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SpacePay Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Gaurav Roy
Last updated: | 10 min read

With a focus on real utility, SpacePay aims to make crypto a key part of the daily retail environment. The idea is to revolutionize the way people transact in the digital age by providing them with a cheaper and more efficient alternative without making it difficult for merchants or payment companies to work with crypto.

So, for those looking to invest in crypto for the long term and in a project that is building something valuable in the real world, SpacePay could be a worthwhile investment choice. Now, let’s take a look at SpacePay’s potential and price trajectory over the years.

SpacePay Price Prediction Overview

Here’s a detailed table outlining the potential low, average, and high prices for SpacePay (SPY) from 2024 to 2030:

Year Potential Low Average Potential High
2024 $0.00147 $0.00200 $0.00450
2025 $0.00300 $0.00700 $0.01500
2026 $0.00400 $0.00570 $0.02170
2027 $0.00370 $0.00480 $0.00850
2028 $0.00580 $0.01430 $0.02700
2029 $0.01270 $0.01815 $0.04300
2030 $0.01350 $0.02310 $0.02900

SpacePay Post Launch Performance

SpacePay has yet to launch its token and is currently holding a month-long presale for $SPY. The presale is a great opportunity to get your hands on a token at attractive, discounted prices before it becomes widely accessible.

SpacePay Presale Home Page

SPY is being sold for $0.00147 per token. You can reserve your right to SPY tokens by purchasing them using ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, BASE, USDC, and USDT through the official SpacePay presale website. For just 1 ETH, you can get 2608252.68 SPY tokens.

Once the presale is completed, you’ll receive SPY in your wallet before its first DEX listing. For more details and updates on this, you can check out SpacePay’s social media: X, Instagram, and Telegram.

Now, take a look at SPY’s price potential for the foreseeable future.

SpacePay Price Prediction 2024

By the time the presale is over, and the token is launched, it will be the second half of 2024. From there, the team will focus on a DEX listing to facilitate $SPY trading. It will follow $SPY listings on major CEXs, including the MEXC Global exchange, to boost SPY accessibility. This will provide token holders with liquidity and an easy way for the broader audience to buy SPY tokens.

Another factor that’ll work in $SPY’s favor is the increasing usage of crypto as a payment method. Just a couple of months ago, payment giant Stripe announced that it is bringing back support for cryptocurrency. After all, crypto popularity is on the rise. But more importantly, it offers the benefits of speed, reduced cost, and enhanced security in payments. A recent study by leading crypto tax software CoinLedger also revealed that the retail sector has the highest number of companies offering the option to purchase with crypto, which is a bullish indicator for SpacePay.

All this positive momentum can send $SPY prices as high as $0.00450, while a potential low can be around $0.00150.

SpacePay Price Prediction 2025

As SPY enters next year, it will have a bigger audience and deeper market liquidity. Moreover, the platform will have the required funding to focus on its platform development and marketing, to which it has allocated 28% of SPY‘s total supply of 34 billion.

SpacePay has already completed its MVP and is currently in private beta, focusing on refining features based on user feedback. As the product launches worldwide and becomes accessible to all, increased user adoption and traction will help SPY prices rally.

Then there are expectations for the Federal Reserve to finally cut rates, which tends to make risky assets like crypto attractive. Additionally, with the crypto market expected to continue to experience bullish momentum next year, we can see SPY rising to new highs, which can be around $ 0.01500.

SpacePay Price Prediction 2026

Depending on the broad crypto market conditions, the SPY token will either see a correction or new highs. A potential high for SpacePay can be $0.02170, while a potential low can be around $0.00400. Here, continued platform development, marketing efforts, more listings, and improved user adoption will help SPY prices sustain high levels.

SpacePay Price Prediction 2030

Given that SpacePay is focused on building a long-term vision with advanced technology, mainstream partnerships, and real-world applications, the price of SPY can gradually gain traction by the end of this decade. Following several ups and downs, we can expect the SPY price to go as high as $0.02900 and find its low somewhere around $0.01350, assuming continued positive market trends and broader adoption.

SpacePay Price Prediction 2040

With crypto adoption projected to grow significantly and become an integral part of the global payment system thanks to being cheaper and having faster settlement times, SpacePay may see wider adoption in the next decade. After all, it aims to have the same level of global impact that the payment giants like VISA and Mastercard have. While it’s challenging to predict just how much the SPY token will be worth this far into the future, we estimate it will make new highs, which can be anywhere between $0.030 and $3, and secure its position as a leading innovator in the crypto space.

What is SpacePay (SPY), and What is it Used For?

SpacePay is a London-based fintech startup founded by Maxwell Bunting that aims to bridge traditional financial infrastructure with the decentralized world of blockchain tech and crypto.

While working towards this goal, SpacePay is addressing crypto’s biggest challenges: accessibility and usability in everyday transactions. For this, SpacePay utilizes user-friendly software that allows it to be seamlessly integrated into existing card machines. Moreover, it enables consumers to use crypto from over 325 wallets to make daily purchases while allowing merchants to receive payouts in their preferred fiat currencies. It is free for users and payment companies while offering low costs to merchants.

SpacePay Home Page

The ultimate goal with SpacePay is to become a decentralized, community-driven equivalent of Visa and Mastercard.

At the center of this ambitious vision is the SPY token, which powers all the activities within the platform. As a utility token, it is used to reward the most active users with monthly loyalty airdrops for their ongoing support and commitment. SPY token holders will also get early access to new features, a share in the platform’s revenue, and firsthand insights into the company’s progress and plan through quarterly connect webinars.

A portion of the platform’s revenue will also be used to match donations made by SPY token holders, who also get a voice in shaping SpacePay’s future by voting once a month on crucial proposals.

As for the SpacePay tokenomics, 20% of the total 34 billion supply is allocated to the public sale, while 17% has been set aside to reward users for their loyalty. Of the rest, 5% is reserved for founders, 10% is for platform development, 12% is for the reserve fund, 18% is for strategic partnerships, and another 18% is for marketing and community building.

Factors Influencing SpacePay’s Price Forecast

Much like any other cryptocurrency, the price of SPY is dependent on various factors. So, to help you better understand the market and make more informed decisions, here are the factors that may influence the prices:

Engagement & Adoption

While currently in private beta, SpacePay will roll out more than 4.5 million devices in nine countries this year. The protocol is also acquiring IP to boost and secure its market position and collaborating with the world’s largest card machine companies, payment processors, and financial institutions.

Moreover, the project already had a successful fundraising of $750,000 from private investors, completed a buy-back option, and was honored with the “New Payment Platform of the Year” award at the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022/23.

SpacePay has also gathered a community of 8,069 followers on X and over 3,730 members on Telegram. All these efforts point to an increasing adoption, which will help boost SPY prices.

Technological Developments

While hype matters for an asset’s price, if it doesn’t provide a working product and utility, then a product can’t survive the tough times. SpacePay is at the forefront of launching the world’s first completely decentralized NFC technology, aiming to broaden its use significantly.

SpacePay POS terminal

Meanwhile, its flagship product, Payment APK, is undergoing rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality and user experience. Once this is completed, users can integrate crypto transactions into their daily routines. SpacePay will then work on an e-commerce API for merchants to integrate its payment solutions into their platforms.

Broad Market Sentiments

No matter how well a crypto project is doing, general market sentiment is what defines the direction of the token. So, if it’s a bull market, the token prices are going to see a surge, but if it’s a bear market, then correction is bound to happen.

However, SpacePay’s strategy of building a terminal-agnostic payment protocol and its continuous development even during downturns, coupled with strong community support and increasing adoption in retail environments, might provide it with resilience against general market volatility. This could position SpacePay similarly to blue-chip stocks, which tend to withstand market fluctuations. They are not merely swayed by hype and investor sentiment but are driven by real-world utility.

Regulatory Environment

Crypto’s regulatory landscape remains murky despite Bitcoin’s existence for a decade and a half now. While the US is still struggling to establish clear guidelines, many regions, such as the UK, Singapore, Dubai, and Europe, have regulatory frameworks in place for crypto.

This is where SpacePay sets itself apart from others. The platform adheres to all financial regulatory policies and operates like a public company, allowing it to have an unrestricted market reach. This means $SPY investors get a share of the revenue, full access to team calls, community voting rights on company direction, early access to private features, charitable donations, and loyalty airdrops.

SpacePay Price Predictions by Other Experts

The SPY token has yet to launch on CEXs, and the team has been busy building the product, which means its price potential hasn’t been fully looked into. However, given SpacePay’s bold vision, awarded technological capabilities, ongoing building efforts, and successful private fundraising, this project seems to have a bright future.

Is SpacePay a Good Investment?

Currently, in its presale stage, SpacePay offers a lucrative investment opportunity. This is a great chance for investors to buy the token at discounted prices and get in early on a project that is focused on making crypto a part of the retail environment. By making it easy for payment providers to accept crypto and cryptocurrency owners to use their digital assets, SpacePay looks poised to gain widespread adoption.

Not to mention, SpacePay is planning to launch millions of devices in several countries and partner with leading financial institutions. Moreover, the project will soon implement community reward programs, as well as loyalty bonuses and SPY token airdrops. These efforts will attract market attention and drive demand for SPY tokens.

Best Place to Buy SpacePay (SPY)

For now, the best and only place to buy SPY tokens is on its official presale website. To buy the token, get a crypto wallet such as MetaMask first, fund it with supported crypto and then make the purchase through the widget on the presale website.

Once the token launches and gets listed, you’ll be able to buy SPY tokens on both DEXs and CEXs, including the best crypto exchanges from around the world, with ease.

Bottom Line for SpacePay

SpacePay is a regulated fintech company building a payment system compatible with any terminal, integrated into card readers, to enable cryptocurrency transactions in retail settings. By leveraging its tech capabilities, partnerships, and community, SpacePay aims to revolutionize the payment landscape.

At $0.00147 per $SPY, the presale offers an attractive opportunity to get SPY cheap ahead of the bullish momentum and CEX listings. Based on our estimates, an early-bird investor who gets involved from the ground level and continues to HODL $SPY by the end of this decade can potentially enjoy as much as 1,872% returns.

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What is SpacePay?

SpacePay is a payment protocol aiming to revolutionize retail payments by enabling cryptocurrency acceptance at a global level. It uses traditional POS terminals to facilitate easy crypto transactions.

Will SpacePay reach $1?

SpacePay certainly has the potential to reach $1 if it can attract market attention and gain mainstream user adoption. When combined with a crypto bull market, SPY prices can rally significantly, provided it has a good marketing campaign and support.

What will the SpacePay price be in 2025?

With a current presale price of $0.00147, depending on general market sentiments, the SPY token can easily see an upside of 10x and go as high as $0.01500, but on the contrary, prices can stay muted around $0.00300.

Is now a good time to buy SpacePay?

Yes, it is a good time to buy SpacePay now, during the presale stage, when you can get SPY tokens at a discounted price before the token is listed and becomes widely accessible. Moreover, with crypto payments slowly but surely gaining widespread acceptance, SpacePay will be at the forefront as a key player in this space.