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HyperPlay Levels Up MetaMask Partnership with In-Wallet Game Discovery

Shalini Nagarajan
Last updated: | 1 min read

HyperPlay announced a partnership with MetaMask on Wednesday, aiming to introduce a games directory within the self-custodial crypto wallet.

This initiative establishes a centralized hub for discovering games and managing in-game assets.

HyperPlay is a launcher for PC games that brings together stores like Epic Games and GoG (formerly Good Old Games). It also integrates MetaMask, a well-known crypto wallet, directly into games. This means users can manage their crypto holdings without leaving the game’s view.

Through the collaboration, players can find games that work with MetaMask directly within the platform. This combines traditional gaming with the power of crypto wallets, creating a “one-stop shop for game discovery.”

How Games Qualify for the HyperPlay Directory

HyperPlay curates the MetaMask games directory, highlighting the most popular titles on their platform. It achieves this by using the game launcher’s own application programming interfaces (APIs), HyperPlay CEO Jacobc.eth told Cryptonews. “Games that incorporate in-game MetaMask transactions receive algorithmic boosts in their rankings,” he added.

To be eligible for listing in the directory, games must tick certain boxes. They must fit HyperPlay’s standards, pass their security checks, and be compatible with MetaMask wallets.

HyperPlay-MetaMask Route All Revenue to Developers

Jacobc.eth also said that HyperPlay’s approach breaks the mold compared to traditional stores like Apple’s App Store and Steam. Unlike those platforms, neither MetaMask nor HyperPlay take a cut from in-game purchases. According to the exec, all revenue from transactions goes to the developers themselves, making HyperPlay the most developer-friendly game distribution platform available.

Before HyperPlay’s introduction, players engaging with Web3 games had to navigate separate online marketplaces apart from the games themselves to access the web3 functionalities. Since its inception in March 2023, HyperPlay has provided a distinctive MetaMask wallet overlay, streamlining in-game transactions and token acquisition across its entire lineup.

In Dec. 2023, HyperPlay added support for MetaMask Snaps. This means even games built on blockchains other than Ethereum (like Solana and Sui) can work with MetaMask wallets.