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Fineqia’s CEO Touts Web4’s Role in Web3’s Growth, Highlights Investment Trends to Follow

Shalini Nagarajan
Last updated: | 2 min read

Digital asset investment firm Fineqia’s CEO, Bundeep Singh Rangar, views Web4 as the key to achieving mass adoption of Web3.

He explained his perspective, noting that Web3 is heavily centered around the technology stack. While it’s possible to develop new layers and applications, the critical question remains whether these innovations are driven by technology or market demand.

In contrast, Web4 focuses on understanding market needs and identifying the products that consumers are willing to purchase.

“If you want mass adoption, you got to make sure that the product has a mass appeal. So focus on the product,” he told Cryptonews in an interview Wednesday.

According to Rangar, Web4 isn’t just about tech. It’s about using the right mix of tools to build useful products for a broad audience.

This approach is fundamentally different from many existing layer-1s and layer-2s, which, despite having large market caps, often lack practical usage for their products or apps.

“So [Web4 is] inversing that. It’s saying, let’s look at the products first, then look at the tech. As opposed to, let’s build the tech and then figure out what products will come and where the market will come from,” he said.

AI & Blockchain Convergence Drives Investment Focus

As the co-founder of Fineqia’s Glass Ventures, Rangar is at the forefront of VC investments in early-stage Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 companies. With over two decades in finance, he has facilitated more than $500m in financing for companies in the UK, Europe, and India.
He explained what kind of companies the VC firm is looking to invest in.

According to the CEO, Glass Ventures is excited about the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain, where they see a wave of new products emerging. This tech mashup has the potential to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the decentralized world.

Another area of interest is real-world asset tokenization, which essentially creates digital tokens representing real-world assets. This “early infrastructure” is similar to staking products for Bitcoin. Finally, the firm is bullish on the gaming sector because it involves transferring value through in-game purchases, aligning well with the core principles of cryptocurrency.

VC Calls for Intuitive Crypto Interfaces for Mass Adoption

He further added that the rise of institutional investors in crypto is driving a boom in trading platforms. The firm is seeing new platforms emerge alongside user-friendly interfaces to make crypto trading more accessible.

Historically, complex user interfaces have been a barrier to wider adoption in Web3. Tools like Metamask, while popular, aren’t exactly beginner-friendly. So, developing user interfaces that are both intuitive and powerful is just as important as the underlying trading platforms themselves, Bangar said.

These platforms need to allow for easy buying and selling of a wide range of crypto products. Ultimately, all this activity is spawning a wave of new software and products capitalizing on these growing trends.