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Andreessen Horowitz CTO Compares Meme Coins to ‘Risky Casinos’ – Here’s What You Need to Know

Thomas Musgrave
Last updated: | 1 min read
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Andreessen Horowitz CTO Eddy Lazzarin likened meme coins to ‘Risky Casinos’ on April 25, arguing that they deter genuine builders from the crypto ecosystem due to the high risk involved.

Lazzarin posted the opinion to X, stating that meme coins hinder the long-term vision of cryptocurrency, which has kept many of the original builders in the space.

Andreessen Horowitz CTO Compares Meme Coins to ‘Risky Casinos’

“At best, it looks like a risky casino,” Lazzarin said. “Or a series of false promises masking a casino. This deeply affects adoption, regulation/laws, and builder behavior. I see the damage every day.”

Additionally, he questioned whether meme coins could find a place in more mainstream cryptos like Bitcoin. 

In contrast, a recent report suggests hedge funds are being lured into the Meme Coin sector due to the possibility of huge returns. 

The a16z executive team received much criticism from the meme coin community, which pointed out the noticeable price drop in NFTs.

Newer meme coins have experienced major growth and impressive returns, despite being relatively new to the market.

Explosions of Meme Coins Before Release

A week after its launch, The Book Of Memes (BOME) witnessed an unprecedented surge of 30,000% in its price, and its market capitalization reached a billion-dollar figure even before its initial release on centralized exchanges. 

The achievement speaks volumes about the potential of meme coins and the growing interest of investors in digital assets.

Another popular meme coin, Dogwifhat (WIF), which launched in November 2023, has surged over the $3 billion cap and is now the third biggest meme coin. 

The implosion of Meme Coins After Release

Pro-crypto experts have voiced their opinion against meme coins, ultimately criticizing them for having no real-world value. 

Half a dozen meme coins have gained mainstream popularity in this cycle, but several have been involved in orchestrated rug pulls or dumped on the market right after launch.

Stories about traders turning small investments into multi-millions have become a luring tactic to attract inexperienced traders to the crypto market.