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Trump Expected to Attend Bitcoin 2024 Convention in Nashville Next Month

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 1 min read
Former President Donald Trump is in discussions to speak at the Bitcoin 2024 convention in Nashville in July, alongside politicians like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is in discussions to speak at the Bitcoin 2024 convention in Nashville in July, joining other political and industry figures.

According to a recent report by Axios, Trump is negotiating to attend the event, which is scheduled for July 25-27. The convention, hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, is one of the largest gatherings in the cryptocurrency space and will feature several prominent speakers.

Trump to Become “Crypto President”

Bitcoin Magazine, the event organizer, has not yet confirmed Trump’s attendance, but the report stated that two sources familiar with the matter disclosed the ongoing discussions.

This event comes amid growing political interest in crypto, with Trump recently expressing strong support for Bitcoin and criticizing President Joe Biden‘s approach to crypto regulation.

Trump’s potential speech at the event could be seen as a significant move in his campaign to gain support from the crypto community ahead of the upcoming elections.

Setting his sights on becoming the “crypto president,” the former president made the comment during a fundraising event in San Francisco. This event was co-hosted by Craft Ventures’ general partner, David Sacks, and tech billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya.

At the gathering, Trump purportedly affirmed his commitment to crypto, expressing his readiness to champion the industry’s advancement. He also cautioned against the Democratic Party’s purported inclination towards stringent regulations.

Potential Shift in Position on Crypto

A report from TD Cowen indicated that despite his recent pro-crypto stance, Trump might revert to being a crypto skeptic if elected.

The report suggested that the statements about crypto during the first presidential debate of the 2024 election will serve as a significant indicator of his potential regulatory approach.

“If [Trump] suggests anything other than total support as this could feed anxiety that he will revert to the skeptical approach from his first term if he is re-elected,” stated the report.