Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of April

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The amount of winners and losers in April from the top 10 coins by market capitalization is almost equally divided, as six coins have risen and four have fallen, even excluding stablecoin Tether. What is certainly not equally divided is the general trend: while every single top 10 coin that jumped did so by more than 10%, none of the falling ones saw such a big drop. The closest is Stellar, which still keeps below -10% – although just barely.

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As a rule, our Coin Race articles do not include stablecoins such as Tether since their oscillations are barely perceptible on the grand scale and tend to skew the average market movement of other coins, but recent news regarding Tether and Bitfinex mean that Tether certainly deserves to be mentioned, although it dropped by only 1%.

Top 10 coins by market capitalization:

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The top 10 list is not as green as in March – but then again, March was completely green, so that might not even count – but it continues the long-awaited positive trend that hailed us into spring. Bitcoin Cash leads the list in the top 10 of around 60%, while Bitcoin follows with some 28%.

Top 10 Winners

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The biggest winner this month in the top 50 coins by market capitalization is Bitcoin Cash, which increased by 59% and stole the number one spot in photo finish from Chain Token (CRO). CRO, which increased by almos 55%, is looking to launch their credit cards in the US and Europe soon, and their mainnet will be launched this year, something previously reported on.

Even the last-placed winner, Tezos (XTZ), improved its price by almost 22% in the past month.

Interestingly, the 69% increase by BCH is the largest this month, while almost the same percentage was the smallest in March, showing that the hype from that month was indeed unsustainable, although the overall positive trend is still holding on. 

Top 10 Losers

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The losing list is topped by Maker (MKR), which dropped by almost 27% during the month. Part of the reason for this could be reports of the internal conflicts within MakerDAO. Next on the list is Waves (WAVES) which dropped more than 22%, followed by QTUM with 17%.

The bottom of the list belongs to Zilliqa (ZIL), which dropped by almost 12%. The losses, when compared to the gains, point towards a less bullish market than previously expected, but the drops are far from enough to incite any panic as they seem to be moving more or less expectedly when crypto volatility is taken into account.

Winners & Losers from the Top 100/200

In terms of winners from the top 100, CRO is overtaken by VestChain (VEST) which jumped by 120% in April, and MonaCoin (MONA), having increased by 115%. CRO and BCH are placed next, and their smaller jumps seem to be a better indicator of the general trend. The situation is even crazier in the top 200: EDUCare (EKT) takes the first spot here, having jumped by a whopping 440%.

The losing list brings a somewhat (un)expected change compared to March. Last month’s winner, MaxiMine Coin (MXM), is this month’s biggest loser in the top 100, having fallen 62%. It holds fast at the top of the losing list in the top 200 as well, which means that the silver lining of that is the fact that no coins from this range fell to their deaths in April.