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Eco Friendly Crypto Firm IMPT is Raising Funds in Presale – Microsoft and Lego Join as Affiliate Partners

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The recent volatility in the markets has been difficult for traders and investors who aren’t focused on the longer term. 

In particular, the prices of FTT and SOL have taken the largest battering, as the insolvency of SBF’s empire causes chaos in the wider markets.

This has led some speculators to try and pursue a different strategy, and the rise of ESG investing and its crossover with the world of crypto has presented speculators with an interesting opportunity

The IMPT presale has now raised $12.8m

Presales have always been a way for speculators to get involved with projects at their earliest stages. 

Currently, the team at IMPT is making progress with the presale and which has now successfully raised more than $12.8m.

The pace with which the presale has been selling out is a testament to the desire of the crypto community to be involved with a project such as IMPT. 

ESG investing is becoming increasingly popular, and so it is clear that IMPT poses an optimal choice of investment, especially with its overlap with blockchain technology.

The current state of the carbon credits market is one that is extremely antiquated, with the process of trading carbon credits being slow, inefficient, and opaque. 

Moreover, the current market of carbon credits only applies to companies, whereas IMPT’s model allows consumers to also be incentivized to think about responsible shopping. 

IMPT continues to onboard new partners 

The IMPT team has continued to onboard new companies to their platform via their affiliate program, with the total number now standing at over 25,000.

Recently, they have announced that they have onboarded Microsoft and Netflix, in addition to having adopted other industry giants such as River Island and Acer.

When a consumer shops via the IMPT platform, which vets each of the onboarded companies to ensure that they are ESG compliant, they are eligible to earn IMPT rewards as cash back, which can then be redeemed for carbon credits as NFTs. 

The process of redemption involves burning the IMPT, which makes it deflationary. The more the platform is used, the more of an upward pressure this will serve on the price of the token.

The IMPT presale is now live 

Speculators can now participate in the IMPT presale on their website, where it is currently selling out very quickly. 

Currently, the price of IMPT is being sold for just $0.018, but this will rise to $0.023 at the next stage of the presale. 

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