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World’s Longest-running Manga to Focus on Crypto in New Series

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read
The cover of the 201st volume of popular Japanese manga series \”Golgo 13.\” (Copyright Takao Saito, Saito Production, Leed Publishing Co./Kyodo)

Media producers’ fascination with the world of crypto continues to intensify – with another new manga series devoted to cryptoassets and a crypto-themed drama to be made available using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Per Kyodo News, the latest installment in the popular Golgo 13 manga series will tackle crypto in a new storyline. Scant details about the series have been released thus far, but its title (literal translation) will be “Final Currency – Attack and Defence.”

Golgo 13 has been a mainstay of the Big Comic manga empire since making its debut in October 1968. The series’ main and titular character is a professional, sharp-shooting sniper assassin, and Golgo 13 has spawned countless spinoffs, including live-action movies, a TV series and numerous video game titles.

It is the oldest manga series still in publication, and is, behind only One Piece, is the second highest-selling manga series of all time, with over 300 million copies sold.

The release is the latest in a growing list of manga titles focusing on crypto. Last year, a blockchain-themed series told the tale of a legendary warrior from Japan’s past using crypto to defeat corporate baddies – while a manga title on the basics of crypto and blockchain also went on sale in 2020.

Yet another 2020 title focused on the fictionalized origins of the Bitcoin protocol, while other, older tie-ins have also been exploring the links between comics and digital tokens for years.

Meanwhile, Variety reported that a production company named AMM Global is set to launch a drama series about the rivalry between blockchain developers in Hong Kong and the USA as they race to create a “bitcoin-like digital currency.”

The media outlet called the drama, named Crypto Keepers, an “English and Cantonese language hybrid” that will be shot “across multiple countries with the fictional narrative taking place against a backdrop of real events.” Variety added that real-life “figures in the cryptocurrency space” will appear on the 12-episode that is set to air in 2022.

The media outlet quoted Bizhan Tong, a senior executive at AMM and the series’ showrunner, as stating that releasing NFTs alongside the series would “strengthen viewers’ relationship with the show.”

He stated:

“This exists in various forms and taking inspiration from arguably the most interactive form of storytelling – videogames. We are incorporating some of those functions via the use of NFTs, from the unlocking of concept art to collecting characters and even some of its most memorable scenes. Other uses include collecting scripts, props, and all kinds of collectible artifacts.”

AMM Global is also reportedly working on plans to “convert” a game show named Blockchained! into an NFT.
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