Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of May

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May constitutes an extremely lucrative month for the vast majority of cryptocurrency traders as the markets were painted lush green and eight out of the top 10 coins by market capitalization registered more than 40% gains. The total crypto market capitalization went up by almost USD 100 billion, making it the most profitable month of 2019 so far.

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Top 10 coins by market capitalization:

Source:, June 1, 07:15 UTC

The absolute winner of the top 10 list in May was the infamous Bitcoin SV token, which appreciated a whopping 240% and got back into top 10 after a rather unfortunate series of events during the past few months. It was followed by EOS, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Even the stablecoin Tether managed to stay afloat above its peg, while Stellar Lumens was the worst performing major coin with a 33% rise despite the technical difficulties.

Top 10 winners

Source:, June 1, 07:15 UTC

Looking into the bigger picture, Bitcoin SV triumphed in the top 50 coins by market capitalization list, too. Its pump was possibly fueled by Bitcoin whitepaper “copyright” news and fake news circulating in China. Other coins that had a great month include BitTorrent and Chainlink, both of which increased more than 100%. Even the last-placed winner IOTA grew 64%, which is more than the winner of April, Bitcoin Cash, grew last month (+59%).

Top 10 losers

Source:, June 1, 07:15 UTC

There were a few major coins that lost value while the whole market rose. Those fallen heroes were Augur, Basic Attention Token, OKEx native coin OKB, and CRO token. The remaining “losers” still experienced over 10% gains, NANO being the least growing top 50 cryptocurrency last month. Vechain, Ravencoin, and Decred were the last among the “losing” coins despite appreciating more than 20% in May.


Winners & Losers from the Top 100/200

In terms of winners among the top 100 coins, Bitcoin SV, BitTorrent, and Chainlink were chased by Solve (+177%), Metaverse (+145%), Dent (+140%), and MonaCoin (+137%). However, these gains look minuscule compared with the top 200 coins race led by DAPS Token (+469%), IPChain (+441%), Egretia (+400%), and Matic Network (+375%).

On the losing side of things, the top 100 loser was Factom, which lost nearly 10% of the value it had one month ago. In the top 200 list, Clams, Davinci Coin, LBA Token, and Kin dropped over 25% in what otherwise was the most gainful month of 2019.

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