13 Aug 2018 · 1 min read

Worldwide Hunt for Satoshi Gains Traction #Findsatoshi

An Estonian crypto enthusiast and investor identified as German Neff has launched a new campaign aimed at finally finding out who Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, really is.

A screenshot of a video of the #findsatoshi project.

With the hashtag #findsatoshi, Neff has now taken to the popular Russian crowdfunding website Boomstarter where he is hoping to raise nearly a quarter of a million US dollars to help in the search of the Bitcoin creator.

Although people have been searching for Satoshi’s true identity for years without getting any closer to the truth, Neff insists on finding him:

“Satoshi needs to be found […] Was it really an enthusiast who gave the world an independent currency or was it a group of people pursuing scientific or purely selfish purposes? Or perhaps Bitcoin is an invention of a large company or an IT giant that decided to take a new direction? Can Bitcoin be the state invention, created with the purpose to control all transactions? There are many assumptions as to who might be behind this, but neither theory has been confirmed.”

Neff claims he has been collecting information about Satoshi over the past three years.

Having already raised USD 100,000, Neff’s target of a quarter million dollars could be within reach. Driven by his admirable determination, Mr. Neff plans on spending the money to hire private detectives from places like Japan, New York, London, and Russia in one of the biggest search efforts to date for the bitcoin creator.

“We, the crypto-enthusiasts, are obliged to find out the truth in order to exist peacefully in this environment. Without the fear that tomorrow a man will come out from behind the curtains announcing that the circus is over and then will disappear again […] We have the right to know the identity of Satoshi,” Mr. Neff and his group wrote on the crowdfunding website.

A video of the crowdfunding project: