BTC -6.79%
ETH -3.42%
SOL -1.53%
PEPE -2.74%
SHIB -6.18%
BNB -3.77%
DOGE -6.07%
XRP -2.79%
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What’s Happening In Crypto Today? Daily Crypto News Digest

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 4 min read
What’s Happening In Crypto Today? Daily Crypto News Digest

Get your daily, bite-sized digest of blockchain and crypto news today – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s news.

In crypto news today:

  • Why is crypto down today?
  • Immunefi Reports Over $100 Million Paid to Ethical Hackers in 3 Years
  • AMINA Bank Launches the AMINA Payments Network
  • ‘Miners Are on the Hunt for More Energy’ – BlocksBridge Consulting


Why is crypto down today?

Over the past 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is down 1.2% to $2.48 trillion.

Only nine coins out of the top 100 are green today.

CORE is the winner by far. It appreciated 7.6% to $1.44.

The distant second place is occupied by SUI: it’s up 1.4% to $0.8981.

The remaining green coins are up by around 1% or less each.

When it comes to the red coins, LayerZero (ZRO) is at the top with a drop of 26.6%, now trading at $3.26.

JasmyCoin (JASMY)’s decrease of 11.4% is next, trading at $0.02762.

Dogwifhat (WIF) also recorded a double-digit fall of 10.7% to $1.89.

The other coins are currently down below 10% each.

Now zooming into the top 10 coins per market cap, we find that only one coin is green.

Toncoin (TON) has increased by 1.4% to the price of $7.33.

Meanwhile, Binance announced that it integrated Tether (USDT) into the Toncoin Network.

Now looking at the red coins, the coin with the highest loss is Solana (SOL), having dropped just below 3% to $132.8.

Binance Coin (BNB) is next on the list. It’s down 2.8% to $586.9.

Dogecoin (DOGE)’s loss of 0.8% is the smallest loss in this category. It trades at $0.12451.

At the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) is down 1.6%, changing hands at $64,737.

Ethereum (ETH) fell 2.3% to the price of $3,519.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US saw a total net outflow of nearly $140 million as of June 20.

Immunefi Reports Over $100 Million Paid to Ethical Hackers in 3 Years

In crypto news today, major bug bounty and security services platform Immunefi has paid over $100 million in bug bounty rewards to security researchers in just over three years.

According to the press release, the bug bounty rewards distribution is as follows:

  1. Paid reports by type
  • smart contracts take the lead with a total of $77,973,118, accounting for 77.5% of all bounties paid out;
  • blockchain follows with $18,756,806.72 (18.6%);
  • web and app with $3,849,014.79 (3.8%).
  1. Paid reports by severity
  • critical vulnerabilities are at the top with $88,344,273, accounting for 87.8% of all bounties paid out;
  • high severity follows with $7,446,570 (7.4%);
  • medium severity with $3,243,734 (3.2%);
  • low severity with $997,621.49 (1%);
  • informational with $566,289.23 (0.6%).

Meanwhile, Immunefi protects over $190 billion in user funds for projects such as Chainlink, Wormhole, MakerDAO, TheGraph, Synthetix, Polygon, Optimism, and others.

It stated that, with Immunefi’s researchers, 80% of projects find vulnerabilities that were missed by code audits.

Currently, the platform offers over $163 million in bounty rewards.

It has so far paid out “the most significant bug bounties in the software industry.” It also save over $25 billion in user funds.

Mitchell Amador, Founder and CEO of Immunefi, commented that the team “works tirelessly to safeguard the onchain ecosystem.”

This latest milestone, he said, is “a testament to the effectiveness of our bug bounty programs and the dedication of our community of researchers.”

AMINA Bank Launches the AMINA Payments Network

AMINA Bank, a licensed and FINMA-regulated digital assets bank, has announced the launch of the AMINA Payment Network (APN).

Per the press release, the team designed APN to address the needs of the crypto banking world and help facilitate real-time payments to other APN members.

“This new service aims to keep users ahead and connected, ensuring seamless and timely financial transactions,” it stated.

APN supports CHF, EUR, and USD payments between APN members. The bank will add additional currencies “in the coming months.”

It is currently available to existing AMINA Bank clients – they need to have a current account to access the network.

Members can join with an introductory offer of zero membership and transaction fees.

Myles Harrison, Chief Product Officer at AMINA Bank, commented that the introduction of APN, realized “the facilitation of seamless cross-border transactions between network members” worldwide.

Also, “the required efficiency of money markets can meet the demands of the current financial landscape,” he said.

‘Miners Are on the Hunt for More Energy’ – BlocksBridge Consulting

In other crypto news today, public mining companies are currently focusing on acquiring greater power capacities. They’ve raised more than $1 billion through equity during the first quarter, according to the latest Miner Weekly report by BlocksBridge Consulting.

This is a shift in their focus, the report found. Since Q4, the companies were buying up the next-generation mining machines but have now decided to slow down the “buying spree.”

Iris Energy, Mawson, and Bitfarms announced power and site expansion plans in the two months after the fourth Bitcoin halving. The total capacity adds to 270 MW.

Also, CleanSpark, Northern Data, and Cipher announced the acquisition of sites in Wyoming and Texas, USA, together adding up to a power capacity of 445 MW.

The report stated that,

“Although not all these capacities will be operational immediately, this trend underscores the growing importance of infrastructure as a key element in the next phase of competition among bitcoin mining companies.”

Meanwhile, Core Scientific, Iris Energy, and Terawulf are the top three mining stocks outperforming bitcoin year-to-date.

These three have sizable Bitcoin mining fleets, as well as active AI initiatives. Since the beginning of June, the report said, “these stocks have experienced a sharp rally, propelled by Core’s announcement of a 200 MW hosting agreement for CoreWeave’s AI computing capacity.”

Source: Miner Weekly


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