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Sotheby’s Auction House Revives Glitch Art Auction, New Gamer Uncovers $50,000 NFT

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 2 min read
Image Soure: Twitter / @CyberShakti

Auction house Sotheby’s has revived its “Glitch: Beyond Binary” NFT auction after facing backlash over lack of diversity with the initial launch. 

The art sale will open on April 19 and feature 34 lots of digital art from different artists involved in the “glitch art” movement, the auction house said in a tweet last week. 

Glitch: Beyond Binary is a reboot of last month’s “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” auction, which was temporarily paused after facing backlash for its lack of female artist representation.

Sotheby’s detailed that it has appointed famous glitch artists Dina Chang and Dawnia Darkstone, also known as Letsglitchit, as co-curators for the upcoming NFT auction. 

“In co-curating Glitch: Beyond Binary, I aspired to present an eclectic ensemble of exceptional artists, each with their distinct vision and approach to the realm of glitch art,” Letsglitchit said in a comment. 

Furthermore, Indian glitch artist Cyber Shakti will be featured in the re-curated Sotheby’s auction, showcasing her captivating artwork titled “DownloadinG Shiva.” 

Other artists participating in the upcoming auction include XCOPY, neurocolor, Jake Osmun, and more.

In an announcement, Sotheby’s detailed that this type of art practice uses digital or analog errors to achieve disruption to a piece of art in the form of a “glitch.” 

The auction house mentioned that as MP3 skips or crackles, a preview window briefly shows shards instead of an image, and a website might hiccup on load and scramble its contents. 

“While these occurrences are rarely anticipated and usually unwelcome, glitch artists may in fact intentionally provoke them,” the art marketplace added, noting that artists in this genre have often used glitches as forms of “political and identity expression.”

Sotheby’s also emphasized that the sale would represent people from all walks of life, including people “from every gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, neuro-type, size, ability, class, religion, culture, subculture, political opinion, age, skill level, occupation and background.”

Sotheby’s is one of the oldest and largest auction houses and brokers of art, collectibles, jewelry, and real estate.

The art marketplace has been expanding into digital art through its Sotheby’s Metaverse platform, which was launched in October 2021. 

Earlier this year, it auctioned off the original manuscript for “Snow Crash,” Neal Stephenson’s landmark 1992 science fiction book that coined the terms “metaverse” and “avatar.”

And last month, the auction house offered digital art inspired by internet memes from artists like Beeple and Luis Ponce.

Illuvium Player Discovers $50K NFT

A lucky Illuvium player has discovered the rarest Illuvitar, an Illuvial image with distinct expressions, backgrounds, and finishes that differ in rarity, yet.

The NFT, dubbed “Holo Blazing Rhamphyre,” was sold for a whopping 26 ETH, worth around $50,000. 

The user found the rare Illuvitar inside a “D1SK,” which is a type of digital loot box containing random illiviators and accessories available for only $32, the team behind the NFT game said in a tweet.