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Pepe Coin Price Pumps 33% – and $SPONGE Next Meme Coins to Explode?

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 5 min read

Pepe coin price is pumping 33% at $0.000001644, as the weekend market flashes green, especially where meme coins are concerned, as with $SPONGE and also climbing.

Only a month old Pepe has delivered a 2,777% return for its early investors. 

A swooning bitcoin price has impacted sentiment and prices over the past couple of days, but anyone zooming out from the near-term noise will have noticed that the leading crypto is still up 61% and above its all-important 200-day moving average.

Meme coins are of course far more erratic than bitcoin due to the red hot speculative price action that surrounds the sector, so technical analysis can be far less important than momentum and sentiment.

Elon Musk gives Pepe price a constitutional amendment push

Regarding momentum, Pepe zoomed to a market cap that was briefly above $1 billion – a remarkable achievement for such a young coin.

And there’s no bigger influence on meme coin momentum than Elon Musk, and he tweeted this a few hours ago:

With Elon Musk around, meme coins are very far from being on their last legs as some have predicted.

Coins such as Pepe, even newer and perhaps more promising meme coin $SPONGE, Wojak and even Milady Coin, all look like they have the legs for plenty more running.

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Can Pepe price really pump to $1?

Pepe price predictions see the coin rising to as high as $1, which would equate to a 60,827,150%  – a 60 million percentage climb from the current price. 

That might be outlandish but only a fraction of that return could deliver life-changing returns.

Regardless of what the future holds, those who bought the dip yesterday are sitting on substantial gains, underscoring the Warren Buffett maxim to buy when others are scared.

But before Pepe went parabolic it was in the relative doldrums. It was only as its existence began to become more widely known that it took off, with momentum feeding back into sentiment to build up a positive head of steam.

Over the past couple of days that sentiment threatened to reverse – hot money can leave as quickly as it enters.

Pepe coin price is down 37% on a 7-day view – try $SPONGE instead?

Pepe at one stage was down in excess of 50% and on a 7-day view is 37% off the pace.

Now those in the market or looking for an entry point, will be asking themselves – can Pepe coin resume its upward arc?

To some extent meme coins can take on a life of their own – to use the jargon they can decouple from the rest of the crypto market, up to a point.

Although the speculative flows can lead to substantial price gyrations, in the case of Pepe its Sharpe ratio reading of 1.37 is extremely good for a stock let alone a crypto. Sharpe measures risk adjusted excess returns in terms of the standard deviation of volatility.

Taking Pepe as a bellwether of a new wave of second-rank meme coins – with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu being the first rank – dollar cost averaging into the market now could be a smart move.

Smart money should also strongly consider entering into the $SPONGE market and looking into the presale market for up and coming prospect – ($AI) is highly attractive at this point.

$SPONGE is the meme coin that could rule them all – up 41% in 12 hours

Then we come to hot meme coin $SPONGE, which the meme coin that pays homage to globally recognized cartoon character Spongebob, although the project, as far as we can glean from the website, has no association with Nickelodeon.

If you are looking for the next Pepe, then this could be your coin.

$SPONGE is barely a week old and in its short history almost reached a market cap of $100 million, blasting 7x higher in 5 days.

Today it is up 41% so far, up from a near-term low of $0.000470 yesterday  to $0.000665.

There’s a lot to like about $SPONGE. Alongside its global reach, rumored backing by old hands in the crypto game, some VC involvement and the global reach of its meme, its stellar achievement of bagging eight exchange listings, shows this is aa very serious project indeed.

$SPONGE listed on Bitget and yesterday:

To repeat, $SPONGE is only a week old, so buyers coming in now are very much at the beginning of what could be a gigantic bull run ahead. 

Crucially, in contrast to Pepe and other meme coins, $SPONGE – check out the website at – can be said to have its roots in Web2, and because of that has much greater brand recognition than its competitors. 

$SPONGE’s community growth is spectacular too. its Twitter account at @spongeoneth has put on 40,000 followers in a week.

The future is looking bright for $SPONGE.

Buy $SPONGE today

AiDoge is raising $1 million a day – don’t miss this rocket ship ($AI) is building a meme generator using generative image AI. There is nothing else on the market that comes close to what it is doing and its presale is on now. 

The innovative AI crypto coin is raising money at a phenomenal rate of about $1 million every 24 hours, with its pot now sitting on $6.5 million. 

AiDoge’s ($AI) next stepped price increase in the presale process will see it rise from $0.0000296 to $0.00003. 

The next stage milestone will likely happen later today, as there is only $300k to raise before the the current stage ends. 

There is no time to lose to snare the lowest prices in a coin that combines the virality of the meme coin niche with the world-changing popularity of AI technology.

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