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This New Crypto Gaming Token is Selling Out Fast in the Bear Market – Find Out Why

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RIA is the native token of the Calvaria ecosystem, which is a brand new play to earn game launching across multiple blockchains. 

There are a variety of different gaming styles that one has the opportunity to make use of in the game, including head to head battles against other players.

Players have the opportunity to build up their NFTs card decks to put together the strongest team that they can, and can even wager RIA tokens in battle to make the competitions higher stakes. 

Designed for the masses 

One of the main benefits for those seeking to invest in the Calvaria gaming ecosystem is the fact that the RIA token is designed in such a way that the masses can be easily onboarded. 

Rather than solely targeting gamers who are crypto native (a mistake that a lot of play to earn games have been making), the team at Calvaria have sought to actively target those who aren’t so familiar with the space. 

As such, players will be guided through the gaming ecosystem, and taught how to create a crypto wallet and participate properly in the game. 

It is worth noting that gamers do not need a crypto wallet to play; anyone can play the game for free, but there are a range of benefits conferred to those who do wish to make use of the play to earn mechanics to their fullest. 

The Calvaria DAO 

One of the main differentiators between Calvaria and other projects trying to dominate the play to earn space is the focus on decentralisation

Calvaria is powered by the Calvaria DAO, which seeks to utilise the hive mind of the community in order to govern the project in the right direction moving forward, and to ensure that community participation remains high. 

Decentralisation removes the issue of a single point of failure, and means that a project can operate more sustainably.

Anyone with RIA tokens can vote on the future of the ecosystem and its direction.

The Calvaria presale is now live 

Having now raised $1.6m, the Calvaria presale has now reached its fourth stage with the price currently standing at $0.025 per RIA. 

At each stage of the presale, the price is gradually increasing, and by the final stage of the presale the price will have increased to $0.055, which is a significant increase from where the price is now. 

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