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Crypto Whale Invests $18k in Move-to-Earn Coin Fight Out – Here’s What’s Attracting the Big Money

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The Move-to-Earn (M2E) movement has proved that it is not just a hype but a worthy course aiming to change how people live. Ecosystems like STEPN, Sweat Coin and Step App are gradually becoming competitive by incorporating new tech solutions in Web3.

Still, fitness enthusiasts do not feel quite at home, mainly because of the high costs associated with personal trainers and fitness boutiques. On the bright side, FightOut (FGHT), the newest kid on the block, is here to change the narrative.

The team behind the new M2E ecosystem is removing all barriers to entry to provide an opportunity for everyone to benefit from living a healthy lifestyle. At FightOut, a healthy lifestyle means more than just weights and machines.

Every workout is personalized according to the user’s needs, goals, and abilities. Bringing down the current prohibitive costs associated with the fitness industry is FightOut’s biggest goal. In reality, community members would be rewarded for their effort, progress, and the value that such a lifestyle brings to the wider society.

Why Big Money is Scooping Up FightOut

Investors interested in this niche M2E sector of the crypto economy are looking no further than FightOut. It’s barely a day since an Ethereum whale spent over $18,000 to buy FGHT, the native token powering FightOut’s ecosystem.


FightOut’s presale has been selling fast as investors reorganize the constituents of their crypto portfolios, with the disastrous 2022 behind us. Slightly over $2.67 million has been raised by selling 1 FGHT for $0.0166.

Investors are taking advantage of a 50% presale bonus to maximize their holdings. The presale is valid until $5 million has been raised. FightOut’s presale will close on March 31, with the first centralized exchange scheduled for April 5. FGHT will debut on the CEX at $0.0333.

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How FightOut is Changing the Future of M2E

The team is starting by building an M2E fitness application equipped with everything the user needs to become Fighting Fit. Following the sign-up process, “the user sets their goals, fitness background, available equipment, location, desired workout types, time available, and any excluded exercises or muscle groups.” It will be possible to track nutrition, sleep and other metrics on the app to provide holistic and personalized accountability.

A workout builder will be in charge of developing personalized routines, especially for solo missions. The exercises provided will follow preset standards, respecting the best fitness practices made possible by in-house fight coaches and personalized trainers.

Unlike other fitness platforms, FightOut recognizes that technique is critical to progress. Therefore, “each exercise will be explained through high-quality instructional videos led by our head coach and PT, supplementary deep-dive videos on newbie mistakes, and advanced tips.”

For the extra mile, FightOut is bringing up coaching programs to help members achieve goals that are specific to them, “whether ‘first muscle up’, or achieving a difficult in-app challenge or badge.”

The FightOut ecosystem will be every user’s dream as it will feature on-demand workout classes and live sessions to be attended either in-app or in the chain of gyms run by FightOut. Users will be treated to a wide range of workouts, including strength and conditioning to HiiT, yoga, boxing – even meditation.

Moving Massive Web2 Audience to Web3

Established M2E projects like STEPN sell themselves as front runners in Web3. However, their approach could have been more impactful, especially if users had to dig holes in their bank accounts to buy expensive NFTs.

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On the other hand, FightOut believes it is the ultimate bridge between Web2 users and the Web3 world. Once an account has been created using only an email address, the user can purchase subscriptions to personalized fitness services and features.

“FightOut’s goal is to introduce a mass Web2 audience to Move-to-Earn by using user-friendly technology and, through digital avatars with substantial Web3 utility, introduce the Web2 audience to the metaverse as the ‘next step’ for their avatar,” the whitepaper reads in part.

Signing up and buying subscriptions will be simplified for Web2 users via an onramp to Transak using a wallet custom-built for FighOut. Fiat transactions are supported to make the process seamless when buying FGHT. The team reckons that “simplicity and incentives will drive mass adoption and increase the demand for $FGHT tokens.”

All users who join the FightOut ecosystem will be cut out for success since the team is working on various ways to ensure they stay motivated. Earning while performing fitness tasks is one of the methods FightOut believes will help people stay true to their journeys. Gamifying the process of working out is the second proven method to ensure people begin and adhere to new routines.

FightOut will also pave the way for the world’s first major Web3 integrated gyms. The facilities are built in a manner that maximizes M2E opportunities. Users will also have the chance to show off their avatars to foster deeper community bonds.

“The goal is to build a strong brand that helps grow the user base and demand for in[1]app features and products, thereby increasing demand for $FGHT as a currency,” FightOut stresses in the whitepaper.

Following the presale and whether it will succeed, FightOut will begin by opening up to 20 gyms globally across key locations. The exact sites will be decided later depending on the concentration of users.

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The gyms will stand out for having unique features like a healthy bar, where nutritious meals, smoothies, coffee and snacks will be served. Such spaces will function as social areas for gym members to interact and create stronger bonds.

A content studio and a co-working space would form part of FightOut’s gyms features. FightOut’s presale has raised $2.67 million, selling 1 FGHT for 0.0166 USDT.

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