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Get a Head Start on the Competition with This New Crypto Platform – Don’t Miss Out on the Presale

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 2 min read

All sorts of people in the crypto space have made huge profits recently, despite the bear market. 

Those who were able to make profitable trades, such as shorting FTT at $20-22 before its collapse to $2 in the space of 48 hours, were able to make huge profits

Dash 2 Trade gives traders all the tools they need 

Dash 2 Trade is a platform that provides traders with all of the insights that they need in order to be able to most effectively navigate the markets. 

Traders who use the platform will have access to a range of different features including the ability to conduct technical analysis and social sentiment gauging.

Not only this, but they are also armed with alerts to let them know when there are new projects listing on centralised exchanges. 

All that it takes to access this information is a subscription denominated in D2T tokens: there is a free tier with limited features, 400 D2T are required to be paid for the starter tier, and 1,000 D2T are required for the professional tier that has the full range of features. 

Participate in presales on the Dash 2 Trade platform 

Not only does Dash 2 Trade cater for traders who want to have an edge in the markets, but it also ensures that investors have the appropriate tooling to invest in presales. 

Investing in projects at their earliest stages can be hugely fruitful, given that low cap projects have the most room to grow

Presales that are listed on the Dash 2 Trade website have been heavily vetted by the team to ensure that they are of a high calibre, and all investors in the presales will have detailed information about the projects including tokenomics, information about the team, and the stage of completion for each project’s roadmap. 

Curate your own trading strategies and automate them 

One of the best parts of the Dash 2 Trade platform is that it allows users to curate their own trading strategies and to automate them. 

This means that traders can navigate the markets once certain conditions are met without even needing to awake. 

Traders can set up certain preconditions that, when met, will automatically execute. This means that, for example, if Elon were to mention DOGE on Twitter the programme could automatically choose to buy and hold DOGE for a predefined period. 

For those who wish to ensure that their strategies would have worked historically, there is option to backtest: this shows whether or not a strategy would have been a winning one in the past and although history doesn’t repeat itself, it often rhymes. 

The Dash 2 Trade presale is now live

The Dash 2 Trade presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the past few weeks, and time is now running out for those who want to acquire the D2T token at lower prices. 

There are now only six days left of the Dash 2 Trade presale, meaning that if one wishes to participate at these lower prices before the token lists on a range of exchanges, they ought to head over to their website as soon as possible

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