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This Utility-Rich Meme Coin Could See Price Explode 20x by Year End

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 2 min read

The play to earn gaming sensation Tamadoge is taking the cryptocurrency community by storm with a series of product announcements and updates that have enticed their community. 

Tamadoge has now listed on OKX and OKX Dex 

After having completed its presale last week, during which the company managed to raise an impressive $19m, the team at Tamadoge issued instructions to the community as to how they ought to claim their tokens, and then promptly listed TAMA on a series of exchanges. 

TAMA is now listed on OKX, which is one of the largest and most well-respected exchanges in the entire cryptocurrency industry and handles over $2 billion a day in volume.  

Traders will want to make use of OKX’s reputation and trading platform to trade TAMA in a frictionless manager, and many will appreciate the use of the order-book based exchange rather than the decentralised alternative.

The Tamadoge ecosystem will be replete with utility 

Meme coins and meme tokens over the past few years have thrived, with DOGE and SHIB being some of the top performers during the last bull market, and DOGE one of the few assets that made another ATH against BTC when compared with the last bull market. 

Fortunately, Tamadoge is not just a meme token, since the team are also building an entire P2E gaming ecosystem known as the Tamaverse. 

Moreover, later in 2023 the team are to be unveiling progress that they have been with integrating one’s personal Tama with the world of artificial reality. 

As per the white paper, this will allow people to artificially superimpose their Tamas on their surroundings to play with them, in a manner not dissimilar from Pokémon Go!

The Tamadoge price has plenty of room to grow 

With a circulating supply market cap of $22m, Tamadoge has huge potential to grow over the coming months and years. 

When one compares Tama’s current price with meme token hegemons such as SHIB, or when one compares the current price of TAMA with the giants of the play to earn industry, it becomes clear that there is plenty of room for the project to grow. 

One would expect most of the growth to come once the Tamadoge team begin to release some of their flagship products. 

Within its first week Tamadoge currently ranks within the top ten meme coins, flipping low market cap meme tokens such as Vita Inu, Doge Dash and others.

The next product that the community is eagerly waiting for in anticipation is the Tamadoge Pet Store, which will sell a variety of different NFTs and in-game items that the community can use within the Tamaverse.