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Is Pepe Coin Price Dead? $COPIUM and AiDoge Might Be The Best Crypto to Buy Today

The Pepe Coin (PEPE) price continues to cool and some are claiming that the cryptocurrency might now be dead.

PEPE/USD was last changing hands around $0.0000015, according to DEX Tools.

That’s a more than 60% pullback from the cryptocurrency’s recent highs near $0.0000040.

Technicians note that Pepe is in the process of forming a pennant structure that could either signal the start of a new parabolic run higher, or a fresh tumble.

Given that, at current price levels, Pepe still has a market cap of around $620 million, and given that broader cryptocurrency markets continue pulling back, the scope for a fresh surge higher back into billion-dollar market cap status seems limited.

Meanwhile, if Pepe did break to the downside of its current technical structure, that could open the door to a further 70% price decline back to support in the $0.00000045 area.

Whilst its probably too soon to claim that Pepe is dead, these claims would certainly gai validity was the meme coin to crater another 70% from current levels.

That being said, Pepe probably isn’t the best crypto to buy today – Pepe has already enriched its early investors and those entering the market risk paying way over the odds for each token.

Investors looking to get in early on a new, high-potential meme coin should thus look elsewhere.

Here are two meme coins being monitored by the Cryptonews.com team that could be better cryptos to buy today.

Copium Token (COPIUM)

After a few days of hype building and an invite-only presale, Copium Token (COPIUM) was launched on Thursday and enjoyed an explosive start to life.

COPIUM hit a high of $0.016 on Thursday, around 16x up versus its presale and listing price of just over $0.001 and has seen massive trading volumes in excess of $44 million in the past 24 hours.

COPIUM/USD was last changing hands around $0.08 per token, meaning its early investors are still well in the green and the token is closing in on having 3,000 holders.

Given the token’s 1 billion supply, that implies a fully diluted market cap of around $8 million.

But amid the impressive list of influencers who are involved in the project who will help market the coin alongside a series of media partnerships, the coin could yet pump a lot higher.

One of the best-selling points of COPIUM is the project’s token and NFT airdrop competition, which is built to incentivize HODLing for at least the next three weeks.

Another great selling point is that the presale participants are not able to dump their holdings on the market.

Only 10% of their tokens were unlocked at the time of the Uniswap listing, with the rest to be vested over the next three weeks.

Copium’s fun play on the theme of crypto degenerates needing to cope with their substantial losses means it could be a big hit, as that is something many in the crypto space can relate to.

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AiDoge (AI)

AiDoge.com, a fun AI-powered meme-generating tool and social media platform, could be a huge hit as not only is it a meme coin, but it also boasts a solid use case and utility.

AiDoge is building a platform where users can generate memes using breakthrough generative AI technology, before sharing them with the AiDoge community via the platform’s public wall.

The creators of the most popular memes will be rewarded with AiDoge’s native $AI token, meaning that AiDoge is bringing the concept of “meme-to-earn” (M2E) into reality.

AiDoge has already raised a huge $9.7 million via the public presale of its native $AI token and investors should move quickly whilst they can still secure the token at what observers say is a substantial discount versus how high $AI has the potential to go.

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