$SLUTS, $WAGMI, $LFG Join the Shitcoin List After Andrew Tate Tweet – 5 Best Meme Cryptos to Buy Next

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 7 min read

The crypto space has been inundated with many new meme coin projects launched in a short period. 

Some of these meme tokens went on to record huge gains, while others dumped after fifteen minutes of fame.

One such project that has enjoyed brief stardom is $SLUTS. The digital asset was launched on the back of a viral tweet by social media influencer Andrew Tate. 

Tate Vents His Mind and Inspires a Meme Token

Andrew Tate is well-known around the world as a tough-talking sportsman and entrepreneur. Despite spending some time in prison, his aura has not dissipated. 

The social media influencer recently called out crypto investors, labeling them “Cryptohoes” and adding the cashtag ‘$Sluts’ – a form of hashtag often used for financial assets.

Unbeknownst to him, this resulted in the creation of a new cryptocurrency project called Sluts (SLUTS).

In another tweet, Tate expressed his surprise that the project was up and running in such a short period.

According to his tweet, he claims ignorance about the whole enterprise. 

However, this has not changed anything about the $SLUTS token, as it has already made an appearance on CoinMarketCap and grossed $495,000 in market valuation at its peak. 

The project has little info around it, with the anonymous developers only pointing out that the original cryptocurrency of Andrew Tate is live.

While his claims of being unaware of the project’s launch are being challenged, the $SLUTS token has surged 4.95% in the last day, trading at $0.05227. 

In the last couple of weeks, low-valued crypto assets called shitcoins have been the buoy on which the crypto market is riding. 

This follows macroeconomic events that have stunted the growth of market movers like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Following in the footsteps of $SLUTS, the $LFG and $WAGMI are two other hot pairs that have made the shitcoin list.

These tokens have also shown remarkable growth with little info on them and little value proposition. 

At press time, $LFG had dropped over 87% to $0.0003757 from the $0.002090 price it had yesterday. 

$WAGMI is also sliding rapidly and is down more than 45.56% to $0.00000002601.

Even tokens with names like $PISS have joined the shitcoins list.

While these shitcoins may have posted major gains in the past 24 hours, investors are turning to more promising meme projects for long-term gains.

Meme Coin Projects Better Than Shitcoins

If there is one thing investors have learned over the years, it is that the crypto market is driven by seasons. 

2021 was the year of Bitcoin and several altcoins’ rise, while 2022 was a shared turf battle with meme coins becoming increasingly popular alongside. 

However, even though Bitcoin has seen a phenomenal increase this year, meme projects seem to be the favorite and best chance at making significant gains.

AiDoge: Meme Generator With 100x Potential

The first one on our list is the AI-powered AiDoge project

Running on artificial intelligence, AiDoge is a meme generator blockchain project that allows anyone, anywhere, to make memes that appeal to their emotional state.

The generator relies on AI algorithms and operates using a text-prompt system similar to ChatGPT and other OpenAI projects like Dall-E. 

With AiDoge, users can write out a meme, and the tool generates them in real time. 

These memes are also contextually-relevant and up-to-date, meaning everyone can get a meme that fits their social framework. 

Furthermore, the AiDoge protocol creates an open ecosystem where artists can display their work for public viewership and votes. 

This way, the best meme creators are duly compensated with the platform’s $AI token. 

The utility token also functions as a transaction mechanism because it is used to purchase credits for writing prompts on the meme creation tool. 

Since its debut in April, the $AI token has taken the industry by storm and has continued to surpass its presale stages at a breakneck speed. 

At press time, the meme token has garnered over $10.4 million in its presale.

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Copium: Meme Coin to Lift the Spirits of Traders

The COPIUM token is a new crypto project taking space by storm. 

Launched less than a week ago, the project is focused on providing a landscape for investors who have suffered losses to profit. 

The developers view it as a movement where humor, fellowship, and shared experiences can be enabled, and coping is a winning strategy. 

The innovative project has a strong affiliation with the Wojak meme but differs in its focus. 

Instead of painting a fun-themed meme project, it shows a bald man in a sad state. 

$COPIUM has continued to gain remarkable growth, with the token closing up $8 million plus in market cap five minutes after its launch.

Crypto influencers are also backing the project, with @MattInWeb3 publicly supporting the crypto token. 

With more investor awareness, $COPIUM is one of the meme tokens that could represent a pivot point for several investors.


Love Hate Inu: Vote on What You Want and Earn

Another meme project making waves is Love Hate Inu

Launched in March 2023, Love Hate Inu is a meme project that provides users a means to vote on trending online polls and earn digital tokens in return.

The platform seeks to create a safe and transparent public square where everyone can express their opinions on different social issues, government policies, and even politics without getting sanctioned. 

The best part is that voting with Love Hate Inu is so simple. Users only need to stake the $LHINU token and vote ‘love’ or ‘hate’ on any trending online polls.

The project has become a fan favorite following its hugely successful presale stage. 

Now, the $LHINU token is on course for another round of exchange listing, with OKX adding the meme token to its lineup of coins.


Given that the online survey market is currently worth $3.2 billion, Love Hate Inu will also seek to upend it. 

This way, companies can easily garner public feedback on their product launches and feature upgrades in a safe environment. 

In return for participating, users will also get rewarded with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other metaverse-branded objects.

At press time, the $LHINU token is trading at $0.0001605, indicating a downtrend of 33.23% in the last 24 hours. 

However, it still boasts of a healthy $16 million plus in fully diluted market cap, meaning a 7x price gain could see it hit $100 million and long-term holders becoming millionaires in the process. 

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$SPONGE: SpongeBob Square Pants Enters The Crypto Space

This trend is not limited to utility-driven projects. In the meme frenzy that the crypto market is experiencing, even long-running TV shows are becoming famous meme projects. 

One such is the $SPONGE token that draws its inspiration from the hit TV show SpongeBob Squarepants.

Despite lacking intrinsic utility, the $SPONGE token has been one of the beacons of a meme coin season after the $PEPE token, given the remarkable success of the SpongeBob program. 

The animation series reportedly sold over $50 billion in user merchandise, and given its remarkable success, the $SPONGE token surged over 1,800% soon after launching in May 2023.

So far, it has retraced most of its gains from its all-time high (ATH) of $0.002394, but the digital token is still enjoying a trace of bullish sentiment. 

At press time, $SPONGE is trading at $0.00045, indicating an uptrend of 3.79% in the past day. 

The yellow-faced crypto asset has continued to make its waves around the crypto space and is currently on course for an OKX listing, if it wins a ‘vote to list’ even it is taking part in.

$SPONGE has already recently been listed on Bitmart, MEXC, Bitget and several other platforms.

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$PEPE: The Meme Coin Catalyst

One thing many investors can pointedly say about the $PEPE token is that it has served as a catalyst in an otherwise lackadaisical market. 

The project is based on Matt Furrie’s Pepe The Frog meme, which became popular in 2000. 

Since launching in April 2023, the Pepe project has buoyed the crypto project and risen to an astronomical $1.6 billion in less than a month.

The $PEPE token increased by 4,000% in the run-up to this market valuation, creating several millionaires along the way. 

The digital asset has also been listed on Binance, Gemini, and several other centralized exchanges. 

However, the green-faced frog crypto project has not had an easy ride. Coinbase recently called the $PEPE token a ‘hate symbol.’

This has displeased many investors, with some even closing their Coinbase accounts.

The $PEPE token has slowed down as it has continued to post bullish signals. 

At press time, $PEPE is trading at $0.00000158, up 4.77% in the past day.

Update – the Sluts token price is now down over 12% on the day, suggesting some holders may have jumped ship to other meme coins.

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