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This New Crypto has Added Bloomingdales and Bodega as Affiliate Partners – Biggest Presale 2022?

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 2 min read

IMPT has continued to onboard more brands to their affiliate program, with Bloomingdales and Bodega now having joined their shopping platform in addition to 25,000 other brands such as Samsung and River Island.

IMPT is changing carbon credits for the better

The current way that carbon credits are managed is highly antiquated and bureaucratic. It is not easy to trade carbon credits in their current form, and this process could be highly improved by putting carbon credits on chain, since assets traded on the blockchain can be traded seamlessly 24/7.

Not only this, but the carbon credit market (which is expected to eclipse a value of $50 billion by the year 2030), with the total ESG industry rising to a market cap in excess of $30 trillion, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions. 

There is a lot of scope for the industry of carbon credits to be improved upon, and this is where IMPT comes in: by putting carbon credits on the blockchain, they are made far more transparent, and one can more easily transfer and trade their credits. 

Moreover, it is easier to provide financial incentives to those who use carbon credits in such a way; IMPT is pioneering the world of “responsible shopping”.

Earn rewards for “responsible shopping” 

Until now, the ESG industry has largely been dominated by the phenomenon of “responsible investing”, a practice that is largely geared towards ensuring that companies do not allocate large sums of capital to companies that damage the environment or have large negative impacts on society in other ways (such as tobacco companies). 

However, the phenomenon of responsible shopping means that consumers can also be rewarded for changing their consumption habits in a way that directly benefits the environment. 

By shopping more with companies that have higher ESG scores, consumers can contribute significantly to the state of the world, and ensure that the companies who act in the most socially responsible way are the ones who are the most rewarded – IMPT provides a real incentive for people to vote with their wallets. 

IMPT presale has now raised $ 11 million 

The IMPT presale has now managed to raise over $11 million and is selling out extremely quickly. 

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, and the price gradually increases with each stage, meaning that those who buy in earlier are set to receive a far more beneficial price than those who buy in later. 

Investors who are interested in the project can participate on the IMPT website, where they will also have the chance to win $100k in IMPT tokens. 

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