast

Each episode features discussions with DeFi pioneers, covering a wide range of topics from yield farming to decentralized exchanges. The hosts aim to educate and empower their audience to take advantage of the opportunities within the DeFi space.

Adams and Hoffman guide listeners through the complex world of crypto with clarity and enthusiasm. Their deep dives into DeFi protocols, investment strategies, and the broader implications of decentralization make this podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of finance.


  • Focus on DeFi
  • Expert guest appearances
  • Detailed exploration of DeFi strategies


  • Can be complex for beginners

5. The Pomp Podcast: Crypto Podcast Focusing on Market Analysis

  • Podcast Frequency: Multiple times a week
  • Target Audience: Investors and financial professionals
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Offers expert market analysis and insights from top investors.

The Pomp Podcast, hosted by Anthony Pompliano, is a must-listen for anyone interested in the financial markets, particularly cryptocurrencies. The podcast features interviews with leading investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who share their perspectives on the market and investment strategies.

Pomp podcast

Pomp’s insights and analysis are highly regarded in the crypto community. He provides listeners with valuable information to inform their investment decisions, which has enabled him to rack up over 1.6 million followers on X (previously Twitter). The topics discussed are in-depth and provide valuable perspectives on market trends, investment strategies, and the broader economic landscape.

He has interviewed the likes of Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), who predicts that one Bitcoin could be worth as much as $2.3 million by 2030. Other notable guests also include Chris Dixon, who leads crypto investments at global venture capital firm a16z.


  • Expert market analysis
  • Interviews with top investors
  • Informative and engaging discussions


  • Focuses heavily on market analysis

6. The Money Movement: Stablecoin Insights From Well-Known Experts

  • Podcast Frequency: Weekly
  • Target Audience: Financial professionals and crypto enthusiasts
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Explores the impact of stablecoins and the future of money.

The Money Movement, hosted by Jeremy Allaire, focuses on the transformative impact of stablecoins and digital currency on the financial system. The podcast delves into the role of stablecoins in modern finance, regulatory developments, and the future of digital currency.

Money management podcast

Each episode features insightful conversations with industry leaders, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving financial landscape. The discussions highlight the potential of stablecoins to revolutionize payments, banking, and financial inclusion.

As the co-founder and CEO of Circle, Jeremy brings his industry expertise to discussions on how digital currencies are reshaping the financial landscape. One of the most notable guests on the podcast was Balaji Srinivasan, who famously made a bet in 2023 that Bitcoin would reach $1 million between March and June last year.


  • Focus on stablecoins and digital currency
  • Insightful guest interviews
  • In-depth exploration of financial innovation


  • Niche focus on stablecoins

7. UpOnly: Fun and Entertaining Podcast Discussing Crypto

  • Podcast Frequency: Weekly
  • Target Audience: Crypto enthusiasts and traders
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Combines humor and in-depth discussions on crypto topics.

An exciting crypto podcast on Spotify is UpOnly, which is known for its entertaining yet informative approach to discussing cryptocurrency. The podcast features lively conversations with traders, developers, and influencers in the crypto space, offering a mix of humor and serious analysis.

Uponly podcast

The hosts, Cobie and Ledger, bring a unique perspective to the podcast, making it both engaging and educational. UpOnly covers a wide range of topics, from market trends to emerging technologies, making it a favorite among crypto enthusiasts.

The selling point of this podcast is the fact that it delivers a mix of humor and deep crypto knowledge. Both Cobie and Ledger are engaging and often make complex crypto-related topics accessible to new entrants. This helps to make the podcast a favorite among many in the community.


  • Entertaining and humorous
  • A diverse range of topics
  • Engaging host dynamics


  • Informal tone may not appeal to everyone

8. What Bitcoin Did: Best Podcasts for Pure Bitcoin Enthusiasts

  • Podcast Frequency: Multiple times a week
  • Target Audience: Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Focuses on Bitcoin-related topics and interviews with key figures in the Bitcoin community.

What Bitcoin Did, hosted by Peter McCormack, is a leading podcast dedicated to all things Bitcoin. The show is seen as the best Bitcoin podcast and features interviews with prominent figures in the Bitcoin community, exploring topics such as Bitcoin adoption, technology, and investment.

What Bitcoin Did podcast

Peter’s deep understanding of Bitcoin and his engaging interview style make this podcast a valuable resource for anyone interested in the leading cryptocurrency. The discussions provide insights into the Bitcoin ecosystem and its future prospects.

Additionally, by putting a strong focus on Bitcoin, McCormack interviews a wide range of guests, from developers to investors. These have included the likes of Michael Saylor and even U.S. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was found to be a big Bitcoin investor. All helping to provide comprehensive insights into the wider Bitcoin ecosystem.


  • Focus on Bitcoin
  • High-profile guest interviews
  • In-depth discussions


  • Limited to Bitcoin topics

9. The Bad Crypto Podcast: Humorous and Accessible Crypto Podcast for Newbies

  • Podcast Frequency: Multiple times a week
  • Target Audience: Crypto enthusiasts and beginners
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Offers humorous and accessible content on cryptocurrency.

The Bad Crypto Podcast, hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, is known for its lighthearted approach to discussing cryptocurrency. The podcast aims to make crypto accessible and fun, covering a wide range of topics in an entertaining manner.

Badcrypto podcast

Joel and Travis break down complex crypto concepts into easily digestible segments, making it ideal for beginners. The podcast features interviews, market analysis, and educational content, all delivered with a touch of humor.

By bringing a fun and engaging perspective to the crypto world, this podcast has been able to attract a sizable online following. This approach has made it ideal for newcomers and those looking to enjoy learning about crypto.


  • Humorous and entertaining
  • Beginner-friendly content
  • Wide range of topics


  • A lighthearted tone may not suit serious listeners

10. Token Metrics Podcast: Comprehensive Podcast Covering Crypto Investment Strategies

  • Podcast Frequency: Weekly
  • Target Audience: Investors and traders
  • Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
  • Why You Should Listen: Focuses on investment strategies and market analysis.

Ian Balina’sToken Metrics Podcast focuses on providing listeners with valuable insights into market trends and investment strategies. Balina’s expertise in data-driven analysis and market forecasting makes this podcast a must-listen for serious crypto investors.

Token metrics podcast

As the founder of Token Metrics, a cryptocurrency investment research platform, Balina leverages cutting-edge technology and data analytics to provide listeners with informed perspectives on market trends and investment opportunities.

Each episode delves into a range of topics, including market analysis, trading strategies, and investment opportunities in the crypto space. Balina and his guests, often industry experts and prominent investors, discuss the latest trends and developments, offering actionable insights that are particularly valuable for serious investors.


  • Data-driven investment strategies
  • Expert market analysis
  • Focus on practical insights


  • Geared toward experienced investors
  • Can be complex for beginners

Best Platforms for Crypto Podcasts

Finding a platform to listen to the best cryptocurrency podcasts depends on your preferences and the device you use most often. The variety of available platforms ensures you can stay updated on the latest in the crypto world, no matter where you are. Let’s take a look at the most popular platforms.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is one of the go-to platforms for iOS users, offering a wide array of crypto podcasts. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Apple devices make it a popular choice.

Podcasts like 99Bitcoins hosted by Nate Martin are easily accessible here, providing listeners with in-depth analyses and updates.


YouTube is a versatile platform that not only hosts video content but also a variety of audio podcasts.

Channels like Unchained and 99Bitcoins feature both visual and audio content, making it a great option for those who prefer watching interviews and discussions.


Spotify has grown from a music streaming service to a comprehensive podcast platform. With its intuitive search features and personalized recommendations, it’s an excellent place to find top crypto podcasts like the Cryptonews Podcast.

The platform also supports offline listening, which is perfect for on-the-go users.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is ideal for Android users, offering seamless integration with other Google services. It provides easy access to podcasts such as The Pomp Podcast, where listeners can find insightful discussions about crypto investments and market trends.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of podcasts. Its integration with Alexa devices allows for convenient hands-free listening. The Bankless podcast, known for its in-depth analysis of DeFi and financial innovation, is one example available on Amazon Music.

Different Types of Crypto Podcasts

Cryptocurrency podcasts cater to a variety of interests and levels of expertise, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From price predictions to educational content, here’s a breakdown of the different types of crypto podcasts.

Price Prediction Podcasts

Price prediction podcasts focus on market forecasts and trading strategies. These are ideal for traders and investors looking to make informed decisions based on expert analyses. For example, the Pomp podcast provides data-driven insights and market analysis, helping listeners navigate the volatile crypto market.

Crypto News Podcasts

Crypto news podcasts keep you updated on the latest developments and trends in the cryptocurrency world. These are perfect for staying informed about regulatory changes, new projects, and market movements. The Cryptonews Podcast is a prime example, offering timely news and updates.

Interviews and Expert Insights

Podcasts featuring interviews and expert insights delve deep into the minds of industry leaders and innovators. They provide valuable perspectives and knowledge, making them suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Unchained frequently features interviews with prominent figures in the crypto space, offering listeners a chance to learn from the best.

Educational Podcasts

Educational podcasts are designed to teach listeners about various aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. They cover topics ranging from basic concepts to advanced technical details. 99Bitcoins is a great educational resource, breaking down complex topics into easily understandable segments.

Are Crypto Podcasts a Waste of Time?

Crypto podcasts are far from a waste of time, depending on what you want to take away from them. Typically, they provide valuable insights, keep you informed about market trends, and offer educational content that can enhance your understanding of the crypto world. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always something new to learn from these podcasts.

The challenge will be how to implement the knowledge you have learned and use this to make investment choices. If you’ve listened to any of the above podcasts and now want to create a crypto wallet to start investing. Here is our list of the best crypto wallets in 2024.

How to Pick a Crypto Podcast to Listen to?

Choosing the right crypto podcast depends on your experience level and what you want to learn. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice.

Your Experience Level: Beginner vs Expert

Certain podcasts are tailored to beginners, while others are more suited for advanced listeners. Here are some recommendations:

Best crypto podcasts for beginners:

  • 99Bitcoins
  • The Bad Crypto Podcast
  • Cryptonews Podcast

Best advanced crypto podcasts:

  • Token Metrics Podcast
  • Unchained
  • Bankless

Deciding What You Want to Learn

Due to a wide range of options, it is essential to decide what you want to gain from listening to a podcast. If not, you may end up being overwhelmed, and not making the best out of the material you are listening to. Here are some focus areas to consider:

  • News and market changes
  • Educational content
  • Price predictions
  • Interviews with experts

Podcast Track Record and Reputability

Podcasts with a great track record and a high number of followers are generally more trustworthy. They often have higher production quality and reliable content. Look for podcasts with positive reviews on the platforms that host them and consistent updates to ensure you’re getting the best information.

Also, follow their social media and read the comments to see what other listeners say about the podcasts, and if they are sharing extra knowledge via these interactions.


Crypto podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights, catering to a wide range of interests and expertise levels. By choosing the right platform and type of podcast, you can stay informed, learn new skills, and make better investment decisions in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

These podcasts are not only educational but also provide timely updates on market trends, regulatory changes, and new technological advancements. Investing time in these podcasts can significantly enhance your knowledge and confidence, ultimately making you a more informed and strategic participant in the cryptocurrency market.


Who is the best person to listen to for crypto advice?

The best person to listen to for crypto advice varies, but some highly regarded figures include Matt Zahab from CryptoNew Podcast, Nate Martin from 99Bitcoins, Anthony Pompliano, and Laura Shin.

Are crypto podcasts worth listening to?

Yes, crypto podcasts are worth listening to as they provide valuable insights, updates, and expert opinions on the ever-changing cryptocurrency market.

What is the best crypto podcast for beginners?

The best crypto podcast for beginners is 99Bitcoins, which offers easy-to-understand explanations and foundational knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Are crypto podcasts free?

Yes, most crypto podcasts are free and available on various platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.


  1. Robert Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin to be over $2 million by 2030 (Yahoo Finance)
  2. Balaji bets that Bitcoin will hit $1 million in 90 days (Bloomberg)
  3. RFK Jr. was found to be a crypto investor (CNBC)

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