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Immediate Definity AI Review – Scam Or Legitimate Trading Software

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Immediate Definity AI is a crypto trading platform that advertises a range of tools and features to potentially enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience. In this review of Immediate Definity AI, we will explore the platform’s claims and features while maintaining a neutral perspective to determine if it aligns with its promises. 

Immediate Definity AI Summary

The Immediate Definity AI website makes many claims in regard to the types of features it delivers. But before we get into that, here are the key elements about this platform to know: 

Supported Crypto Multiple cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs, and indices
Claimed Success Rate No winrate information or audit
Available on Mobile? Mentions an AI-powered app
Fees None
Customer Support Accessible to registered users
Withdrawal Speed Can take up to 24 hours – depending on the payment method
Minimum deposit $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

What is Immediate Definity AI? 

Immediate Definity AI is a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to be designed to cater to a broad range of traders. Immediate Definity AI claims to make cryptocurrency trading, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP, accessible to various types of traders by offering a suite of trading services and tools. The platform also claims to support forex, CFDs, and stocks.

The platform asserts that it empowers users to analyze market conditions, and track and manage their cryptocurrency assets with ease. In the ever-volatile cryptocurrency market, staying updated on asset prices is crucial. Immediate Definity AI claims to provide a fast and reliable connection to accurate data streams, enabling users to stay informed about the latest price movements to make well-informed trading decisions. 

These accurate data streams rely on real-time trading alerts that Immediate Definity AI claims use six unique indicators to accurately detect immediate market changes and patterns. Per the website, these data are then fed into the platform and presented in a comprehensive way to investors to help them make informed trading decisions. 

In addition to real-time trading alerts, Immediate Definity AI also claims to work as an automated trading platform that, with its Smart Trade Automator, adapts to user’s trading styles. The Smart Trade Automator apparently executes trades based on pre-set market regulations and current market circumstances. 

In terms of security, Immediate Definity AI claims to use leading-edge security protocols. Although it hasn’t given any names of those security measures. 

Due to the lack of information available, it’s crucial to maintain a neutral perspective as these claims are yet to be widely substantiated. Investors are recommended to exercise caution when trading. Invest only a minimum amount and only increase their investments if they get satisfactory results.

Immediate Definity AI Pros and Cons 

Although Immediate Definity AI does not provide an exhaustive account of its services, we can identify potential pros and cons based on the available information: 


  • Immediate Definity AI claims to offer streamlined trading services 
  • The platform claims to provide multiple charting and analysis tools for users. 
  • Allegedly has a Smart Trade Automator that adapts to an investor’s trading strategies
  • Multiple types of assets are supported, including cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, and stocks
  • Focuses on security measures 
  • Has a simplified sign-up process 


  • No comprehensive information about the platform’s functionality is available 
  • No information is available about the platform’s founders 
  • Limited customer testimonials and third-party reviews

How Does Immediate Definity AI Work? 

Immediate Definity AI’s marketing materials do not reveal features that significantly differentiate it from conventional trading platforms. The information presented on the website suggests the presence of a manual trading system, as well as a crypto trading bot.

Upon creating an account on Immediate Definity AI, users may gain access to the trading platform. This platform may include a demo trading account, allowing users to practice their trading strategies with real-time market data before transitioning to live trading. In the demo, investors might get the first taste of Smart Trade Automator, allowing them to check out the platform’s manual and automated trading features. 

With automated trading, the platform claims to use a technology known as “Trading Cyborg”. It apparently uses trading indicators and adheres to pre-defined rules to start and end cryptocurrency trades.

With manual trading mode, expect the platform to behave as a conventional trading system. You pick a currency to trade, assess its charts, and buy and sell it at appropriate times in order to generate profits. Helping with the trading process is apparently a simplified UI that Immediate Definity AI says is tailored for novice traders. 

Keep in mind, however, that this mode of operation is what we have guessed based on the content available on the platform. There are similar AI crypto trading bots that have a similar way of operating. We recommend doing your due diligence and assessing the platform on your own end to see if it meets your investment needs. 

Immediate Definity AI Key Features 

Despite the limited information, Immediate Definity AI’s website highlights a few noteworthy features that may be of interest to potential investors: 

Demo Trading Account 

Immediate Definity AI claims to provide users with a demo trading account. This allows traders to test the platform with real-time market data and insights. A demo account serves as a risk-free way for users to acquaint themselves with cryptocurrency trading. 

Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies 

The platform asserts that it supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), and others. It also mentions support for stablecoins. Immediate Definity AI claims to continually expand its range of supported assets to facilitate diversification. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the platform supports traditional assets such as stocks, forex, and CFDs. 

Security Emphasis 

Immediate Definity AI places significant importance on security. The platform claims to implement the latest security measures and protocols to protect users’ personal and financial information. That said, the name of those security measures hasn’t been given in the marketing content. Two-factor authentication might be available. 

Smart Trade Automator

Immediate Definity AI claims to have a unique Smart Trade Automator that offers a hands-free trading experience. According to the website, users can pre-set their trading requirements before turning this system on, which then analyzes the market and executes trades quickly. 

Streamlined Trading Experience 

Immediate Definity AI purports to provide users with a straightforward and accessible trading experience. The platform offers various analysis tools and comprehensive trading real-time trading alerts to support users in making well-informed investment decisions. This range of features is designed to enable users to conduct simplified trading for a variety of assets.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

Immediate Definity AI Account Fees

Immediate Definity AI’s website claims that it is “accessible at an unmatched cost of 0”. It claims to offer its services completely free of charge, covering trading, withdrawals, and deposits. Nevertheless, the feasibility of a completely fee-less platform raises questions. It is advisable for potential users to reach out to the customer support team for clarification on fees and any potential associated costs before making any investment decisions. 

Immediate Definity AI Minimum Deposit

Like many other cryptocurrency trading platforms, Immediate Definity AI requires users to make a minimum deposit to use as capital for trading cryptocurrencies and other listed assets. Investors must make a deposit of $250 in order to start trading on the platform. This is the minimum deposit that is supposedly used by the platform as the initial capital to buy and sell assets. 

Immediate Definity AI Compatible Devices

Immediate Definity AI positions itself completely as a web-exclusive application, eliminating the need for users to download and install additional software. This means that users can access the platform via its official website using various devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices. That said, there are some mentions of a crypto app, but it is not clear whether an Immediate Definity AI mobile app exists.

Is Immediate Definity AI a Scam? 

The status of Immediate Definity AI as a potential scam or legitimate platform remains uncertain. As of this review, our evaluation is primarily based on the platform’s marketing content and limited third-party reviews.

On the positive side, the official website appears to be responsive and free from any notable technical issues during access on multiple devices. The registration process is straightforward, suggesting the possible existence of a legitimate platform behind the marketing content. 

However, concerns arise due to the lack of information. While the platform claims to be fee-less, it has a minimum deposit requirement, which is a necessity to get access to the trading features. While the platform has given an insight into some of its features, it has failed to provide any substantial detail regarding the same.

When it comes to reviews, most are unbalanced. Many have stated that it is a “legit” trading site but without providing any evidence. Since there are few verified customer reviews available, there is a lack of a balanced view of the platform online. Additionally, there is no information provided about the platform’s founders. Some reviews refer to the platform as ‘GPT Definity’, suggesting some connection to the BitGPT app.

Overall, it appears that the platform is relatively new and untested, as indicated by its limited online presence and reviews. We recommend potential investors proceed with caution and consider testing the platform with a small deposit before committing significant amounts. 

Immediate Definity AI Customer Support

Immediate Definity AI offers customer support, with access seemingly available to registered users. Unregistered users can potentially reach out to the support team via the “Contact Us” page. However, the page has the same module as the homepage, which indicates that registration is necessary to talk to the customer support team. 

How to Use Immediate Definity AI? 

To get started with Immediate Definity AI, follow these steps: 

Step 1 – Visit the Immediate Definity AI Website 

Access the official Immediate Definity AI website and provide essential details, such as your name, email, and phone number. The registration process can be completed by engaging with a customer support representative. 

Step 2 – Make the Minimum Deposit

 After communicating with the support team, you will likely receive a link to deposit the required amount. Utilize the available methods, such as wire transfers, PayPal, credit cards, and other options, to make the deposit. 

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Definity AI

Begin by using the provided demo trading account to familiarize yourself with the platform’s features. Test the analysis tools and ensure that you can use more than three indicators simultaneously. If not, consult the customer support team. Transition to live trading only after you’ve thoroughly assessed the trading facilities. 

How to Delete an Immediate Definity AI Account

While the process of deleting an Immediate Definity AI account isn’t given on the platform, here are the steps you can attempt to complete the process: 

  • Visit the Immediate Definity AI website
  • Log in and access your dashboard. 
  • Navigate to your account settings. 
  • Find and click the “delete account” option. 
  • Complete the provided form. 

A customer support team member may contact you to assist in the account deletion process. Verify the details and finalize the account deletion. 

Is Immediate Definity AI Endorsed by Celebrities and Big Brands?  

Immediate Definity AI is a relatively new platform with few recent third-party reviews available online. Given its limited notoriety, celebrity endorsements are unlikely at this stage. However, this situation might change if the platform’s claims are substantiated, and more users join. 

Who is the Founder of Immediate Definity AI? 

The “About Us” page on Immediate Definity AI’s website provides information about the team’s vision and the potential of the platform. However, it does not disclose the identities of the team members. The platform’s newness, combined with its lack of social media presence, complicates the process of identifying the team. 

It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrency development teams to maintain anonymity – similar tools like Immediate Peak do so – but it’s unusual for a platform that claims to offer CFDs, forex, and stocks – assets that often make KYC necessary. 

As mentioned some websites refer to ‘GPT Definity’, so it’s possible that it’s developed by the same team that recently launched the BitGPT trading app.

The Verdict

Immediate Definity AI positions itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform with the goal of providing users with accessible and informed cryptocurrency trading. While the platform advertises various features and tools, it’s crucial to approach it with a neutral perspective and probe into the details further, considering the limited information available and the absence of specific details on fees, minimum deposits, and platform creators. 

As with any cryptocurrency investment, users are encouraged to conduct thorough research and, if they choose to proceed, to do so with caution. Diversification and risk management are key principles to consider when engaging in cryptocurrency trading. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection 


What is Immediate Definity AI?  

Immediate Definity AI is billed as a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to offer streamlined trading services with a focus on providing users with various tools and in-depth analysis. It states that with its two trading modes – manual and automated – all types of investors can make gains even when the market is volatile. 

Has Elon Musk endorsed Immediate Definity AI?

While Elon Musk is slowly inclining towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there isn’t any indication that he has anything to do with Immediate Definity AI or any specific trading tools.